Solana Launches Saga, A Web3-Integrated Android Smartphone

Solana Saga is the latest Web3-oriented smartphone in circulation, according to a report. The new Android device has a unique feature tagged Solana Mobile Stack (SMS), which attaches cryptocurrency functionality to it.

According to the reports, Solana Labs, the mastermind behind the new innovation, is set and ready to launch the smartphone for public sale on the 8th of May. Meanwhile, news confirmed that the firm has started shipping the web3 mobile devices to pre-ordered buyers.

Reports showed that Solana had been developing the Saga device for a few months. According to the report, Anatoly Yakovenko, the CEO of Solana, was the first person to speak about the development of the Web3 Android device.

Solana CEO Announced Saga Months Ago

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While announcing the project’s progress ten months ago, Yakovenko stated that the innovation would be crucial to the Web3 industry. He pointed out that Apple gadgets do not have any features set aside for Web3 or crypto-related functions.

Furthermore, the CEO added that crypto has to some extent, become a part of people’s daily activities. Hence, he believed crypto enthusiasts need a mobile device integrated with crypto/web3 functionalities. He said people should be able to interact with the web3 world without a computer.

According to news reports, some people already have their hands on the new device. They describe the device as having a USB type C charger with a physical seed phrase paper card. It has 512 gigabytes of storage 6.67-inches OLED screen with the Android 13 operating system. 

In addition, the Saga phone has backup power with 4011 mAh capacity, capable of lasting for one day and a half. It is fingerprint-enabled, which would make confirming crypto transactions faster. Saga is valued at $1000.

Solana Set To Launch Saga Into The Public

While unveiling the smartphone, Solana spokesperson stated that Saga has a unique feature, namely, Solana Mobile Stack (SMS). SMS helps integrate the phone with crypto functionality. It also ensures crypto transactions and storage on the device are safe and secured. 

In addition, Solana said the phone has a “seed vault,” which makes it hack-resistant and safe for use. Also, it has a customized “dapp,” which houses several cryptocurrency applications that can be used on the phone.

The crypto applications on the Web3 phone are more than a dozen. They can be used for cryptocurrency trading and inter-wallet interaction. In addition, You can download music and NFTs on Saga, according to Solana CEO.

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Interestingly, as a welcome bonus, the DApp store gave users $20 USDC and 0.01 SOL. The chief developer at Solana Mobile stated that the firm has started reaching out to the big guns in the Solana ecosystem. He said many developers believed that mobile would eventually win, and they want to witness when it does.

Saga’s launch is a massive milestone for Solana, and the entire crypto community, as other phone brands have failed in their attempt to create a similar device. In the past, Sirin Labs and HTC tried to make a crypto-friendly smartphone, but they failed.

Meanwhile, the former CEO of the collapsed FTX stated some time ago that a Web3-embedded mobile device with a hardware wallet is potent. And today, the world is about to feel the impact of the first-ever crypto-powered mobile device.

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