Alarms Going Off As Bitfinex Hackers Start Moving the $30 Million Stolen Bitcoin (BTC) from 2016

Alarms Going Off As Bitfinex Hackers Start Moving the $30 Million Stolen Bitcoin (BTC) from 2016

As per the crypto-data tracking firm, Whale Alert, it has been revealed that the hackers involved in a large heist against Bitfinex are on the move again. Bitfinex is known to be a major cryptocurrency exchange dealing mainly in the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitfinex exchange became prey to one of the biggest crypto-hacks of the year 2016. The cryptocurrency exchange became a target for crypto-hackers who stole away $30 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) from the firm.

Just recently, Whale Alert notified that the hackers involved in the 2016 crypto-hack against Bitfinex have started moving the stolen Bitcoin funds. It was reported that on the 8th of October, 2020, the hackers were observed transferring more than $4.6 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) funds.

As per the report, the hackers made the transfer in the form of two separate transactions. In the first transfer, the hackers moved 435 BTC ($4.98 million) into unknown wallets. In the second transfer, the hackers moved 8 BTC ($91.72 thousand) into unknown wallets.

However, Whale Alert has reported that these are the latest transfers made by the hackers as they have been making transfers for some time now. As per the report, the Bitfinex hackers have made seven more transfers to unknown wallets in the prior days.

Adding to their report, Whale Alert has also mentioned a high amount of transfer that the Bitfinex hackers have made in the recent days. There was a transfer made on the 7th of October, 2020 that comprised of 2,900 BTC ($33.25 million).

Whale Alert notified that in the current month, the Bitfinex hackers have transferred a total of 3,343 BTC ($38.33).  This makes up for 2.79% of the total BTC (120,000) that the hackers stole from Bitfinex back in 2016.

As per more sources, the same hackers were observed transferring the stolen BTC in the month of July 2020 as well. The total number of Bitcoin (BTC) that the hackers managed to transfer into unknown wallets was 3,503. At that time, these BTC were worth around $39 million and now it would be worth $40 million.

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