Crypto Scams At Peak In Ireland, Police Remains On High Alert

Police in Ireland is on its toes because there are massive scams relating to crypto, particularly Bitcoin, in which mostly the elites have been targeted. Situation has worsened further when the local law enforcement agencies have seen highly worth transactions which are found suspicious.

There is a high level security alert in Ireland and local police is ready for any sort of unwarranted eventuality. According to police there is rampant increase in the number of scams relating to crypto, particularly involving Bitcoin.

Irish Police is presently undergoing a thorough probe against crypto fraudsters and scammers working within and outside the country. The police is of the view that major scams relating to crypto will be taking place very soon. It was further told by the Police that there is a possibility that the perpetrators belong to Ireland or may be outside Ireland.

A private bank in Ireland has further notified to the law enforcement agencies that suspicious transactions have been taking place. The bank told that one of its account was lying dormant for quite some time and now a transaction of Euros 500,000 has been made. The police took the matter in hand and started searching for the beneficiary of the account. When the police met with the account holder, the beneficiary told the police that he has deliberately made the transaction.

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Upon asking by the police for what purpose you have withdrawn the money, the beneficiary told that he was going to invest in Bitcoin. He told further that he has been in constant touch with crypto broker for acquisition of Bitcoin. The police then advised him that for the time being there is high alert. The police informed him that number of crypto related frauds are on the horizon so be careful before you invest. The beneficiary took the advice and refused to inject the money into crypto for the time being.

But similar worth of transactions, by prominent Irish businessmen, were also noted by Irish Police. However, before the police could act upon, the transactions were already mutualized and it was later revealed that they were scams. The so-called crypto brokers were in fact dirty criminals who looted huge sums of monies from multiple elite class individuals. All of the victims were promised that their funds will be utilized to acquire Bitcoin. Once the acquisition is done, then their crypto funds will be kept in a digital wallet that would belong to the victims.

However, the investment strategy turned out to be nothing but fraud. Irish Police as well as its cyber crime wing is looking to trace the criminals. For the purposes of investigation, several raids too have been carried out by the local police in the south Dublin area. Yet no criminals nor any of their accomplices have been apprehended so far.

Police is of the view that may be foreign elements are involved in carrying out crypto scams in recent times.

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