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Solid Invest Review

Cryptocurrencies first made their debut in 2009 with Bitcoin, thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto. The digital currency provided anonymity to its users and its decentralized nature meant that no one could have any control over it. But, these qualities meant that it was unregulated and governments all over the world were skeptical about it. Now, a decade later, the cryptocurrency market is booming and you can find nearly 6,000 crypto coins in the market. Today, cryptocurrencies are one of the most coveted and lucrative instruments in the financial trading market. They have become immensely popular, especially after 2017, when Bitcoin reached its peak at $20,000.

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Since then, thousands of people from different parts of the world are drawn to the cryptocurrency market because they want a high return on their investments. Plenty of traders saw their fortunes change in 2017 and now people are looking to replicate the same thing once again. As the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and not subject to the control of any centralized authority, anything can happen in the market. If you are looking for a way to generate surplus income without putting in a lot of time and effort, cryptocurrency trading is the way to go.

With the advent of the internet, online trading is easier than ever because you don’t have to leave home to venture into this world. The same applies to cryptocurrency trading as well, which means you can get started trade them whenever you want. You just need to have some capital to invest, but where will you invest it? This is where a cryptocurrency broker comes in. This factor is consistent in all financial markets because the broker provides you a trading platform, assets to invest in and other resources that are required to begin trading. You cannot move forward without a cryptocurrency broker.

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Finding a broker is not the problem; run a simple search and you will see that the market is flooded with options. As cryptocurrencies have gained immense recognition, this doesn’t come as a surprise because brokers are also trying to jump the bandwagon and attract traders. The real challenge is distinguishing whether the brokerage you have selected is good and reliable or shady and scam. Yes, the latter category does exist and is actually prevalent in the cryptocurrency market due to their unregulated nature. Cybercriminals like scammers and hackers have found the perfect opportunity to exploit people by just setting up a cryptocurrency brokerage.

When you are looking for a cryptocurrency broker, you have to be extremely careful and diligent in order to ensure you don’t fall for a scam one. Scam brokerages know exactly how to lure in traders and they create their offerings in a manner that will appeal to them. However, it is not just the offerings that matter; you need to ensure that your selected broker is capable of living up to everything they claim. This is how you can make the right choice and find a cryptocurrency broker that can fulfill your trading needs.

Amongst the various options in the market, Solid Invest can prove to be a smart and solid choice for any trader. This is because the broker has been designed to provide services to all traders in the market. It doesn’t differentiate based on their skills or trading background so both newcomers and experienced cryptocurrency traders can find their needs met at Solid Invest. Moreover, an important thing to know about this broker is that it doesn’t just make promises, it actually fulfills them. You can come to the same conclusion after checking out some of its prominent features and offerings outlined below:

  • The security infrastructure is downright impressive

As mentioned above, cybercriminals are prevalent in the cryptocurrency market, which means there are a lot of concerns when it comes to security of your information as well as your funds. Using a broker’s services means that you have to share your information with them and also deposit money. Therefore, before you do so, you should always check out what kind of security the broker is willing to offer to help you trade without constantly worrying. Solid Invest has prioritized the security of its clients above everything else and this is apparent from their security and privacy policies.

To start with, the broker has used top of the line encryption methods for protecting all information that’s shared by the clients. No one will be able to gain access to your data and you can maintain full anonymity when you use Solid Invest. Their privacy policy is also reassuring because it declares that the broker does not share any of your information with third parties without your consent. All data that’s recorded by the broker stays with them and is fully encrypted to prevent cybercriminals from taking advantage.

In addition, anti-money laundering policies have also been implemented by Solid Invest for the security of its clients. It does not allow customers to use any third-party accounts for adding money or withdrawing it from their account on Solid Invest. Furthermore, it doesn’t just let anyone sign up and use their platform for cryptocurrency trading. The broker requires people to provide verification documents before they are permitted to conduct financial transactions.

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Again, the aim is to prevent criminals from using its platform for any nefarious purpose. Verification documents that are required include passport, national ID card or driver’s license for proving identity and utility bill, bank statement or any other document showing home address for giving proof of address. Solid Invest also uses strong firewall and its website is monitored regularly for maximum protection. With such security infrastructure in place, traders can feel safe and continue with cryptocurrency trading without any worries.

