Ainvesting Review – Is a Recommended Broker?

Ainvesting Review

The Many Features That Make AInvesting a Great Online Broker

Are you thinking trading? Do you think trading will be a great option for you to generate some extra income in addition to your daytime job? Of course, not only that, trading can actually become your only way of making money if you know how to do it. Millions of people around the world are joining online trading platforms every single day. They want to learn trading, and make money from trading their favorite assets. They have realized that they can make money from the comfort of their homes. However, they all have to understand the first step of trading online i.e. finding the right broker.

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If you are at that stage where you have made up your mind about trading and are just looking for the right broker to start your career, you should consider AInvesting as one of the best options. This broker has created a perfect system for its traders who join its trading platform from around the world every single day. They trade on its professional trading platform and enjoy some great trading features that most other brokers do not offer. If you are interested in knowing more about AInvesting, keep on reading this detailed AInvesting review.

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The Great Features of AInvesting

·         CFD Broker

First of all, you have to know that AInvesting is a CFD online broker. Before you even step in the world of trading, you might want to wrap your head around a few things that will matter to you as a trader. The first thing is to know that there exist many different ways to trade. Just because you are in a particular market does not mean you can trade that asset in one way only. For example, you can trade stocks in many different. The different vehicles that you can use for trading are called trading instruments. One of the many instruments that you can use for trading is CFD.

So, when you sign up with AInvesting, you should know that this broker is all about CFD trading. This is an amazing way to trade to make money in financial markets. The best thing about this form of trading is that you can be in just about any market that you desire. You don’t have to be stuck with a particular asset when you are trading CFDs i.e. Contracts for Difference. These contracts will give you access to the forex market, stock exchange, commodities, and many other assets that you can think of. The best part is that you will be able to trade them all on the same trading platform.  

·         Regulated and Safe Broker

The second most important thing you have to know about a broker before you sign up with is security. You can address the issue of security in many ways, but the first thing you have to make sure is that the broker you are signing up with is a not a scam. You will be shocked to know that there are just as many scams on the internet as there are online brokers. What makes things even worse is that they are disguised as online brokers. If you look at their websites, you will not be able to differentiate between them and the websites that belong to real and authentic brokers.

So, in this scenario, it makes full sense that you confirm that the broker you are about to sign up with is providing you with peace of mind of being a legitimate broker. If the broker is not legitimate, you can ignore just about everything it says to you. All the talk of leverage, margin, profits, losses, etc. is nothing but talk. When you are dealing with a scam, you are only dealing with a wall with a beautiful painting on it. When you look behind the wall, it is an ugly sight.

How do you know that the broker you are about to pick for trading is the right broker and legitimate? Well, the first way to know that is through regulation. You have to find out whether the broker is registered or not. You will be glad to know that AInvesting is a registered broker and that information is available on the website. In addition to that, you have to know that your broker is properly regulated. You can never trust an unregulated broker no matter what they say to you and what reason they give for no regulation. AInvesting is a regulated broker, and the regulatory authority that regulates it is Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission.

You can find that information right on the website of the broker. This way, you can rest assured that the broker you are signing up with is legitimate. You are not being scammed and your money is not being robbed away from you.  

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·         Website in Many Languages

A broker that cares about its traders shows that in many ways. So, you have many brokers that claim that their traders sign in to their trading platforms from around the world. Now, if you are a broker and you have clients from every country of the world, shouldn’t you think about them? Shouldn’t you think about personalizing your website and services for these customers who are trading with you and putting their trust in you? In fact, if you don’t care about your traders, you can actually worry about the online marketing factor. Yes, personalization of services is extremely important even in terms of online marketing.

So, when you look at brokers who claim that their clientele belongs to many countries of the world, you should see if their services are geared towards such a wide audience. If not, you can be sure that the broker cares nothing about its traders. Or, the fact is that the broker is lying and does not have any clients from any other countries but the local one.

