Social Media Platform Reddit Discloses Its NFT Project Called “CryptoSnoos”

Reddit is leaping high in NFTs. It has been revealed by the social media platform that a new project named ‘CryptoSnoos’ is the next NFT that will operate on the platforms which are Ethereum-based. Recently, Reddit has collaborated with the Ethereum Foundation for the creation of their new currency named ‘Moons.’

CryptoSnoos: a new symbol in crypto

Three exclusive CryptoSnoos have already been minted and queued for the auctions on OpenSea, naming Snooprematic, Helium, and Original Block. CryptoSnoos are categorized into different unique types as Rare (limited program), Epic (highly limited), and Legendary (exclusive). The first three Snoos presented on OpenSea fall in the category of Legendary. The name of the firm ‘Snoo’ provided the basis for the ‘CryptoSnoos.’

The integration of CryptoSnoos into the platform is also being examined by Reddit. In the beginning, CryptoSnoos will present a glow animation to the consumers’ avatars, and the profile avatars will be replaced by the NFT card. The statistics of CryptoSnoos will also be seen on the back of each card.

The NFTs are described as “pieces of art that belong to several dimensional coordinates around the spacetime.” A blend of future, present, and past aesthetics, including the prominent categories like impressionistic, futuristic folk, modern (pre and post), and abstracted kitsch and cartoons, are available on the NFTs.

Crypto and Reddit

Crypto and social media are deeply acquainted with each other. The r/cryptocurrency (one of the subreddits) is no doubt one of the highly acknowledged crypto fans on the internet, having more than 1 million subscribers making it one of the dominant 500 frequently subscribed subreddits that exist on the website. The firm is bringing tokens based on Ethereum to r/FortniteBr (a subreddit) in addition to the previously mentioned ‘moons’ native crypto.

Another move toward the integration of cryptocurrency into the profile, for a vast range of activities, is indicated by the company with the initiation of CryptoSnoos. The owners of the CryptoSnoos want these operations to be integrated into the Reddit accounts and to be sold and transferred as NFT in the case of not using them.

ERC-721 contracts of Ethereum have been utilized in Snoos. Additionally, IPFS is incorporated to host Snoos. Currently, they are the only ones that work on the desktop version of Reddit, including the NFT experience, which has not yet been developed for mobile optimization.

Author: Isacco Genovesi

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