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After last year, it has become a fact that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. The Blockchain technology is being adopted by different industries and cryptocurrencies are becoming the next digital currency of the future. The number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are on the rise, but the problem is that it is a volatile, unregulated and decentralized currency and this presents a constant challenge; finding a reliable broker for trading. You want an online brokerage firm that’s not a scam, easy to navigate, transparent and can also offer quality service when conducting transactions. You can find several options in terms of online brokers, but finding one that meets your criteria is easier said than done.



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During your search, you will come across Coin2fx, an online broker that was established in May, 2010. This makes it a new platform as compared to others in the market, but it hasn’t allowed it to become a disadvantage. Coin2fx is taking major steps to ensure it becomes a well-known name in the trading world. This online broker is owned and run by Kin Limited and has its headquarters in Marshall Islands, New Guinea. A group of experts are working tirelessly to ensure that Coin2fx becomes the broker of choice for conducting forex and cryptocurrency transactions and other assets as well.

Why is Coin2fx gaining popularity? This is primarily due to some crucial features it has to offer to the traders. Some of the wonderful ones are mentioned here:

  • A unique trading platform

An appealing feature of Coin2fx is that it is not powered by MetaTrader4, which is used by many other brokers. Rather than choosing what everyone does, Coin2fx has opted for the proprietary Contract for Difference (CFD) software that offers participants a smooth and seamless experience in trading. The user-interface is clean and simple and the software is also lightweight. Plus, it gives access to various tools and strategies, which makes it a great choice.

  • A variety of accounts

One of the most prominent reasons behind the rapid use of Coin2fx is the variety of accounts it is offering to traders. Most brokerages only have three options that some traders may find limiting, but Coin2fx has taken it up to five options and each come with their own unique features. The purpose of offering five type of accounts is to cater to different levels of traders, starting from those who are new to the market and going as high as professional and seasoned traders who have had years of experience under their belt. The account options you can find are:

  • Silver: This account carries a minimum deposit of €500.
  • Gold: This account has a minimum deposit of €2,500.
  • Platinum: This account carries a minimum deposit of €10,000.
  • Diamond: This account has a minimum deposit of €50,000.

You can choose an account type that suits your requirements and start trading.

  • A plethora of payment methods

Obviously, you cannot start trading without money, which means you need to fund the account you have chosen for yourself. The goal of Coin2fx is to make it easy for traders to deposit as well as withdraw money from their account. You can use the popular methods for this purpose such as credit and debit cards as both Visa and MasterCard are supported and funding is done instantly. You can also use wire transfers, but this can take anywhere between 3 to 7 days. As far as withdrawals are concerned, the same methods can be used.

The good news is that the first withdrawal every month is free of charge and only if another withdrawal is made, then Coin2fx will charge you. The withdrawals to cards are completed within 3 working days, but it might take longer for wire transfers.

  • A wide array of assets to trade

One important thing to note about Coin2fx is that it provides traders with amazing opportunities in the trading world. While it does specialize in forex and cryptocurrency trading, this is not all you can trade via this broker. It gives you access to a horde of exotic currencies such as Hong Kong and Singapore Dollars, Turkish Lira, South African Rand and CFDs that can be used for trading a wide array of assets such as Litecoin and Bitcoin, indices, stocks, even beverages like coffee, wheat, corn, platinum, silver, gold and gas and oil.

  • A reliable customer support service

Most complaints about online brokers are in regard to their poor customer service. Traders are unable to find answers to their questions or have to wait for a long while to get their queries resolved. This can be a major downside because decisions are made quickly in the trading world and even a short delay can change the outcome drastically. Coin2fx is fully aware of this fact due to which they have established a responsive customer support department that can be reached through different ways. You can seek their assistance 27/5 and they will be able to help you through live chat, email or Skype. This can allow traders to continue their trading without any unnecessary breaks.

  • A secure trading environment

Another element where Coin2fx shines in the market is the comprehensive security structure it has developed for its trading platform. Traders don’t want their financial information to be compromised and their priority is to choose a secure platform. Coin2fx is the right choice because they have made use of 256-bit SSL encryption for keeping all data encrypted, whether in rest or in motion. The browser is also kept secure and traders are advised to use strong passwords and not share it with anyone to prevent any unauthorized access. In addition, client funds are kept segregated with several investment grade banks and they are closely monitored. Thus, this minimizes the possibility of funds getting compromised in any way.

Thanks to these features, Coin2fx has brought to the table advantages that others are lacking in and this has garnered it a lot of recognition.



Free to use

88% Claimed win-rate
$250 Min Deposit
Accepts Debit and Credit Card
  Trade Now
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