On the other hand, you have a broker like AInvesting, providing you with a website in many languages. If you go on the website, you will realize that you can translate it in 7 different languages in addition to English. This gives you a clear idea that the broker is serious about its traders and cares about them.  

·         Many Assets and Instruments

AInvesting is one of the most generous online brokers when it comes to offering you many different types of assets. This broker will provide you with so many options that you will have a hard time selecting an asset that you like. However, seeing so many assets available to you is a great sight because you can diversify your portfolio the way you want. If you don’t know, diversification of portfolio is the most important concept for most online traders. If you look at the most experienced traders, you will see that they are always finding a way to diversify their portfolios. 

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First of all, you already know at this point that you will be trading CFDs with this broker. When you trade these contracts, you will not own the asset that you have traded. You have to keep that in your mind for as long as you are trading CFDs. That’s the beauty of this format of trading. With traditional trading, you are bound to sell or purchase the asset that you have traded. On the other hand, you are not bound to do that because you don’t own the asset in the first place. In addition to CFDs, this broker allows you to trade ETFs as well.

You have to know at this point that ETFs are completely different from CFDs. If you want to invest in many different types of assets at the same time without picking them separately, you will go with ETFs. They are not just assets, they are baskets of assets. So, when you are trading only one ETF, you are actually trading many different assets that are associated with it. In addition to that, you also have bonds available with this broker. That’s something you rarely find online these days. You don’t have many brokers that offer you many different types of instruments. Yes, there are many with many types of assets, but they don’t offer you a lot of different types of instruments.

In addition to the instruments, you will be glad to know that this broker provides you with a huge list of assets that you can trade on its trading platform. You have forex currency pairs that you can trade. When trading these assets, you will be happy to enjoy some great leverages as well. The best thing is that you will get a lot of different currency pairs that you can trade with this broker. You will not be stuck with only the major currency pairs, which is the case when you sign up with other online brokers. They only provide you with the ability to trade major currency pairs.

 With this broker, you will find minor and exotic currency pairs in your list as well. You can trade them and make money the way you want.

You will be glad to know that the broker has brought you some great indices as well. Indices allow you to trade the stocks from many different companies at once. The broker has brought the best indices from the major financial markets of the world for your benefit. You can trade socks separately if you like trading them that way. The broker has all the options available for you. In the commodities section, you will find energies, precious metals, and many other types of commodities that you can trade with this broker. The best asset that you can trade with AInvesting is cryptocurrencies.

Yes, you will have access to cryptocurrency trading when you sign up with this broker. It will provide you with not one or two but many different cryptocurrency assets for trading. That’s the type of trading you want and freedom you deserve when you trade in the most future-proof and fastest growing financial market of the world.  

·         Own Trading Platform

In most cases, when you sign up with online brokers, they provide you with access to a trading platform which they brag a lot about. However, there is no for the broker to brag about when the trading platform does not even belong to it. There is no doubt that MetaTrader 4 has remained at the throne of being the best trading platform in the world for many years, but it has its limitations as well. At the same time, if a broker is offering you access to this trading platform, you are experiencing nothing new. You have thousands of online brokers that have this trading platform available for you.

If you want to experience something different and genuine, you have to sign up with a broker that has its own trading platform. Unfortunately, not a lot of online brokers have their own trading platforms, because creating and developing one requires a lot of time and money. They choose the easy and fast route of signing up with a ready-made trading platform and provide you with access to it. However, they can’t really do much on the trading platform to personalize your trading experience because the trading platform does not belong to them.

On the other hand, you have AInvesting providing you with its own trading platform.  Yes, this broker has gone the extra mile to develop its own trading platform that it can tweak in any way to meet the changing requirements of its traders. That’s what you call a broker that not only thinks about its traders but provides them with everything in the way they want. It does not impose on you the trading platform.

Additionally, you are going to love that the broker has not done a half-hearted job with its trading platform. The broker could have done that to save money, but when you sign up with AInvesting, you will know that this broker is not about saving money. It actually invests money in its traders by providing them with something great that no other brokers are giving their traders. So, this trading platform can be used on just about any device that exists in the world right now. If you want to use the trading platform, you can use it on your desktop computer.