  • The asset offerings are worth checking out

Before choosing a broker for cryptocurrency trading, it is best if you take a look at what cryptocurrencies they are offering. There are plenty of brokers offering this trading instrument, but the problem is that their options are highly limited. Most of the brokers don’t move past the top two to three cryptocurrencies in the market and this could be a problem for traders who may want to diversify further and invest in smaller cryptocurrencies as well. Switching brokers later on or maintaining two accounts with two different brokerages can be a big hassle for traders.

Hence, it is best to take a look at the options available and Solid Invest doesn’t disappoint in this regard. First and foremost, you should know that the broker facilitates CFD (Contract for Difference) trading. This means that you don’t purchase the actual asset that you trade. You can find more than 250 financial trading instruments offered by Solid Invest, which means every trader can find what they are looking for. While it is true that it specializes in cryptocurrencies, the broker has added other instruments to its platform to enable traders in diversifying their portfolio as much as they like.

Along with cryptocurrencies, you can also trade CFDs in forex, stocks and other financial instruments. Solid Invest aims to offer you the best options from every market to allow traders in earning maximum returns. Even where cryptocurrencies are concerned, the broker goes beyond the top choices like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and has added other options like DogeCoin, Ripple, Monero, Zcash and ByteCoin. You can choose as many cryptocurrencies as you want to trade and earn good returns on your investment.

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  • The quick and simple registration process

When you have opted for Solid Invest as your cryptocurrency broker, you would obviously have to register with them in order to get started. But, one of the things that you will note about this broker is that its registration process is completely different from the rest of the brokerages in the market. There are no extensive and numerous forms to be filled out or any other requirements to be met before you are considered eligible for registration. In fact, Solid Invest has made the sign up a three-step process that can be completed quickly so traders can start trading right away.

The first step involves signing up on the broker’s trading platform for a free wallet and completing some verification steps. Next, you have to add funds that you will use for trading and you can finally begin in the third step. There are no hidden fees or extra charges for completing your registration with Solid Invest and you don’t have to wait for any kind of approval to get started.

  • The wide array of account types to accommodate traders

As stated above, Solid Invest has designed its offerings for all traders in the market, no matter what experience or background they might have. In order to facilitate everyone, they have come up with a wide array of account types on their platform because not all traders have the same needs. Instead of the standard three choices that most brokers are known to provide, Solid Invest has introduced five options that traders can check out. Let’s take a look at these choices:

Explorer: The first account type that Solid Invest has introduced is for newcomers in the cryptocurrency market due to which its deposit requirement starts at $1,000 and goes as high as $2,000. This account comes with a profession chart, a welcome bonus of 30% and provides 24/7 customer service.

Basic: Solid Invest’s second account choice is meant for traders with some basic knowledge about cryptocurrencies. They have to deposit at least $2,000 for opening this account and it comes with a welcome bonus of 50%. The account provides traders access to an introductory private session with a personal analyst. They will also be able to take advantage of financial research and weekly market reviews that can help in trading. Moreover, they can increase their investment for as much as $10,000.

Silver: Traders with some experience in the market are accommodated by Solid Invest with the Silver account that has a minimum deposit requirement of $10,000. The welcome bonus in this account is increased to 75% and maximum deposit is now $25,000. The private sessions with an analyst can now be held on a monthly basis for proper guidance regarding portfolio management and trading.

Gold: Solid Invest added this particular account option for skilled traders and set the starting deposit at $25,000 while allowing traders to increase it to $99,000. Under this account, traders are given 100% welcome bonus and get various other features like weekly private sessions with an analyst and a smart money management plan to help them move their trading career forward.

Platinum: The last account choice at Solid Invest is for professional cryptocurrency traders who can afford to make a minimum deposit of $100,000. Traders can make around 5 protected trades and they are able to consult with a senior account analyst for creating a long-term financial plan. They are provided a direct line to a personal analyst as well and 150% welcome bonus is granted under this account. The traders can increase their capital to as much as $499,000 in this account because professional traders have a high trading volume.

  • A reliable and innovative trading platform

One of the most important aspects of any brokerage is the trading platform they have developed. It is the software used for executing trades and has the trading tools that are used for making decisions. Some brokers do a really good job in every other aspect, but their trading platform doesn’t come up to the mark, which can lead to a disastrous experience for traders. If the platform doesn’t have the right technology and tools, you will be unable to trade seamlessly and will have trouble in making decisions. Understanding the role of a trading platform, Solid Invest has ensured that its clients get access to the best.

