Bitech Max Review – Is Bitech Max Scam or Legit?

Bitech Max Review

Bitech Max logoAs the online trading industry continues to grow, so does the risks that come along with it.

Although there are numerous online trading firms around the world that are claiming that they can provide you with the best trading options and solutions, yet it turns out that all these claims are less than half-true.

However, there are still some online trading firms such as Bitech Max that have been trying their best to recover the reputation and trust that the online trading industry has lost throughout the course of time due to the poor performance delivered by majority of the trading firms.

So let me take the opportunity of enlightening you with some of the facilities and services that MarkeSpots is providing its customers and what aim it currently has and how it is practicing its rights to achieve them.

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Bitech Max crypto currency trading

Bitech Max’ Long Range of Online Trading Accounts

Majority of the online traders who suffer losses worth at least thousands of dollars complain that they were not able to handle the pressure that they had from the online trading firms.

It is not the something that the online trading firms do intentionally to make people lose their money but it is something that has brought into being without investing enough time and efforts.

The online trading firms should spend an ample of amount of time monitoring the trading markets and trader profiles to come up with best trading accounts.

The accounts must be organized in a way that the users should have access to the right amount of facilities and services offered to them by the firm. The account must be imposed onto the customers in a way that they are able to handle them.

This is the reason why Bitech Max offers its customers a long/vast range of online trading accounts. The trading accounts that Bitech Max has readied for their customers have been developed after careful analysis of the online markets and trader profiles.

Major Trading Instruments Offered by Bitech Max

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Through the course of time, Bitech Max has enhanced its expertise in some of the major online trading instruments.

To ensure that each trading instrument and the users receive the same amount of attention, Bitech Max has dedicated teams for each trading instrument. This is to ensure that the users are provided with un-interrupted support and guidance throughout their trading tenures.

The major trading instruments (Forex, Cryptocurrency & Stocks) have been selected by Bitech Max after careful study of each asset and their presence/demand in the online trading markets.

The team of highly experienced traders, analysts, and investigators make are always at your service. They are always ready to share their experience, knowledge, insights, and tips/tricks with you and empower you with all the knowledge they have gathered throughout their trading experiences. The team at Bitech Max is ready to take on all the challenges and scenarios that come their way.

Bitech Max Trading Instruments

Stocks Trading With Bitech Max

If you decide to trade ‘Stocks’ through Bitech Max, the first thing you will need to know is which company assets you need to invest in. This is where Bitech Max’ dedicated team of analysts come at your service to provide you with the best advice.

They are constantly keeping a close check on each stock index, observing the volatility of the assets, and events that may impact an unusual change in price. Furthermore, the experts also keep a track of the history of the assets and the reputation of the companies and stocks trading markets.

Based on all the information and insights gathered through sources, these experts then pass their opinion over to you so you can make the final call.

The best thing is that all of the above information is provided to you in a matter of seconds through the tools that you have at your disposal through the Bitech Max’ online trading platform.

You can have a look at the historical reports of company assets, have a look at the forecast of their prices, and also receive signals notifying you of the best time to invest in a particular trade.

With Bitech Max, you gain access to an enormous amount of stock markets where you can find thousands of company assets to invest in and increase your chances of making profits.

Cryptocurrency Trading With Bitech Max

In the recent years, the cryptocurrency industry has started making its way to the top of the online trading chain. It is constantly gaining mainstream recognition due to all the collaborations and partnerships it has made with financial institutions.

With one of the major e-commerce solutions (PayPal) coming on-board with the crypto-industry, its user base and popularity has broken all previous records.

Therefore, if you choose to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum & Ripple with Bitech Max, then you are definitely going to be making huge amounts of profits.

Similar to commodities, if cryptocurrencies are your pick, then Bitech Max provides you with more than 800 options in the form of cryptocurrencies that you can choose to trade from.

This is the point where you would need the help of crypto-experts at Bitech Max to share their recommendations and help you understand the mechanism of crypto-trading.

They will also discuss all the risk factors that come along with choosing crypto-trading. The major factor they will advise you to keep in mind is the volatility of crypto-markets.

Forex Trading With Bitech Max

‘Forex’ trading is the oldest member when it comes to online trading industry and the first pick by Bitech Max when it started providing its services.

The online Forex trading industry has been in action for more than two decades and despite all the rumors of FX trading being a scam or a hoax, the industry has become the most liquid market in the online trading business.

The daily transaction flow that Forex trading market observes per day is more than $5.5 Trillion that is more than the combined daily transaction volume of Stocks trading and Indices trading combined.

So if you plan on trading in currency pairs with Bitech Max, then you will never find yourself abandoned and left all on your own to handle the hardships and difficulties in the market.

As Forex is the first asset chosen by Bitech Max, the firm is a veteran when it comes to this platform. Bitech Max is fully aware of the ins and outs of the forex markets and knows how to tackle each problem and solve them in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

The Forex Gurus at Bitech Max can help you choose the best and the most profitable currency pair out of the seventy plus currency pairs it has on the list.

