AvaTrade Review: How AvaTrade Takes Cryptocurrency Trading to the Next Level

AvaTrade Review

Cryptocurrency exchanges lost their trust when a lot of them were hacked and the investors got nothing more than condolences. They never got their money back and this made other aspiring investors to avoid the cryptocurrency exchanges. However, you could not just sit down and do nothing if you owned cryptocurrencies. That’s where cryptocurrency brokers come in. These brokers provide you with a safe online platform that you can use to trade not just cryptocurrencies but many other assets in the form of CFDs. One of the most renowned names in the online brokerage industry is AvaTrade.



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AvaTrade has been known for providing the best cryptocurrency trading platform and conditions. The new traders seem to love this broker for what it offers. Let’s take a dive into the features of this broker and find out what it is doing right to be one of the best cryptocurrency brokers on the internet today.

AvaTrade – Safe Online Trading in Its Pure Form

AvaTrade provides you a platform where you can trade the contracts for differences or shortly written as CFDs. When you trade CFDs, you have the same platform to invest in many different financial markets. You enjoy great leverages and you are also in a position to double or even triple your profits. However, one of the issues you face when it comes to trading CFDs is that many online brokers are not as safe as they claim to be. They will claim that they provide you with safe trading but don’t really go into the factors that make them safe.

AvaTrade is an online broker with not just claims of being safe but with many proofs of it. First, you will know that this broker puts your money in separate accounts. Many online brokers would mix your money with theirs and make it unsafe for them as well as the traders. On the other hand, you have the encryption of information. As soon as you provide your information to the broker, it gets encrypted so no one can access it and steal it. The most important thing that makes online brokers safe is the licensing and regulation.

You will not find many online brokers that take licensing and regulation as seriously as AvaTrade does. This broker is regulated in every continent that it operates in. In those continents, it is regulated by the most renowned regulating authorities. Some of the authorities that regulate AvaTrade include but are not limited to ASIC, Central Bank of Ireland, etc. You will find complete information about the regulation of the broker on its website. In the end, you will have the peace of mind that the broker you have signed up with is regulated for its operations and financial activities. This is how a broker is supposed to bring transparency and fairness to its traders.

AvaTrade – Trading Cryptocurrencies with Freedom

Cryptocurrency market is still new. The digital currencies that you trade in this market can be quite volatile. For that particular reason, you don’t see many online brokers offering you cryptocurrency trading to this day. However, you can enjoy all the freedom of trading when you trade digital currencies with AvaTrade. Take a look at how.

Trade the Best Cryptocurrencies

Limiting yourself with the number of digital coins that you can trade can be extremely disappointing. It is sad how some of the biggest online brokers do not let you trade anything other than bitcoin. Bitcoin is a famous cryptocurrency but it also happens to be the most expensive one. A student or a new trader cannot even think about owning one bitcoin today because of its massive value. You should definitely have other cryptocurrency options that you can trade with the broker. With AvaTrade, you have the freedom of picking the cryptocurrency that you like.

You have ethereum available for trading. Ethereum is the second best and the strongest cryptocurrency after bitcoin. In fact, experts think that the model of ethereum makes it even more sustainable than bitcoin. In addition to ethereum, you can also trade litecoin. Litecoin is one of the biggest and the best ICOs that took place in the world of cryptocurrencies. The other big option is ripple, a cryptocurrency that intends to make money transfer across boundaries a breeze for consumers around the world. You will be surprised to know that many banks have already endorsed the concept of ripple.

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Other cryptocurrencies that you can trade with this broker include bitcoin gold, bitcoin cash, dash, and stellar. You can see that you have quite a few options available to you once you decide to trade cryptocurrencies with AvaTrade.

You Can Trade Bitcoin with Multiple Currencies

Another big restriction that you have to face when you trade bitcoin with other brokers is that you are able to trade it against USD alone. Yes, the US dollar is the strongest currency in the world and it is also the most liquid and easily available online. However, you cannot ignore the fact that EUR is another big currency with a lot of value. Furthermore, it is a currency that millions of online traders use as their base currency. You can’t completely ignore it when you allow people to trade bitcoin on your platform. When you are with AvaTrade, you can trade your bitcoin with not just the USD but also EUR and JPY.

