Cryptopoint72 Review – Is Cryptopoint72 a Safe Platform For Crypto Trading?

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At Cryptocoin Stock Exchange we pride ourselves in reviewing the most popular crypto trading platforms, like Cryptopoint72. In our Cryptopoint72 review we have concluded that Cryptopoint72 is a recommended platform for trading, it is not a scam. You can sign up with Cryptopoint72 in the link below or continue reading the full review for more info.

Cryptopoint72 Review

Cryptopoint72 logoIf you have been on the hunt for an authentic and well-rounded cryptocurrency broker for making your mark in the crypto space, you should check out this Cryptopoint72 review to see how this broker fits the bill.

Who doesn’t want a piece of cryptocurrencies these days? Even if you are not a financial expert, or don’t have even the most basic knowledge, cryptocurrencies have probably drawn your interest. No one wants to miss out on the opportunity of earning millions as a return on their investment, especially after the damage the COVID-19 pandemic has done. After the global pandemic tore through the global economy, most of the traditional investment vehicles have been struggling and are simply unable to offer a high return on investment (ROI).

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However, unlike the other markets and industries, the cryptocurrency space seems to have thrived during the coronavirus pandemic and was able to offer unexpected returns on investment to people. The market proved to be so lucrative that not just individual investors, but even institutions jumped into the market in order to take advantage of the opportunity. Many have already made 10x returns, or even higher, depending on when they chose to invest in the cryptocurrency market.

Moreover, the growth is only expected to continue and not slow down anytime soon. As a matter of fact, the leading cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin, is expected to challenge the supremacy of gold in the long run, which makes it a top investment vehicle for people. It appears to have come a long way since its introduction in 2009, when most people had thought that it would go down soon enough because its decentralized nature had received a lot of criticism. But, it appears that this has now become a favorable quality and cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere.

In fact, even governments of different countries around the world are contemplating and testing their own digital currencies, which means the trend is here to stay. The market is only a decade old, which means there are going to be plenty more opportunities for making money in the future. Already, more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies exist today, many of which can prove to be solid investments. While all of this undoubtedly makes crypto an attractive investment option, you do need to figure out how to get started. What will you need to do? Are there any requirements? It is necessary to know the answer.

For the most part, investing in the cryptocurrency market is not very different from doing so in other financial markets like forex and stocks. But, you shouldn’t forget that these digital currencies are far more volatile that other financial instruments, which means the risks are going to be higher. Sure, people have made fortunes in the crypto space, but they have also suffered from extensive losses. All other aspects are quite similar i.e. you don’t need a massive capital to start and neither do you need years of experience.

The one thing that you do need is a good and reliable cryptocurrency broker. These are basically platforms that have been especially created for providing people with the platform, tools and features needed for accessing the crypto market and buying and selling cryptocurrencies. As the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies has intensified, the number of cryptocurrency brokers has also doubled. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of these brokers that you can find in the market. Some of them have been around for a few years, while some are newly launched. But, you just cannot pick one broker out of a hat. It is a vital decision because you will trust this broker with your money and your information.

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So, it is not a choice that can be made without putting some thought into it. You have to remember that the crypto market has also had its share of shady brokers, as well as downright scams that have walked away with a great deal of user information, digital assets and fiat money as well. These losses have been hefty and no one wants to choose an broker that can leave them vulnerable to these risks. The only way to prevent that from happening is to know everything about the broker you are opting for.

One of the many names that will appear when you are hunting is Cryptopoint72.

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Cryptopoint72’s Asset Index

Why are you searching for a cryptocurrency broker? Obviously, it is because you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, but which of these digital currencies do you want to invest in? As stated above, Bitcoin was only the first cryptocurrency to be introduced, but it is no longer the only one that exists today. There are thousands of others that have followed it and even though Bitcoin remains the market leader, others have also had an impact in the market. People have not just managed to make money via Bitcoin, but have also made high returns by investing in other cryptocurrencies.

Plus, not everyone has the capital to invest in Bitcoin and may want to explore other options in the market. Having access to more cryptocurrencies is also an effective way of mitigating your risks and boosting your returns. This allows people to diversify their investment portfolio, which is common in financial markets, but even more important in the crypto space due to its volatility. But, in order to use this strategy, you will require access to enough options and this is the job of crypto brokers.