Once selected, the Gurus can recommend you the best market for forex and keep you pointed in the right direction. It is Bitech Max’ responsibility to ensure that every single one of their customers are making the best profits so they would do whatever is necessary to help you understand the markets and their tactics.

This will not only help you gain experience in forex markets, but will also empower you so that you can make your own decisions.

Bitech Max’ Independent Online Trading Platform

For Bitech Max, it is very important and crucial to ensure they closely understand and listen to their customers’ issues and feedbacks. For being a traditional online trading firm, Bitech Max focuses on building up the trading profiles of their customers by providing them with all the services and benefits.

By doing this, Bitech Max sets on the track of achieving its goal that is to empower its customers and encourage them to make their own trading decisions in the long run.

Why not Third-Party Trading Platform

Most importantly, Bitech Max believes that its customers have the right to have their say and input even in the technological advancements and incorporations. This is the reason why, Bitech Max has developed and created its own online (web based) trading platform.

By doing this, Bitech Max has ensured that neither the firm nor its customers remain dependent on a third-party solution provider when they have to incorporate or integrate a new feature or tool.

Bitech Max is constantly making improvements to their online trading platform and incorporating updates wherever they feel there is a need to. By doing this, Bitech Max developing team is constantly paving the way for the firm and its users towards unhindered success and growth.

Services Offered by the Trading Platform

The online trading platform developed by Bitech Max is to provide users with the best trading experience, most user-friendly environment, and a comprehensible trading interface.

The developing team at Bitech Max has deployed tools, features, and options on the trading platform in a very precise manner. This makes it very convenient and easy for users to navigate through all the services that are available through the platform.

Furthermore, Bitech Max’ trading platform is able to handle and support over ten thousand trading assets. It also offers a replicated real-time trading market version as a demo that allows you to practice your trades before you step foot into the real markets.

The platform is also equipped with features such as economic calendar, price alerts, trading signals, live charts, single-click execution, asset reports, and daily market news.

Bitech Max trading platform

Deposits and Withdrawals with Bitech Max

If you feel like giving Bitech Max a shot, then it is very important for you to understand how the deposit/withdrawal procedures work go about with Bitech Max. Bitech Max understands that this is the most critical part for the customers.

Because at this point, the customers are trusting the claims and reputation of the firm that they have never worked with. This is the reason why Bitech Max has laid out its entire deposit/withdrawal process so there are no ambiguities and uncertainties among customers.

Easy Deposits

To become member of the Bitech Max’ trading community, the first deposit that you are required to make is a minimum of $10,000. You have the option of choosing from Visa cards, Master cards, Bank Wire Transfer or BPAY.

If you wish to make the deposit and start trading right away, then you must go with Visa/Master card. Because if you choose this method, the money is transferred and verified instantly and you can started trading the next minute. If you can wait out a bit longer verification processes, then you can choose BPAY or Bank Wire Transfers.

Remember, that the deposit you make can only be made in currencies such as USD, EUR, and GBP.

Easy Withdrawals

When it comes to withdrawals, Bitech Max ensure that you are fully aware of its procedure so there is no stress or confusion. The minimum withdrawal amount set by Bitech Max is either a hundred USD, EUR, or GBP.

Although the withdrawal request may take up to 3-4 business days, but it can vary based on the type of withdrawal method that you choose. Once the withdrawal request is initiated, it is then reviewed by the financial risk-management team at Bitech Max.

The team makes all the necessary checks and runs all the enquiries they need to do to ensure that the transactions are legit. Once the phase is cleared, your money is then transferred into the same method that was used for making the deposit.

Please keep in mind, that the money transferred will always be the same as the currency you choose to trade with.

Bitech Max’ Regulatory Adherence

To ensure that the trust and the relationship between Bitech Max and its customers always remains healthy, the firm provides visibility to the regulations it strictly follows so the customers know what they are getting into.

As Bitech Max is a professional and an ethical trading firm, it ensure that it practices all the necessary elements it needs to, making sure that it never ends up breaching any of the policies. With this, the firm ensures that it creates an environment for its users that is safe, protected, regulated, risk-free, and ethical.

Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

When it comes to being compliant with regulations, Bitech Max is very strict with KYC and AML policies. These policies are the very pillars for any online trading firm to operate in the most efficient and professional way. If either one of the policies are breached, then the reputation and status of the particular firm can collapse.

This is the reason why Bitech Max is strict with the identity of its users and the sources of the funds that are landing or leaving its platform.

Because Bitech Max believes that if it is intentionally or unintentionally found involved in a criminal activity, it will not only destroy its reputation but will also cause a damage to the reputation of the entire online trading industry.

Bitech Max AML

Bitech Max’ Customer Support

Whenever you need help and assistance regarding any concern or issue that you do not feel that like bothering the managers with, you can get in touch with Bitech Max’ 24/6 online chat support.

So as soon as you access Bitech Max’ website, you will be greeted by one of their Chat Support representatives who will be fully equipped with the tools and information required to solve your problem in the most efficient manner.

These representative also have basic level knowledge in online trading so they can also understand your trading concerns and pass them over to the right people at Bitech Max for fast solution.

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