Trade Galactica Review — Is Trade Galactica Scam a Recommended Trading Platform?

Trade Galactica Review
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At CryptoCoin Stock Exchange we pride ourselves in reviewing the most popular crypto trading platforms, like Trade Galactica. In our Trade Galactica review we have concluded that Trade Galactica is a recommended platform for trading, it is not a scam. You can sign up with Trade Galactica in the link below or continue reading the full review for more info.

Trade Galactica Review is hard to keep relevance in an industry as competitive as Forex. Hundreds of brokerage providers fail to attract and retain customers over years and have fallen into obscurity. Trade Galactica has managed to retain its market position and continues to provide valuable financial services to a wide audience of international retail traders.

The broker has a multifaceted product catalog with positions that will grab your interest. By catering to both conservative investors and aggressive day traders, the broker manages to navigate the industry perfectly!

Why Trade Galactica has a good reputation?

Unlike many companies that rarely have distinct advantages, this broker focuses on several key aspects of service. A good reputation is a result of providing an excellent product to thousands of clients that enjoy a plethora of benefits.

  • High-security People trust companies that care about their safety. Trade Galactica has a powerful web platform that uses communication encryption, and antimalware measures and stores information safely to ensure that user data is never accessed by unauthorized people.
  • Your privacy is respected. The privacy policy of the company states that any gathered information about you and your trading activities is never shared with third parties and business partners.
  • Favorable trading conditions. Free banking, low spreads, and flexible margins allow all clients of Trade Galactica to find suitable investment options. Day traders and scalpers will be happy to trade with extremely low fees and instant order execution!

Downsides of Trade Galactica

The broker has many advantages and offers valuable services to its customers, but it still has some minor issues that we have to point out:

  • Many users say that withdrawals are often delayed by 3 — 5 business days. While it is a standard practice in the industry, there are examples of companies that withdraw funds within a single business day.
  • The terminal offered by Trade Galactica lacks some crucial technical indicators and does not offer any flexibility to its users in terms of customization. Many traders prefer using third-party terminals like MT4 and MT5.

Financial instruments at Trade Galactica

The selection of assets that you can trade is quite rich and includes interesting instruments that will be highly attractive to scalpers who usually like highly volatile prices. Here are some of the assets you can work with:

  • Futures on commodities like oil, precious metals, agricultural goods, and more.
  • CFD contracts on stocks and indices. You can use assets from NYSE, TSE, and other stock markets.
  • Currency pairs with offerings of low liquidity pairs that can be used for long-term positions.

Can you invest with Trade Galactica?

The list of financial products is not limited to just retail trading. If you are interested in trust management, automation, and some other interesting investment options, you will be more than intrigued by the catalog of this company.

Customer support at Trade Galactica

The broker has a competent support team that usually comes to your aid within a couple of minutes after you leave a message in the live chat. You can expect to talk with polite and knowledgeable specialists who will assist you with any issue that you may encounter while using the web platform of Trade Galactica. Live chat is not the only option. You can also use e-mail, the ticketing system, and social media to reach out to the support department.

Testimonials about Trade Galactica

The community has a positive view of this broker. Trade Galactica is often praised for its versatile financial products, robust infrastructure allowing for real-time price tracking and instant order execution, reliable safety measures, and excellent support system.

Occasional negativity is focused on slow banking, weak terminal, and loss of funds during trading. Note that the latter should never be blamed on the broker. You are responsible for investment decisions. The broker only provides the tools you need to invest.

The main takeaway

Trade Galactica is among the best brokers in the industry. It is a reliable brand that will most certainly meet your expectations. If you are interested in working with a trustworthy brokerage service provider, consider this trading platform.

Author: Julian Watford

Julian is one of our main writers at CryptoCoin Stock Exchange. He writes about crypto brokers and exchanges and also about news from the crypto and blockchain world.

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