Amazon Seeks A Blockchain Expert To Lead Its Digital Currency And Blockchain Product Strategy

Amazon appears to be resolute for maintaining its standing as a novel firm, so it intends to get involved in the crypto business experimentation by introducing a payment method utilizing blockchain technology and digital currency. For this purpose of crypto adoption, it has recently announced a job post that demands a project leader dealing with cryptocurrency as well as blockchain products.

As the Thursday posted announcement says, Amazon is seeking a specialist for blockchain who will devise the blockchain strategy and digital currency of the company. The announcement further mentions that there is a requirement for a product leader having experience in the relevant fields as he will be leading and constructing the product roadmap as well as the blockchain strategy for Amazon, and the appointed person will work in association with the AWS and the groups all around the network. The framework to be formulated by him, the announcement adds, will include customer experience, launch strategy, and technical strategy, along with the compatibilities.

The expectations of Amazon

Amazon describes a complete image of the expertise of the person going to work with them by specifying his qualification. It states that the specialist is required to have obtained a degree of MBA or equivalent, at least more than ten years experience in technology or business, good communication skills, comprehensive knowledge about the data as well as metrics, and group management skills.

The organization did not disclose any offer about salary. However, it has been revealed that the candidate must be a resident or else agrees to shift to Seattle (a city comprising of a seaport in the state of Washington). Notably, Amazon has approved the innovation in the section of finance and payments. The creation of a team allocated for the cryptocurrency as well as blockchain is a signal that the network is interested in pealing out the latest introduced technologies that deliver improved financial products.

Amazon and crypto: a deep-rooted collaboration

Amazon has not newly taken an interest in the crypto space. In 2017, it bought a lot of domains that connected it to the world of cryptocurrencies, such as,, and

Moreover, it was reported in February. Amazon offered a job for a person to work on the latest payments systems such as DEP (digital and emerging payments) despite not revealing a close connection with BTC or the other cryptocurrencies.

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