You Get Leverage with Trading

When a broker says that it is the best broker in the world and it cares about you the most, you just have to look at the trading conditions that you are being provided. If the broker really cares about you, it will give you huge leverages. If you take advantage of the leverage well, you can make a lot of money in very short time. However, even the biggest brokers on the internet are not willing to provide you with big leverages. In many cases, they are sticking to a leverage of just 1:2. You really cannot do much with that leverage, especially when you are trading cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, you have AvaTrade. AvaTrade is giving you the best leverages of the industry when it comes to trading digital currencies. The leverage from the broker varies based on the cryptocurrency you choose. However, you will be surprised to know that you leverage can go up to 1:25 when you trade with AvaTrade. That’s something you will not see any online broker offering right now.

AvaTrade Bonus

AvaTrade usually offers a %10-%100 deposit bonus depending on your deposit and on the current promotions and regulatory restrictions and rules that are ever changing. AvaTrade bonus also includes a $50 no-deposit bonus at times. You will have to check their website for the AvaTrade bonus section as it changes from time to time. As you can see in the screenshot below the current AvaTrade bonus is %20.

AvaTrade bonus

You Can Trade 24/7

It does not matter which part of the world you are located in. With AvaTrade, you can trade your favorite cryptocurrencies at just about any time you want. Whether it is night or day, you just have to access the platform, pick your favorite cryptocurrency, check out the details about its leverage, and trade it. The best thing is that the margin requirements are quite easy to handle even if you are a new trader and using the AvaTrade trading platform for your cryptocurrency trading.

You Use the Industry Leading Platform

It does not matter which CFD asset you pick to trade or which online broker you open your account with, you cannot ignore the importance of the right trading platform. If your trading platform is not easy to use, your overall trading experience will be very bad. It is an amazing feeling when you know that the broker you have signed up with is letting you use the industry leading trading platform. Yes, the first platform that you will use when you sign up with AvaTrade is MT4. MetaTrader 4 is the trading platform that remains the strongest and the best even when MT5 has already been launched several years ago.

Not to mention, you will also get access to the automated trading platform. This is something you don’t get from most of the online brokers. However, this also happens to be something that all the modern traders should have access to. How can you start your trading career on the right note if even your first trades end up in loss? It is best that you copy the trades of the most experienced traders in the world and trade securely. That’s what you get with the automated trading platform from AvaTrade. While using this platform, you can copy the trades of the best traders in the industry and make sure that you end up with profits only.

Bottom Line

You will not find many brokers that can come close to what AvaTrade is offering. The broker has learned what cryptocurrency trading is all about and taken it to the next level. It gives you several trading platform to choose from. It also ensures that you are able to enjoy some big leverages regardless of the cryptocurrency you pick for trading. With big leverages and the fact that you can pick any position i.e. long or short, you are sure to end up with some profits from this rising industry. Last but not least, Muslims around the world can benefit from the amazing Islamic account feature as well. So, trade your cryptocurrencies with confidence and round the clock with 24/7 cryptocurrency trading from AvaTrade.



Free to use

88% Claimed win-rate
$250 Min Deposit
Accepts Debit and Credit Card
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Author: Michael Ellis

2 thoughts on “AvaTrade Review: How AvaTrade Takes Cryptocurrency Trading to the Next Level

  1. I saw the advertisement of this company, just now I am in search of a broker for trading. The first impression of a broker is good. I’ll try to trade. Wish me good luck!

  2. Initially there was a snag with receiving my funds from AvaTrade. The snag was due to a banking transit error which caused my funds to be sent to a nonexistent account, rejected and then finally sent to the correct account.

    AvaTrade offered and deposited a $50 credit to my account as an apology for the inconvenience. From my experience, they pay a great deal of attention to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved.

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