Bridge Oracle’s CEO Pays In Ethereum For Purchasing First Twitter Post Contained in NFT

NFTs sale on the horizon. The latest sale was comprised of Tweet post which only contained 5 words but belonged to the founder of Twitter and has been sold at a price of US$ 2.9 Million.

NFT continues to engulf more people in its craze, the recent being the CEO of Blockchain, Sina Estavi.

Estavi paid an amount of US$ 2.9 Million through the second major cryptocurrency, Ethereum, for buying NFT containing the first-ever Twitter post.

As per the details, the bought tweet post belonged to Twitter’s CEO and co-founder, Jack Dorsey. The tweet was reported some fifteen years ago which was posted in the month of March. Dorsey decided to sell his post through public auction exactly by using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). For the purposes of the sale, the seller sought assistance from Cent, a famous auction house of the US.

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When Dorsey posted first message it was on 6th of March and the post contained a short message saying he was setting up his Twitter account.

The purchaser namely Sina Estavi, who is the CEO of a blockchain project called Bridge Oracle, has purchased the NFT. Estavi paid a huge sum of money i.e. US$ 2.9 Million for purchasing a Twitter post that contained only five words in total. All the amount was paid by Estavi on the basis of the second-largest digital coin in the world namely Ethereum. In addition, the words are not comprised of some knowledgeable advice but in fact a bunch of meaningless words.

Estavi was questioned why he wanted to purchase the NFT and for such a huge amount. He replied hesitantly that to him it wasn’t just any tweet. He stated that few decades later people will come to realize that the amount he had paid today was nothing at all. He compared the tweet post with the one only globally renowned painting of the Mona Lisa.

This shows further that the NFT craze is growing beyond limits and has been engulfing more people within it. This is also a new way of selling out digital arts and collectibles for earning handsome sums of monies. An art that might not mean too much for the owner but would worth a million to an admirer of the owner.

Recently DC Universe too has showed its intention of launching a few NFTs comprising over its famous superhero characters. In fact, the DC Universe has claimed its copyrights and entitlement to the characters and their props. It has specifically warned the public as well as celebrity stars to refrain from selling any item that belongs to DC Universe.

Two weeks ago it was also recorded that the sales of NFTs made its record-breaking sales. The most expensive collectibles were sold out by Beeple which earned about US$ 69 Million.

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