Fates of LoopNetwork (LOOP) and NerveNetwork (NVT) Move in Opposite Directions

Let us go through LoopNetwork (LOOP) and NerveNetwork (NVT) which have demonstrated exactly opposite performances to each other. LoopNetwork currently travels on the ascending channel while NerveNetwork travels on the descending channel. The price predictions for both cryptocurrencies are pointing towards their current trends and show even better and worse outcomes.

LoopNetwork is a Rising Star

LoopNetwork has reportedly gone for higher gains in the past 24-hours, as the bulls have formed a strong 99.27% rally in its favor. They have brought its value up to $0.02959 from a low of $0.002844 per LOOP.

Compared to the old price, it is a huge achievement for all the supporters of LoopNetwork, who have brought it up to this level.

The trend line for LoopNetwork is now also moving in the upper channel. This elevation is very promising for LoopNetwork, as it ensures that the price of LoopNetwork may continue surging.

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If the trend continues, the value of LoopNetwork may move into the resistance channel. The first resistance mark the bulls may try and hit with their strong buying pressure would be $0.02485 per LOOP.

As the momentum keeps growing, the price of LoopNetwork may also rise up to $0.03102 per LOOP. Hitting high targets in the resistance channel would push the price of LoopNetwork to an even major resistance checkpoint.

However, the bulls will need to muster a lot of buying force in order to achieve the target. At the time of writing, the particular (major) resistance mark is $0.03487 per LOOP and the bulls will need to step up their game to make it happen.

The bears may also apply tremendous force as their last resort at the particular mark and if things do not work out, the bulls will take the lead.

As the bulls prevail, they will have a clear field in their sight, and with stronger buying power, they would be able to hit the particular mark.

NerveNetwork is a Sinking Ship

Then it is NerveNetwork, which seems to be on the wrong side of the bullish trend. The bulls and the positive investors have reportedly deserted NerveNetwork, and they have increased their selling pressure. This has resulted in pushing the value of NerveNetwork down by 38.02%, and the value of the NVT/USDT trading pair has sunk to $0.02959 per NVT.

With more investors leaving NerveNetwork’s side, it may continue experiencing a dip in its value. In the upcoming days, the value of NerveNetwork may dip to $0.02663 per NVT.

Even at the time of writing, the RSI and moving averages for NerveNetwork are way below the midline. This means that the value of NerveNetwork may continue dipping. Going forward, its value may dip to 0.02157 per NVT.

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