Blackstone500 Review – Is This Broker a Scam or Legit?

Blackstone500 Review

The financial market has  since evolved into a digital mode; hence, there is an upsurge of trading platforms all over the world. The growing popularity of cryptocurrency across the globe has equally attracted an increase in both investors and crypto trading platforms. Irrespective of your location or expertise in cryptocurrency trading, there is an abundance of financial and cryptocurrency brokers at your fingertips. All you need is to punch your device keyboard and search the web. 

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The challenge with surfing the web to pick any available broker, however, is how to distinguish between the ones that are experts in making you earn from your investment and the ones that are experts in making you lose your hard-earned money. There are some brokers out there taking advantage of people’s situation and experience. At the same time, other exchange companies are willing to guide you and ensure that your return on investment (ROI) is worth your effort.

Among the top echelon of trading platforms in the digital assets is the This is a broker that has, over the years, attracted more investors and traders to its unique trading platform. Whether you are new to cryptocurrency trading or an experienced trader, it should interest you to know that Blackstone500, among several exchange options available in the financial market, is still the preferred choice of leading cryptocurrency traders.

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Centered on customers’ satisfaction, the Blackstone500 offers a wide range of trading options for its numerous customers, as well as ensuring they attain their financial goals. In this review, we will have a look at the factors that have endowed investors to this broker, and why it is standing tall among its peers. Let us look at some of the services rendered by Blockstone500 and how the trading platform works.

Blackstone500 at a glance

Broker Blackstone500
Minimum initial deposit $250
Demo account Yes
Leverage/margin requirement Based on the trading instrument and limited with 1:30 max
Trading instrument Majors, minors, exotics, metals, other commodities, indices, shares and cryptos.
Trading technology Activ8 (windows, iPad, iPhone, android platforms)
Account types Standard account, bold account, VIP account
Common instruments Forex basket, indices, commodities, crypto
Margin call 80%
Tools Trading analysis, economic calendars, live forex market, ‘become a better trader’, global economies, trading strategies, forex indicators.

Reasons for the launch of blackstone500 in the financial trading market

Borne out of the passion for serving its numerous customers and bringing value added services to its clients, as well as its vision of maintaining high standard in the financial market, the blackstone500 was established in 2008 by two brothers, David, and Jeremy Hudson. The firm initially started as a start-up mainly on forex. Over the years, the company has been making significant progress with yearly outstanding achievements. The company has more than 12000 independent agents that are willing and ready to help. 

As a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, the blackstone500 has carved a niche for itself among the leading digital trading platforms. Through the introduction of desktop traders on windows and its activ8 mobile app for iPhone and Android users, it has been easy for its over 60,300 partners to access the services of the company. With the user-friendly and innovative, unique features of its mobile trading app, the traders and partners can access their trading accounts from any remote location around the world, making it a border-less trading platform. Blackstone500 boasts of special advance accounts features for its customers and potential investors.

What unique features does blackstone500 offer?

Blackstone provides a superb trading platform, the activ8 

The blackstone500 has taken into account the need for modern traders who need to trade on the go. There is no restriction of a single rigid type of trading platform that has to be downloaded on a desktop. The activ8 mobile application is the favorite traders’ platform, which offers several opportunities to traders of all levels. The activ8 also provides signals and market-related news as well as enabling the customer to copy the trade of other traders. The platform also offers technical indicators that can be analyzed by market traders. The activ8 is what can be called ‘trading on the go.’

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The trading platform on the web needs no download either, as it can be accessed online on any device with any internet browser like Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.

Blackstone ensures the security of funds and safety of information

One of the salient concerns of online traders is the security of their funds and data collected by the trading platforms. The blackstone500 assures its traders of the safety of their investment on its website. From indications, any information given to the company on its website is protected by encryption and thus inaccessible to unauthorized persons. In the same way, your deposited funds on your online account are secured from the reach of cyber thieves, as your funds are kept in segregated accounts.

