CoinePro Review – Is Scam or Legit? Here is What We Found Out!

CoinePro Review ReviewWhen you make up your mind for online trading, the first thing that you do is to look out for a suitable trading platform. But soon you find out that most of the trading platforms out there are scams and you suddenly retrieve back with disappointment. 

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Are you one of them who are unable to find a properly regulated trading platform for starting their trading career? If you are then there is nothing to worry about because in my today’s review I have brought for you a reliable trading platform entitled “CoinePro” which may be suitable for you. The one thing I have heard about the CoinePro trading platform is that it has never betrayed its traders. Is it true? Is it really a secure and reliable trading platform? Should you trust CoinePro? These are the questions whose answers I have tried to find out through my below-given extensive review of CoinePro. Let’s see what if found out.

These are the main areas of the CoinePro trading platform that I have covered in my review.

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– General introduction to CoinePro
– Highly Advanced Trading Platforms
– A Vast Variety of Instruments to Create Perfect Portfolio
– Three Unique account types – Choose the Best for you
– Best Training Tools at CoinePro
– Is CoinePro a secure trading platform?
– Why CoinePro is the Ultimate Option for traders?
– Conclusion

General introduction to CoinePro

CoinePro is the top regulated crypto trading platform that focuses on delivering its customers the most ideal trading conditions and quality trading services for trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and other multiple financial instruments. It is a customer-oriented trading platform that was developed by the industry’s professional and expert traders who have great trading experience in financial markets and possess more than sufficient knowledge in various areas of trading, risk management, and crypto strategies. Specialized in the forex and CFDs trading, CoinePro is recognized as one of the top-level trading platforms and financial institutions of Europe.

To earn a crypto trading experience in the financial market is the severe need of a trader or investor. CoinePro, therefore, is wholly concerned with delivering its clients this so-called crypto trading experience by providing them high-level security, easy-accessible and dynamic trading platforms, flexible 24/5 customer service, and strong educational support. CoinePro offers traders exceptional customer support to give them the best trading experience. CoinePro provides both professional and newbie traders with a reliable, powerful, advanced, and intuitive trading platform so that they can easily produce a large sum of money. For the complete satisfaction of its traders and to meet their standards, CoinePro has integrated all of its features with up-to-date technology.

To make things easier for its clients, the company has designed its dynamic trading platform in such a way that it can be easily handled due to its easy-to-navigate interface. The company has packed its trading platform with valuable and effective trading tools to enable traders to execute their trades in an efficient way. Moreover, CoinePro offers the best professional support to traders to provide them additional help in trading. The top experts of CoinePro send trading signals on a daily basis to help you understand the trends in the financial markets.

The company believes in providing convenience to its traders by giving them what they need throughout their entire trading journey so that they feel relaxed. CoinePro is therefore set to offer quality and value-added services to them.

Highly Advanced Trading Platforms

CoinePro has one basic vision in mind that is to give traders the best crypto trading experience and is highly determined to make it happen. CoinePro understands very well the importance of a trading platform. It knows that if users are not provided with easy-to-use or technologically advanced trading platforms then they won’t be able to gain good trading experience. Rather those platforms which are very difficult to handle can lead users to frustration and complexity. Therefore, CoinePro has especially focused on developing its trading platforms to a highly-advanced level to accomplish the needs and necessities of traders. CoinePro allows you to use the industry’s leading trading platforms in order to have access to it. CoinePro is accessible through Optima, Web Trader, and Android & iOS trading platform.

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·        The Optima Platform

The Optima trading platform is the best option for traders to use for accessing CoinePro as its interface is straightforward and easy-to-navigate. Traders find the Optima trading platform friendly once they use it because it gives them the ability to navigate through the CoinePro’s platform and access its features without encountering any difficulty. Another most likable thing about the Optima trading platform is that it proves least resistant for traders and let them focus on spending their key efforts on gaining valuable information they need as easily as possible. Also, the Optima trading platform can be customized as well. All of its attributes contribute to give traders a unique trading experience.

·        The Web Trader Platform

CoinePro has also catered to the needs of those traders who love to use the Web Trader trading platform. Web Trader has always been the all-time favorite of traders because it is easily accessible. As a hassle-free trading platform, the CoinePro Web Trader platform allows you to access it from anywhere at any time without tying you around just one computer. Another peculiarity of the Web Trader platform is that it is widely compatible.