As stated before, there are hundreds of crypto brokers that are operating in the market and every single one of them has come up with their own combination of digital currencies to offer for buying and selling. There are some brokers that choose to focus on a handful of options, while others prefer to offer more variety. You need to sort through them to find an broker that gives you the chance of fulfilling your goals. It should also be noted that not all brokers are forthcoming about their asset index.

Some may claim to provide more choices than they actually have and you need to ensure you are not falling for such false promises. Otherwise, you will need to start on another crypto broker from scratch, which is annoying as well as a waste of time. When you are considering Cryptopoint72 as your choice of broker, you need to check their asset index. This is where you will be quite pleased with their asset offerings because they have added an array of options and they are some of the most prominent and profitable cryptocurrencies in the market.

You will find more than 15 digital currencies available and Cryptopoint72 is also making an effort to add more to their asset index for their clients’ convenience. Some of the options you will come across include, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Ripple. With such options at your disposal, you will not have a problem in diversifying your investment, allowing you to make maximum returns from the crypto space.

Cryptopoint72 asset index

Cryptopoint72’s Registration Steps

What do you do when you want to use an online platform? Whether it is an ecommerce website, or a social media platform, they all require you to complete a few registration steps before you can use their services. This is considered a norm nowadays and it is something you will also have to do when you want to use a crypto broker for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. There is no fixed format that these brokers follow when it comes to their registration. In fact, some have been known to have some very tough requirements and outlandish steps that can be frustrating for people.

You don’t want to have to fill out an endless number of forms that ask for detailed personal and confidential information. No one wants to sign a contract either and they certainly don’t want to have to wait for getting their registration request approved. The crypto market moves quickly and even a minute’s delay means you have lost one opportunity or the other. Most people look for a crypto broker that allows them to register quickly and has simple steps they can comply with easily. Fortunately, you will discover that Cryptopoint72 falls in this category.

They do not have any lengthy or time consuming procedures that you are asked to complete. Their registration can easily be done by visiting the Cryptopoint72 website and will not take longer than a few minutes to complete. Also, as long as you are at least 18 years old, you will not face any problems in registering yourself. The website has a single form that you have to fill out and it asks for your email address and password and a phone number that can be used for authenticating your account. The final step is to agree to the crypto broker’s Terms & Conditions and you can get started right away. You can find these on their website and go through them before you agree.

Cryptopoint72’s Payment Options

When you are done registering on any cryptocurrency broker, you want to begin buying and selling cryptocurrencies immediately. But, to be able to do so, you have to have money in your account with the broker. How do you deposit your money? This is a question you need to ask in order to ensure it is possible for you to add funds. There are different types of payment options that can be offered by cryptocurrency brokers, but not all of them are feasible for everyone. Some methods are time consuming, others may be costly. There are pros and cons that you have to weigh before you can choose a method.

You definitely want a payment option that’s convenient and costs you minimal stress and money. Whether such an option is available or not, you will have to find out because no two cryptocurrency brokers will offer the same payment options. This also applies to Cryptopoint72 and when you check out their payment solutions, you will definitely be pleased. They have made an effort to add a combination of conventional and modern payment options for facilitating their clients in the best possible way.

You will come across payment options, such as bank wire transfer for making your deposits, or you can also use credit cards, both VISA and MasterCard, for doing so. You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily after making your deposits. If you want to withdraw your funds, they can convert digital currencies into fiat and allow you to transfer it into your bank account. You can also use the Cryptopoint72 platform to pay for any goods or services at other websites. In fact, businesses can receive their payments in crypto and use the broker to convert them into fiat currency. There are no charges applicable on deposits, but withdrawals do have some costs associated with them. Apart from that, you will be able to take advantage of the best conversion rates in the market.

Cryptopoint72’s Trading Platform

After you have made your deposit and are ready to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, you will need to engage with the trading platform provided by the cryptocurrency broker. This is the most crucial feature that an broker offers because you will use it for connecting with and monitoring the cryptocurrency market. It also provides the tools that are needed for making decisions about what to buy and sell and the right time to do it. The platform varies for every broker and so do the features and tools, so you need to check and see if it is a suitable one or not.

