TheWallet.Cloud Review: Is TheWallet.Cloud a Scam Broker or Legit?

TheWallet.Cloud Review

It is great news for new traders that the number of online brokers is increasing with time. With this increase, the competition among these brokers is also getting tougher. This has only made things better and more convenient for traders as they can now enjoy some great features and easy trading conditions at affordable costs. The broker has worked hard to bring the best trading conditions, trading platform, and other features to its traders in more than 60 countries to be considered one of the best.

Let’s take a look at what TheWallet.Cloud has to offer and find out why this broker ranks among the best online brokers of the world today.

A Basic TheWallet.Cloud Introduction

First of all, you have to look at the growth of the broker to see how fast it has been gaining the traders. At any given moment, TheWallet.Cloud has thousands of traders trading on its platform at any given moment. The number is only increasing with time as more and more traders from 60 countries put their trust in the services of the broker. One of the reasons traders prefer TheWallet.Cloud over other brokers is the fact that it operates with the strictest policies to make its platform safe and secure for the traders. One has to agree that safety is the most important concern for any trader joining an online broker’s platform.

First of all, the broker has anti-money laundering policies that allow it to prevent any money launderers of the world from opening account on its website. In addition to that, it has KYC policies in place to identify its traders at the time of signing up. All of these policies are there only to make the platform secure and safe for the traders.

A Versatile Trading Platform – 9.5/10

Trading platform plays an important role in deciding how good or bad your trading experience is with the broker. The better the trading platform, the more pleasant your trading experience will be. You will have to admire the fact that you get access to MetaTrader 4 when you sign up with TheWallet.Cloud. There should be no doubt in the mind of the trader that MT4 is the most famous, convenient, and loved platform in the trading world. In addition to that, this platform can travel with you no matter where you are. It will work the way you want it to work because of the customization.

The web trader allows you to have the same trading experience on the platform no matter which device you are using from which part of the world. In addition to that, you have mobile applications to make your trading experience the best ever. Your choice of mobile operating system really does not affect your use of the trading platform because it is available on all of them.

A Flexible Asset Index – 9.0/10

By flexible, it means that the asset index of TheWallet.Cloud is including new options with the passage of time. There are many online brokers that do not include new assets to their trading platforms and only brag about what they already have. However, it is the responsibility of the brokers to make adjustments with the passage of time. For example, you now have a huge cryptocurrency market that’s not just new but also one of the most potential financial markets of the world. You cannot ignore this market and expect your traders to be happy with you. TheWallet.Cloud has worked hard to include the best assets to its index with time.

First of all, you are able to trade indices, precious metals, energies, soft commodities, stocks, forex currencies, and cryptocurrencies. Secondly, you can take up any position you like on any of these assets. The broker has taken the risk for you and you are free to take advantage of any market of your choice in any way you like. Cannabis stocks are something that you will find only on TheWallet.Cloud.

Easy Account Opening and Management – 8.0/10

Your experience with a broker also depends a lot on how easily you are able to open an account and operate it. Opening an account can be a huge challenge when you have to deposit a big initial fund in your account, but your account still has very minimal features. With TheWallet.Cloud, you will not be facing any of these problems. First of all, you can open your account within minutes because of low initial deposit requirements. Secondly, you will see that almost all the features available to the advanced account holders are available to you as well. Take the example of leverage here. Advanced account holders can enjoy leverages of 1:200 on their trades. You can take advantage of the same leverages when you open a basic account with TheWallet.Cloud.

In-depth Education – 8.5/10

TheWallet.Cloud has excelled when it comes to trading education too. The broker has made its training material accessible to you as soon as you open an account. More importantly, this training material is in many different formats so you can pick a format that makes more sense to you. If you like to read ebooks, you can read ebooks. If you want to learn trading fast, you can take advantage of the video content. If you are more interested in learning live from the experts, you can attend the webinars. You have all the options available. It only depends on you how you take advantage of the resources that TheWallet.Cloud has made available to you.

Final Thoughts

It does not matter whether they are new or experienced, today’s traders have become very knowledgeable of their options. They research thoroughly before they pick an online broker for their trading career. If you are researching your options, you should definitely give TheWallet.Cloud a try. The broker has the best trading platform and it is also known for creating convenient trading conditions for new traders so they can make money fast. The customer support is great and managing your account is a breeze too. By joining TheWallet.Cloud, you will become one of the hundreds of thousands of traders that are already trading with the broker every day.

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13 thoughts on “TheWallet.Cloud Review: Is TheWallet.Cloud a Scam Broker or Legit?

  1. I like TheWallet.Cloud because they are customizable as they say, in other words, I can change the features and reports just as I want and need to do it. They provide helpful research reports allowing trading with steady profit for the long terms. I am also satisfied with Jacob Francis’s work, his support is very polite and ready to help.

  2. I was previously engaged in online trading with a few brokers that were very disappointing for me. With one of them it was impossible to make any profits because of the lag in their trading platform, with another deposits and withdrawals took forever and a third broker I tried out for a few weeks just took my money and closed my account a few days later and never answered any of my emails or phone calls! TheWallet.Cloud on the other hand has been very helpful I speak with my account manager on a daily basis and watch him making his own trades, he is able to make lots of profits and I am learning from him every day. I still feel like a novice but I know that I am in the right hands now.

  3. I started to trade few weeks ago with TheWallet.Cloud and I made a test withdrawal and then started to trade again this is because after my bad experiences in the past with other brokers. I feel it is impossible for me to make profits with other brokers, However with the help of Phillip Hoffman from TheWallet.Cloud I am already in a positive direction with profits, I want to thank as well for the provided dividend from your company so that you save me time and you got me closer to the 100% recovered investment . Thank you TheWallet.Cloud!

  4. Excellent customer support and good tools. Support is excellent and answer almost immediately. Top of the line in trading platforms!

  5. Always a simple and easy transaction. Rates are good. Would recommend TheWallet.Cloud to everyone.

  6. Honest, reliable, prompt service with exceptional customer support. everyone should use TheWallet.Cloud for their trading needs.

  7. I recommend TheWallet.Cloud to any level of trader. I started with TheWallet.Cloud as a beginner in 2018, and I’m still using it today. I have won thousands of trades during that time, and have really developed my trading skill / knowledge of the markets.

  8. TheWallet.Cloud gets the job done and is a fair broker with relatively good customer support. if there is a problem that can be handled, they try to solve it quickly. Money withdrawals are not a problem with TheWallet.Cloud and go through fast. The only concern is the spreads for AUD and NZD have big spread in a normal times and it gets worse in news times … Other than that, no problem.

  9. TheWallet.Cloud seems legit, I was kind of suspicious a week ago when they called me because I didn’t remember signing up with them, I remembered signing up with a different broker called “Pot Stocks Robot” or something like that – anyway TheWallet.Cloud have been speaking with me on the phone everyday, very helpful with showing me how to make trades quickly for some profits, today with the help of my account manager I made a $10 profit in 18 minutes, if I continue to make this kind of money everyday I might become a full time trader, all thanks to TheWallet.Cloud!

  10. I’m very pleased with the services that I have received so far from TheWallet.Cloud. I have a good profit so far. I hope that everything is going to continue as well as now an in the future.

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