Educational pieces of training and demo on its website

One of the unique features of the blackstone500 is the provision of training material on the trading network. Users and clients are provided with the option of being trained on trading strategies, assets, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Prior to your trading or opening your account, the company offers you the opportunity of learning the necessary skills employed in the financial trading circle. The exposes you to the real asset and commodities, and learn how to be a successful trader. 

The training package will equally teach you how to monitor the market, strategies to make your money irrespective of market conditions, how to read charts, etc. unlike other brokers, the Blackstone500 put these training materials on its website with free access. Invariably, no matter your experience level, you are provided with excellent support and informed by email, telephone, and SMS of trending market news.

Unparalleled access to assets and commodities

As a trader, you will want to ensure that your broker can give you access to the best assets in the market. The balackstone500, as part of its customer-centered service delivery, provides its traders with access to CFDs. Traders want assets that are less risky, but with high investment return, Blackstone offers clients a wide range of the best assets and commodities to trade on. It features significant crypto products like the Bitcoin (BTC), the Ethereum (ETH), the Ripple (XRP), the Lite coin (LTC), and the Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCH) on its trading platform.

Blackstone provides a reliable Customer support system

If you are engaged in any online transaction, you will always want assurance of the safety of your investment and to have access to the latest information. There are also situations that one issue or the other might pop up in the course of registration, trading, exchange, deposit, and withdrawal of profits, and you want to report it. Blackstone500 has a robust customer support system that attends to clients’ needs and complaints promptly.

With a user-friendly interface of the trading company, customers are provided with convenient navigating features. The company has on its website, a live chat option to speak with a company representative. Besides, there is a provision of a 24 hours customer services for phone conversations and email channels to register your queries and get an immediate response. The broker also boasts of a strategic business partnership program, market report, and important updates through its social media channels.

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Blackstone500 provides trading tools

Trading Analysis: the technical analysis, as provided by blackstone500, is the process of analyzing historical data over the price of an asset and other statistical data generated by market activities. The Blackstone exchange company provides technical analysis of price patterns with charts. This chart includes the bar chart, trend lines, and chart patterns, the candlestick chart, support and resistance level, etc. 

Economic Calendar: a useful method of keeping track of world economic events in relation to your trading is the blackstone500 economic calendar. The user-friendly calendar keeps traders and investors informed, updated, and consistent with market events. The economic calendar has the following features: schedule, time of the day, imparted currency, events, and previous data released, and the actual data released.

Forex indicators and oscillators: The forex oscillator being a technical analysis method used in predicting price outcomes in the forex market, is calculated by indicators. The analysis and oscillators provided by this broker give the best market advice and can be useful in the time of trade reversal. Indicators provided by the firm include the Bollinger bands indicator, the average accurate range indicator for market volatility, the commodity channel index, the DeMarker indicator for engaging buying and selling opportunities, the envelope indicator, and the force index indicator.

Blackstone500 trading accounts

As part of the giant strides of blackstone500, the company offers different kinds of trading accounts for its 60,300 clients around the world. These accounts are tailored to meet clients’ needs and investment goals. They include:

Standard Account: This is practically the basic account for traders and investors, both experienced and new, to leverage on the features provided on the account in their trading activities. This account has a minimum deposit of $250 traded on the activ8 trading platform. Traders with this account have a leverage of 1:30 max with an 80 percent marginal call. The account comes with a personal account manager and professional support and all-round information. The daily signal on this account is limited, thus, positioning the account as a good starting point for new investors and traders.

Bold Account: This account is an upgrade with a $3000 minimum deposit, and a 1:30 max leverage. Just like the standard account, there is instant order execution and an 80percent marginal call. Holders of this account enjoy professional support, personal account manager, senior account analyst, and a senior account chief analyst. 

The VIP account: This account offers traders and investors full options and commission. The minimum deposit is $12000, also traded on the activ8 platform with a 1:30 max leverage. The firm offers full professional support, personal account manager, senior account analyst, senior chief account analyst, detailed information, and support for holders of this account. In addition, investors and traders enjoy weekly trading sessions as well as daily market signals. 

Trading platform on blackstone500

The active8 trading platform is tailored to meet the needs of millions of trades in the market. The trading technology provides millions of opportunities to traders of all skill levels. It allows traders to copy the trade of other traders. Users of this platform can trade on web browsers or their mobile devices.