·        Android and iOS trading platform

If you are an Android or iOS user then don’t worry even for a single second because CoinePro excites you by providing sophisticated and simple mobile trading apps to make your trading powerful. A mobile-friendly web-app is also out there for you to give a boost to your trading. The mobile trading platform of CoinePro is well-designed and has a wide range of functionality that supports you to churn out a handsome amount of money.

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A Vast Variety of Instruments to Create Perfect Portfolio

If you have tied your knot with CoinePro then facilities and services for you do not end here as the CoinePro trading platform has still a lot more to offer. To accommodate its traders well, CoinePro has come up with a vast variety of trading products and instruments. The presence of a diverse list of trading instruments enables traders to make a perfect and balanced portfolio out of it. It is essentially good for you to create or diversify your portfolio if you desire to earn a good value of profits. The vast list of various trading instruments that you can trade on the CoinePro trading platform includes cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, commodities, indices, shares, and metals.

·        Cryptocurrencies

Those who showcase their interest in short-term investments, cryptocurrency trading is the best option for them as it offers them great opportunities to increase their capital. To meet upon their interest, the CoinePro broker has allowed crypto trading on its dynamic trading platform. There is a horde of cryptocurrencies available out there on the trading platform of CoinePro to trade with. Traders can trade with the most popular crypto assets at CoinePro including the top-traded digital asset Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and many others. CoinePro allows its traders to buy or sell crypto CFDs with good leverage.  The company also claims to offer the security of crypto assets removing the danger of scams and any other fraudulent activity.

·        Forex

Forex trading is very common and popular among traders and investors because it has helped them to earn huge profits over the course of time. Forex market is today’s largest and most liquid financial market available in the world and covers worldwide investors. The entire forex market operates electronically and therefore it is commonly known as an Over-the-Counter (OTC), or “interbank” market.

Feeling the need of investors, CoinePro has included the option of forex trading on its trading platform as well. The broker offers traders to trade the most famous forex pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and EUR/GBP on its platform. Traders get the option to trade with major currency pairs as well as minor pairs. A large bunch of top-notch trading tools is also out there on the trading platform of CoinePro to help you out with your forex trading and protect your earned profits.

·        Commodities

If you are not interested in trading cryptocurrency or forex then CoinePro gives you another option that is to trade commodities. However, you need to have an understanding of how the Commodity CFDs trading works before stepping into it because if you know nothing about commodity market behavior then you can risk your capital. CoinePro offers a vast variety of popular commodity CFDs for trading such as Gold, oil, silver, diamonds, and other major soft or hard commodities.

·        Stock Indices

CoinePro also makes it possible for you to trade stocks and indices. Once you set up your account on CoinePro you would be able to purchase stocks within minutes. CoinePro gives you an open choice to choose from the dozen of stock indices around the world to trade with. You can trade with the most popular ones out of them. CoinePro provides the best trading platform with an intuitive interface to make it easy for you to trade stock indices. The expert research team of CoinePro provides daily market analysis to help you make suitable strategies and smart decisions.

·        Shares

Traders may also be able to trade shares on the CoinePro trading platform as they prove highly profitable. CoinePro trading platform has access to the industry’s top stock markets such as the USA, UK, Germany, and many more and makes them accessible to traders as well.  The benefit of being a trader of CoinePro is that you can trade your shares with maximum leverage and low spreads. CoinePro ensures that you get proper help from its professionals and experts in making decisions and strategies. To give a boost to your trading profits, CoinePro allows you to access the advanced trading tools present on the platform.

·        Metals

CoinePro has specially listed metal trading on its platform because it offers a great deal of advantage to traders. Metals are basically item resources that have been mined from the earth. The availability of metals for trading on CoinePro offers a great chance for you to make a perfect and balanced portfolio. The major advantage of trading with a metal instrument is that you are provided with a great inflation hedge. Traders may trade palladium, silver, and gold.

Three Unique account types – Choose the Best for you

CoinePro offers traders a great choice to choose from three different account types available on the platform. The presence of three unique account types enables traders to choose what suits them the best keeping in view their necessities. The three different account types are Micro account, Standard account, and Premium account. Here are these accounts types briefly explained along with their services packages.

1)    Micro account

Micro account is for those beginner traders who are very new to the trading world and lack experience in financial markets. If you decide to begin your trading with this basic account of CoinePro then you are required to deposit a minimum amount of $500 to open it up for you. Once you feed this account, you may have access to the features available in the account. With the basic account type, you can get access to the static spread type. You can have the opportunity to use the Optima trading platform.

