Cars Mining Cryptocurrencies? Meet Daymak Spiritus

Seems like modern technological advancements are all about making fantasies come true. Humans talking to machines would have sounded like a figment of the mind of a crazy a few centuries ago. It’s a norm today.

The tech progress has brought us to a point where cars are making money for their owners. Sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it? Meet Daymak Spiritus, a car that will make you money for as long as you own it. The core idea for the car is to mine digital currencies for you.

To dive further into details, the name of the car is Spiritus, and the creators are Daymak, a name well-known to those interested in small electric vehicles. Call it being overly ambitious or going too far, but Daymak has put together a contraption that you can use to go to your destinations and for making money on the go.

Daymak is working with the Nebula platform to enable its cars to mine digital coins. Not just that, it will also serve as a framework to manage the movement of digital currencies in and out of the owners’ wallets. If you are interested in driving electricity-powered vehicles and making money simultaneously, you will be happy to know that all the current and coming versions of Spiritus will sport compatibility for the Nebula platform.

What makes things even more interesting is that the stakeholders and interested parties will now be in a position to watch the car making money in real-time. Daymak has gone as far as to dedicate a channel that will be up non-stop to provide people with the latest results of the car’s mining process. You can use to see how the crypto mining car is doing.

Daymak’s president, Baiocchi seems to love the idea that people will be able to get rid of boring and silent cars with the launch of the Spiritus prototype and its complete versions later. He thinks it makes more sense when your car tells you that it has mined a few digital coins and deposited a few bucks in your account when you open the door to ride it.

In a way, you can see that this is probably the first car of the world that will appreciate rather than depreciate in value with the passage of time.

The Nebula platform, which the company will continue to improve over the course of time, will give true power in the hands of the Spiritus owners as they can execute various crypto transactions from it and store their dear coins when they want.

What methods of mining a digital currency utilizes will not matter for you once you have the Spiritus because it will generate PoS as well as PoW cryptocurrencies for you.

Author: Jerry Dedmon

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