The cryptocurrency market is well-recognized for its extreme volatility and the platform needs to be able to keep up for people to have a good experience. If it is not up to the standard, you will not be able to make the most of your investment. You need to check the platform provided by Cryptopoint72 before moving forward in order to ensure that it can do what you need it to do. The broker has opted to provide their clients with a versatile and cutting-edge trading platform. It uses powerful technology for allowing people to check the crypto market in real-time and to place their buy and sell orders.

The user-interface is very easy to navigate and has been designed to suit people with varying level of experience and knowledge. Moreover, Cryptopoint72 has also chosen to equip their trading platform with some advanced and efficient trading tools that can be useful for making smart decisions. One of the most notable of them is the crypto price converter, which can be used for converting cryptocurrencies into the currency of your choice, giving you an idea of how much investment would be needed. As for the other tools, there are live charts, price alerts, indicators and signals as well as graphs that can be found.

The latest market news is also provided that can come in handy for making decisions. Along with these options, you will find an OTC (Over-the-counter) desk that provides additional liquidity when needed. To give flexibility, mobile apps for iOS and Android ecosystems have been developed by Cryptopoint72 that can be used for keeping up with the market on the move. You can be anywhere and monitor your account on the crypto broker in order to make timely decisions that work in your favor. The apps are also well-equipped and well-designed, so no sacrifices have to be made.

Cryptopoint72’s Security Measures

Considering that you have to deposit your hard-earned money with the cryptocurrency broker you sign up with and share personal information with them, you shouldn’t ignore the security measures they use. The cryptocurrency market has already experienced a great deal of upheaval caused by cybercriminals and many people have suffered from hefty losses. Some investors lost money, both in the form of fiat currency and digital ones, while others had their data compromised and then misused. It is the responsibility of the broker to mitigate these risks and you need to know if they have done their part.

In order to address the security issues that people are concerned about, you will find that Cryptopoint72 has opted to segregate their client accounts for keeping their deposits. This means all customer accounts are separately maintained and the money is deposited with leading financial institutions to minimize the risk of theft. They have also used SSL (Secure Socket Encryption) on their website for encrypting all website traffic, along with the sensitive and confidential data they accumulate throughout the trading process.

If you are wondering about what data is accumulated and how, the Cryptopoint72 website also has a detailed Privacy Policy that can give some insight. It also mentions that no data is shared by the broker with any third-parties, particularly without their clients’ consent. Another important aspect to remember is that Cryptopoint72 is registered in Tallinn, Estonia and licensed to provide virtual currency services. Therefore, they also comply with the Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies, which are known as KYC and AML.

These make a big difference because they ensure that Cryptopoint72’s platform cannot be used for conducting any illegal activities. Anyone who signs up on the broker is required to verify their account before they can make any transactions. This verification process involves providing proof of identity and proof of address. It prevents criminals from making fake accounts to access the platform and its features. Furthermore, it can also reduce the risk of identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

In order to provide proof of identity, you need to provide Cryptopoint72 with a government-issued form of ID, such as a national ID card, international passport or driver’s license. As for residential proof, you can submit any utility bill, such as gas, electricity or water, a bank statement or a credit card bill. As long as you provide these documents, you will be able to use your account easily.

Cryptopoint72’s Customer Support

The customer support provided by a crypto broker is also relevant to your decision because you want to be able to get help when you need it. Delays can lead to missed opportunities and that could be disastrous in a market as volatile as cryptocurrencies. Not all brokers focus much on support, so you need to opt for one that prioritizes it and Cryptopoint72 falls in this category. They have provided their clients with several different options to explore.

You can visit the Contact Us page that can be found on the Cryptopoint72 website and come across the options to use. They have given an email address where you can send an email, a web contact form that can be filled out for scheduling a callback and two phone numbers, one for an office in Estonia and the other in the UK. Their agents are available 24/5 and are responsive and prompt.

Ending Thoughts

When you put all of these offerings and features together, you will find Cryptopoint72 to be a great way to begin your crypto investment portfolio.

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