CoinePro allows you to have access to a personal manager to seek guidance and help. You can trade with a maximum leverage of up to 200X. The facility of the news feed and the financial calendar is also available to keep you in touch with the important events and up-to-date trends in the financial markets. In addition to this, the minimum lot size that the owner of the Micro account can get is 0.1.

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2)    Standard Account

CoinePro then comes up with the second account type that is the “Standard account”. This account type is the most popular among traders and investors. Usually, experienced traders choose this account type because they understand the financial market very well. The Standard account is accessible only for those who can afford to deposit as high as $5,000. CoinePro offers a welcome bonus of up to 25% to holders of this account type. The company increases the trading leverage from up to 200X to 300X. The minimum lot size also increases from 0.1 to 0.5 for the users of this account type. Other facilities are also there such as the presence of personal account manager, access to financial calendar and news feed section, the optima trading platform, and the static spread type.

3)    Premium Account

The Premium account is the third account type that traders can open on CoinePro. This account type is especially for expert traders who possess an in-depth knowledge of trading and financial markets. The minimum requirement to access this account is much higher than you expect and that is $50,000. Only expert traders would choose to go with this account type because they know there are risks involved when they play big and they know how to handle them. Therefore, this account suits them the most.

The overall services package of the Standard account is described here.

  • Type of spread is static
  • Traders use the Optima trading platform
  • The company offers a welcome bonus of up to 50%
  • Maximum leverage of up to 400X
  • The facility of a personal manager is also out there.
  • You can leverage the benefits of the financial calendar and news feed.
  • You may have access to Masters Partials.
  • The minimum lot size available to you is 1.

Best Training Tools at CoinePro

CoinePro is committed to training its clients through the best training tools to ensure the best client trading experience. These training tools help traders to get a deep insight into the trading process and financial markets. Once you get a grip on the understanding of the trends of financial markets, you may trade effectively. There is an economic calendar tool that might be helpful for traders. Through the economic calendar, traders may get to know about the upcoming economic events, key announcements, and other news related to financial markets. You may also seek guidance from the CoinePro trading guide which is full of very useful video tutorials. The CoinePro trading guide assists you to make the most effective trading strategies and smart decisions.  Articles and news presented by CoinePro’s analyst team provide much help in understanding the current market trends and patterns. Other trading tools and features of the CoinePro trading platform include Risk Management, Rating of Central Banks, Currency Converter, and Forex Converter. 

Is CoinePro a secure trading platform?

The major challenge that a trading platform faces is to ensure the security of traders and their financial data. CoinePro, however, has an advanced security system that makes it a reliable and secure trading platform for traders. The outstanding security architecture of CoinePro ensures the safety and protection of traders and their funds. The company claims to use the industry’s first-rate security tools to encrypt your personal data. CoinePro also employs other advanced security measures to protect traders’ profits. The presence of strict security measures prohibits any unauthorized entrance into the system hence all of the traders’ funds remain protected.

Why CoinePro is the Ultimate Option for traders?

There are innumerable trading platforms present in the market. Traders can pick any one of them for initiating their trading career. Then why they should consider CoinePro for trading. Here is why:

  • Free of charge services: The most peculiar thing about the CoinePro trading platform is that most of the features and services that it offers are free of charge. It allows you to enjoy trading with its straightforward trading platform. Also, the company offers traders competitive spreads and superior execution of trades.
  • Exceptional customer service: CoinePro strives to provide its customers the best-in-class customer service. The professional customer service team of CoinePro provides customers a friendly environment to let them ask their queries freely without feeling any hesitation and resolves their problems quickly. This team is accessible for 24/5 in case you have questions you can contact them. You will get their response within no time.
  • Best-in-class user experience: The major subject of attention of CoinePro remains on providing the best-in-class trading experience therefore it highly emphasizes on making its trading platform innovative to give a technological edge to traders’ trading. All of the services and features provided by the CoinePro trading platform contribute to give the best trading experience to traders, as a result, they get attached to CoinePro.


Within the CFD sector, the CoinePro trading platform is an industry leader in terms of providing the most up-to-date & innovative trading technology and complete customer satisfaction. Traders enjoy trading on its flexible and easy-to-navigate trading platform. Traders also seem satisfied at the end regarding the security of their assets once they experience CoinePro. The presence of a wide range of trading instruments and effective trading tools make it more lucrative for traders. If you want to generate a handsome amount of money then the CoinePro trading platform can be a good choice for you.

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