They have come up with a proprietary scalable and intuitive trading platform that can be used by every single client easily. End-users can expect an effective, simple and engaging trading experience with the broker’s trading platform that can be accessed through the web browser. The browser-based trading solution boasts an innovative interface that can be easily navigated by traders, whether they are beginners with no prior experience or skilled traders.

The platform works smoothly and you don’t have to worry about any lags. It is powered by advanced technology and Solid Invest has equipped it with some of the most powerful trading tools that might be needed. You can get access to real-time depth charts, check your trading history and order books and there are also plenty of charting tools that are quite easy to use. The best thing about this trading platform is that it provides flexibility to traders; they can use it anywhere and at any time. There is no restriction in terms of device as you can also access it on mobile devices or your desktop PC.

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  • A set of advanced tutorials and other resources

If you compare the cryptocurrency market with other financial markets, it will come off as relatively new and it is still evolving. This means that there is a lot to be learnt about it and traders need to make it a priority if they want to profit from crypto trading. In order to profit from this market, you have to come up with a trading strategy and you also need to be familiar with trading jargon and terms that are used. Not knowing something might cause losses that no trader is ready to bear. To help its clients in expanding their knowledge of cryptocurrencies and how this market works, Solid Invest has added various resources to its platform.

Those who sign up with this broker will be able to maximize their trading experience by getting tips and trading guidance from a personal analyst that’s provided along with the account they open. These are experienced individuals who have in-depth knowledge of the market. They will be able to assist you in learning the different trading strategies and they also empower you to make profitable trading choices. In addition, the broker ensures that its traders know the necessary jargon to understand what is happening in the market.

A cryptocurrency exchange rate calculator is also provided by Solid Invest that can be used by its clients for converting the prices of two currencies and checking them against each other in real-time.

  • A comprehensive policy of deposits and withdrawals

A lot of traders don’t pay much attention to the deposits and withdrawal policy of a brokerage and they later come to regret this. Why is this policy important? It is crucial because it determines how you will be able to add your capital to your trading account and how you will be able to get your hands on the profit you earn through trading. Isn’t that the whole point? People want to trade cryptocurrencies to earn profits and if you don’t know how you will get them, why should you bother? The problem with most cryptocurrency brokers is that they facilitate their clients in deposits because it means that traders will give them funds.

However, they are extremely vague about withdrawals because it means the clients will take away money. It can become a real hassle for traders to get their earnings, which is a source of frustration for many. No such complaints have to be made about Solid Invest because the broker’s deposit and withdrawal policy is fully transparent and aims at making things simple and straightforward for all its clients. They have added several methods for the convenience of their clients. Traders can choose from bank wire transfers, debit and credit cards and e-wallets. Deposits are free of charge and the processing time depends on the selected method.

Withdrawals are to be made via the same method that you choose for deposit as per the anti-money laundering (AML) policy. The processing time of a withdrawal request will vary according to the method you choose. Likewise, there are charges applicable and a minimum withdrawal amount as well, but this also depends on the selected method. The fee schedule is provided on the website and the broker will deduct the fee from the amount you transfer. As long as you have provided appropriate documents to verify your identity, your transactions will move forward easily.

  • A robust customer support system

There can be a number of issues that traders have to face during cryptocurrency trading. You could have a question about the trading platform, may struggle with deposits or withdrawals or may have any other query. You would obviously want assistance right away so you can move on with the trading process. The problem is that most brokers in the market don’t pay much attention to this aspect of their service and this can be extremely disappointing for their clients. Solid Invest is certainly not like other cryptocurrency brokers due to which it has developed a robust customer system.

The broker has introduced multiple channels through which traders can reach out to their team for resolving any complaints or concerns. They have provided a phone number of their website, along with an email address. Both of these can be used to get in touch with their representatives, depending on how urgent your query is. Along with these two options, Solid Invest also has an online contact form on their website that you can fill out with your query and send to the broker. They will get back to you quickly to ensure 100% satisfaction.


From these aspects, it is quite obvious that Solid Invest is a smart trading solution for those who are interested in making their foray into the cryptocurrency market. From a great trading platform to numerous crypto offerings, the broker has proven to be thorough. As a matter of fact, their trading conditions are also second to none as they charge very low commission and fee, making it a profitable process for everyone. You can sign up with Solid Invest quickly and immediately start enjoying the benefits.

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