All You Need To Know About Solana’s SolScan

What is Solana Blockchain?

Solana blockchain is one of the smart contract networks that use the Proof-of-Stake consensus model. Therefore, developers can use the blockchain to create and deploy decentralized applications.

What is SolScan?

Investors always need a proper method or interactive platform to search, manage, and access information on a blockchain network. Solana blockchain offers a user interface for the users on the network to access its information like a search engine, this is called the SolScan.

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It is a simplified interactive feature that converts complex data transactions into discernable format. It is a type of blockchain explorer that grants access to the on-chain data such as transaction records, addresses, smart contracts, tokens, blocks, etc.

It is a free feature and does not require the creation of an online account. However, investors have the option to create a new account to access additional features and save progress.

How to Use SolScan?

Anyone who is making transactions on the Solana blockchain can access the data on the blockchain as a way to confirm their transaction verification on SolScan. When the transaction is still pending the investors can search through on-chain data in order to confirm the allocation of their staked token reserves.

All data-related activities are listed on the SolScan channel in order to provide verification options for the users and investors.

In this manner, the users can confirm that a transaction taking place on the platforms is valid. At the same time, users can also increase their understanding of decentralized applications on the network using SolScan Explorer.

At the same time, the explorer contains a number of public APIs to leverage real-time data for third-party applications and other uses.

How to Locate Tokens on SolScan?

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The users on the platform who are making transactions or on-chain analysts can track a specific token or transaction on the blockchain network using SolScan. Here are some simple steps to locate the token on the platform as follows:

Paste the required token address into the SolScan search bar and run the query by pressing enter. There is an option to search for wrapped Tokens such as wBTC, wETC, or other SPL-tokens that are available on the blockchain using this method.

Granted that the token address is correct, the investors are going to see a table containing detailed information about the given token. The search results can tell investors about various aspects of the give token such as maximum total supply, social channels, token name, token address, owner program, authority, tags, transactions, and others.

How to Find Transactions and Wallet Addresses on SolScan?

Transaction and address searches are the most used feature on SolScan.  The investors must have the right hash as an access point to access the required information. Here are some steps to complete the task:

Solana transactions are recorded using a signature based on a string of numbers and letters. The user should copy the given address and paste it into the SolScan explorer.

After pressing enter, the user will get all the information related to the signature listed on the explorer that has been divided into three categories namely Sol balance changes, token balance changes, and overview.

In most cases, the users need to access the information provided in the overview section that contains heads such as signature, signer, fee, main actions, previous block hash, timestamp, and block height etc.

Investors can lookup addresses listed on the Solana blockchain using the public address on the Solana blockchain and pasting it into the SolScan search bar.

With this simple operation, the user will be able to list all the relevant information related to the given address in a window called overview. The result will indicate important details such as current account balance and transaction history etc.

How to Search Active Accounts on Solana?

Here are simple and easy steps to find the total amount of active addresses given on the Solana blockchain at any given time:

The investors must visit the SolScan URL and click on the analytics tab. You can visit SolScan by running a quick online search on any browser of their choice.

SolScan analytics is a page that grants contains a wide range of information concerning various aspects on the blockchain such as nodes, transaction per second (TPS), new NFTs, new tokens and more. At the same time, the investors may also find the daily active wallet addresses listed there.

Users have the option to filter the results for different time duration by using the calendar tab to fix a starting and ending date.

Users can also search for DeFi dashboards on SolScan by clicking on the Defi tab on the SolScan website and selecting the required option from the dropdown.


SolScan is a very useful tool to allow investors to run an in-depth search regarding various aspects of a given blockchain network such as NFTs, DeFi applications, active wallet addresses, transactions, on-chain metrics, and other aspects that are associated with the blockchain network.

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