Flight Story Moves To Acquire Zebu Digital And Zebu Live

Creator and former CEO of the social media marketing firm Social Chain Steven Barrett recently announced the launch of his new program, Flight Story. Report says that he did this by developing the digital marketing firms Zebu Digital and Zebu Live. From the latest findings, Flight Story has created a new innovative marketing division called Flight3.

 With functional features from acquiring Zebu Digital and Zebu Live, Flight Story will provide digital marketing services to customers in various industries. The digital marketing company (Zebu Digital) they said will be focusing on social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and search engine optimization (SEO).

On the other hand, Zebu Live is a full-service event production program that develops entertaining experiences for businesses and customers. On the other hand, Flight3 will offer a fully integrated marketing solution that blends the power of digital marketing with experience marketing. According to Steven Bartlette, who has expressed his excitement about his recent acquisition was quoted as saying that: “I’m adding the knowledge of Zebu Digital and Zebu Live to Flight Story’s offering.”

“Together, we’ll be able to offer them a distinctive and cutting-edge marketing solution that brings the best of both worlds together,” he continued. Since leaving his position as CEO of Social Chain lately, Bartlett has been committed to developing Flight Story, which will help brands tell their tales in a way that connects with customers and promotes economic success.

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The Implication Of The Acquisition To The Market

The purchase of Zebu Digital and Zebu Live by Flight Story is only the most recent in a string of calculated steps the business took to increase its scope and capabilities. Flight Story announced the opening of its internal creative agency, Flight Studio, earlier this year. Flight Studio provides a variety of branding, design, and content creation services. 

According to the company’s statement, with the introduction of Flight3, Flight Story offer a complete end-to-end marketing solution, encompassing everything from branding and design to digital marketing and experiential marketing.

Experts, on the other hand, have said that this new development also emphasizes how crucial experiential marketing is in the digital era. Consumers grow increasingly resistant to traditional advertising approaches. They added that brands are turning to experiential marketing to create remarkable and engaging encounters that foster long-term customer relationships.

The team at Zebu Digital will oversee Flight3, bringing their expertise in digital marketing to the new business. The group will collaborate closely with Flight Story’s current marketing specialists to develop cutting-edge ads that integrate the best aspects of both disciplines. The company has revealed that the debut of Flight3 is just the beginning for Flight Story, which will eventually dominate the marketing sector globally.

The business is well-positioned to support businesses’ success in the digital era thanks to its distinctive approach to storytelling and dedication to innovation. Flight3 will offer clients a distinctive and cutting-edge marketing solution that distinguishes Flight Story from the competition. It was explained that it will  further fuse the power of digital marketing with experiential marketing. 

A Little Investigation Into The Operations Of Zebu

Investigation into Zebu revealed that it was founded by Jolyon and Harry in 2021, with the assistance of  Henry Hankin and their close friend. The company was said to have elevated blockchain and Web3 operations, which also saw the boom of Web3 activities in 2021.

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The three founders: Henry, Jolyon, and Harry, grew the company to match the ever-evolving Web3 industry. As a price of their proactive nature, they’d worked with top brands like Tezos, NEAR, Solana, and OKX. In a statement, Bartlett said they are working on developing a Web 3.0  platform with a blockchain feature, AI, and machine learning features.

He also revealed that, at the moment, the metaverse market is forecasted to be valued at $678 billion by the year 2030. Analysts say that this development won’t only benefit the Web3 market, but the entire blockchain industry.

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