Mobile Technology Trading: the activ8 mobile application enables remote trading on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Users can monitor their accounts and trade from anywhere around the world.

What bonus offerings do clients stand to benefit from blackstone500?

The blackstone500 company is working on ensuring that clients are satisfied and equally strive to build the confidence of its numerous customers. This is done by providing several beneficial programs. Having an account with the company and funding it with the minimum deposit is the criteria for enjoying the valued added services provided by the company. Some of the key highlights of the benefits are:

  • Mobile and flexible trading on the move with your mobile device.
  • Free access to upgrade trading accounts at your convenience.
  • Personal account management and consultations.
  • Availability of over 70 financial instruments, assets, and commodities such as forex, metals, cryptos, and stocks.
  • A practical, fast, and efficient deposit and withdrawal system. Clients can use bank transfer, credit/debit cards (Skrill) for their transactions.
  • Availability of major currencies and crypto pairs.
  • Excellent trading platform based technology.
  • High level of liquidity.
  • Email, SMS, and telephone support network.
  • Strategic business partnership program.
  • User-friendly interface.

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Awards and achievements recorded by Blackstone 500

The blackcstone500 has since inception in 2009 recorded some giant strides. Over the years of performance-driven customer-oriented services, the broker has achieved the following awards.

  • The world’s best financial services provider’s investment awards in 2009.
  • The world’s best global corporate for employee treatment investment trend award in 2009.
  • The world’s best account managers for beginner trade shares award 2010.
  • The world’s fastest transaction processing shares award in 2011.
  • The world’s best corporate institution to work on shares award in 2012.
  • The world’s best investment corporate shares award in 2013.
  • The world’s best Islamic financial institute United Kingdom forex award in 2014.
  • The world’s best financial analyst team, United Kingdom forex awards in 2015.
  • The world’s best trading platform shares award in 2016.
  • The world’s best foreign exchange providers shares award in 2017.
  • The innovator’s foreign exchange United Kingdom forex awards in 2018. 
  • The innovators: transaction services United Kingdom forex awards in 2019.

Other added achievements of the blackstone500 firm

In addition to the above awards, this award-winning broker launched the first version of its trading platform in 2011, which is called the Status. The status trading platform was a product of the company’s team of financial analysts, software developers, and trading specialists. Therefore, it is a 100 percent product of this broker.

In pursuance of its objectives, in 2012, the broker expanded its services by opening an office in Zurich, which served as the European headquarters. The Asian market was served through its Singapore office.

The year 2013 saw the addition of several CFDs to its market portfolio, which gave its clients to trade other commodities, precious metal, indices, and bonds.

Furthermore, this broker added the popular MT4 trading platform to its services in the mobile app, we based trading, and desktop versions. The firm also partnered with Autochartist to offer automated technical analysis to its clients. This was achieved in 2014.

In the following year of 2015, the blackstone500 was the most significant financial analyst team in Singapore.

A new trading platform called status web trader was launched in 2016, and the year 2017 ushered the company into the unique status of becoming the largest FX broker operating in Europe at that time. 

The year 2019 led an expansion with the Major Capital Partners online trading firm in South Africa. The year 2020 is another avenue for this broker to beat its record and keep up with its numerous achievements.


With its numerous years of experience in the financial market, coupled with several accolades and achievements gathered over the years of trying to achieve its set objectives, the Backstone500 is geared towards providing quality services to its clients scattered across the globe. The development and metamorphosis of the blackstone500 from a tech start-up to a leading global company, has positioned it as a force in the exchange market to drive the future of currency data, trading and the cryptocurrency technology. The achievements recorded by brokers such as Blackstone can attract some potential investors into the growing crypto industry.

The Blackstone500 Company was recently expanded in 2019 by Major Capital Partners, a leading private online trading company in South Africa. Blackstone500 trading platform has revolutionized the market environment with its flexible and easy to use trading platform. It is not a surprise, however, that several leaders in the financial trading market have pitched their tents with the exchange company.

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