Court Announces Judgment In Favour of Bitcoin’s Self-Proclaimed Inventor & against Cobra

British High Court in London has announced a judgment against Cobra for immediately removing the whitepaper concerning Bitcoin. Craig Wright has obtained the first favorable order from the British Court and he thinks that now he would be able to make others remove the whitepaper as it is his property being the inventor of Bitcoin. The costs of the litigation too have been granted in favor of Wright and has been ordered to pay him US$ 48,000.

Craig Wright has never shied away from going to any extreme level in an effort to recognize him as the “inventor of Bitcoin”. For many years, he has been into heated debates, verbal fights as well as legal battles with those who deny him being Bitcoin’s inventor.

Last year, some of the online websites had published Bitcoin-related whitepapers. However, Wright was offended and through his team of counsels wrote to the websites and demanded the removal of the whitepaper. This led to the initiation of a trend where individuals, including politicians, and other websites started to publish Bitcoin whitepapers. All of them denied that the whitepaper was at all belonged to Wright. One such website was which is primarily owned and controlled by a company called Cobra – a UK-based company.

A lawsuit was heard by the London High Court several times in which both the parties had argued their case at length. It was claimed by Wright’s legal representation that Wright is the owner of the whitepaper relating to Bitcoin. Therefore, the whitepaper is the lawful property that should be in the possession of Mr. Wright. However, Mr. Wright has the power to sublet or give the right to use the whitepaper as he pleases. But none can, on their own, use Mr. Wright’s property without his permission.

Normally, in the British Courts, the process of trial is different from other jurisdictions. For instance, the onus of proving that whether the plaintiff is the absolute owner of the property is of the defendant. However, in the whole world, the question of Wright being Bitcoin’s founder is questionable and he had failed several times convincing the people.

For instance, a developer, who goes by the name Jameson Lopp, had stated that Wright had already wasted four precious years. Still, he hasn’t been able to bring forth not even single evidence proving his claim.

In the meanwhile, the London Court has announced the judgment in favor of Wright. According to the Court’s findings, the defendants have failed to show any evidence proving that Wright is not the inventor of Bitcoin. Although, the defendants had argued that the only party claiming right over the Bitcoin whitepaper is one Mr. Wright. Therefore, the proof of ownership must have come from him. The Court however rejected the plea of the defendant and decided the case against them. The Court has also ordered the defendants to pay US$ 48,000 as the cost of the suit/litigation.

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