If you want to take the trading platform with you wherever you go, you can download the mobile version of the trading platform on your iOS devices and Android phones. You even have a version of this software dedicated to tablets. Yes, if you are someone who likes portability but a bigger screen than a smartphone, you are going to love the trading platform from this broker. AInvesting has created its trading platform for tablets specifically. Not only will you be able to use the trading platform on your tablet device, but you will experience some great trading speeds as well.

Last but not least, the broker has arranged for a web trader as well. You can use this trading platform from anywhere in the world and any device you want. The best part about the web trader is that you can use it on your devices without downloading it in the first place. That’s what makes this trading platform unique, ubiquitous, and very practical in the modern world wherein people are traveling and want to trade while they are on the go.  

·         Great Glossary for Traders

You will be surprised to see a huge glossary for terms on the website of the broker. It is amazing how this broker has gone so deep into understanding its traders and provided them with exactly the things they need. Yes, when you talk about trading education, almost every broker is providing you with a lot of training material. But do you know that you cannot access their training materials unless you sign up with them and pay them the initial deposit? They are not willing to provide you with even the basic information about trading without charging you a sum. That’s not what you are going to experience when you sign up with this broker.

It provides you with a huge glossary of terms that belong to the trading world. If you are thinking about trading, you should read this glossary first. You don’t have to sign up with the broker or deposit any money in any account to access this glossary. It is available for anyone who is interested in knowing about the many terms used in trading.  

·         Many Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

You will not find another broker that has these many options of depositing money in the account. When you sign up with a broker, you have to deposit money in your account. However, you have to find a broker that allows you to deposit money using methods that you know something about. In addition to that, you want to use methods that you think are safe. The broker has to make sure that it brings to you all the methods of depositing money that are available in your jurisdiction. This allows you to use the method that you think is the most reliable and safe.

Visa, UnionPay, MasterCard, ELO, JCB, Bank Transfer, Bradesco, etc. are only some of the names of the methods that you can use with this broker to deposit funds in your account. However, you have to keep in mind that you will be able to withdraw money from your account using exactly the method that you use for depositing money. That policy is in place for your safety and to thwart money launderers from using the trading platform of the broker.

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·         Four Amazing Accounts

The trading accounts from this broker are some of the best. You have only four of them to choose from. This way, you have enough choice to pick one that meets your requirements and not so many choices that you end up with confusion. You will be glad that the broker has thought about all of its traders while creating these accounts. If you want to sign up with a basic account, you should pick the Standard account from the broker. This account will give you access to all the great trading features with the broker while requiring you to deposit only $250 in your account. Yes, with that small amount, you can become a part of the real trading word.

You can even enjoy the perks of the premium account by depositing only on $1000. The other accounts you get from this broker include Platinum and VIP. The best thing about the trading accounts from this broker is that your spreads are always fixed no matter which account you pick. Will you have to pay a lot of money when you deposit and withdraw money from your account? Not at all! If you have provided all the required information to the broker and your account is activated, you will not pay anything to the broker while withdrawing and depositing money.

·         Education and Training

The broker has arranged for some proper material for you to learn trading. This broker provides you with all the options that you will like to learn trading. If you like learning fast, you should go with the video-based learning option from the broker. However, if speed and time are not important matters to you, then you should go with the ebook option. What we recommend you is to be a part of the webinars, which are also included in the training from this broker. You can participate in these live webinars where you can get the answers to your questions from the best and expert traders of the world.

Final Thoughts

No matter which expert you ask, they will always tell you that you should only sign up with regulated brokers. AInvesting is a regulated and registered broker, which you can trust with convenience. The broker has provided you with some great trading account options and flexibilities so you can make money on your trades. If you are considering signing up with an online broker that will make your life easier as a trader, you should definitely not ignore AInvesting as one of the options.

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