Court Orders ‘BitBoy Crypto’ To Address The Court On Allegation Of Harassment

So much has been reported about this story, but the latest update says that a judge has ruled that YouTuber “BitBoy Crypto” must show up in court to answer claims of harassment. The decree follows the filing of a $1 billion lawsuit against BitBoy Crypto and several other YouTubers on the 15th of March  for allegedly endorsing the “FTX crypto scam without reporting compensation.”

According to the lawsuit, BitBoy Crypto and other defendants were paid by the cryptocurrency exchange FTX in exchange for promoting the site to their followers without disclosing the financial relationship. The plaintiffs request $1 billion in damages, claiming this is fraud. 

As the case has developed, other claims of harassment have surfaced. According to a court document presented recently, Samantha Goldstein, a former employee of FTX, allegedly accused BitBoy Crypto of harassing her on social media. Goldstein, BitBoy Crypto made disrespectful and disparaging remarks about her gender and looks and encouraged his followers to do the same.

The judge in the lawsuit has mandated BitBoy Crypto to show up in court and respond to the harassment claims due to these accusations. The judge has also directed that BitBoy Crypto provide any pertinent records, like emails and social media posts, that may throw light on the alleged harassment.

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Legal Team Confident, Insist Judgement Will Be In Their Favour

The claims of harassment against BitBoy Crypto have been refuted, and his legal team has submitted a motion to dismiss them. The attorney for BitBoy Crypto sent the following statement to the media: “We think that these charges are unfounded and without substance.

To clear our client’s name, we are eager to present our case in court.” The issue has attracted interest from the Bitcoin community because it raises concerns about the moral obligations of industry influencers and content producers.

Industry experts have suggested that many are advocating for more openness and disclosure when it comes to payments made for endorsing goods and services. FTX has said that it takes the accusations of fraud and harassment seriously and is fully assisting the investigation in a statement to the media. 

The company has made it clear that it has always been dedicated to openness and corporate moral conduct. The case is anticipated to last for several months as both sides present their arguments and supporting documentation.

As it stands, the cryptocurrency community will be meticulously monitoring the situation in the interim to see how it develops and what effects it might have on the sector as a whole. Meanwhile, Ben Armstrong, in a tweet, has claimed that the previous court case he had with “disclosure of compensation” from the FTX lacks merit. 


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