Folgory Review – Does Fologry Exchange Really Make Trading Easy?

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Folgory has since its start-up in May 2019, worked relentlessly to continue providing its users with world-class innovations, springing to life products, and better options to enhance Trading on its platform. We are happy to recommend Folgory and have added it to the list of top cryptocurrency exchange to look out for in the future.

Folgory Exchange Review

The gradual evolution of the internet age has seen a lot of changes in every aspect of our daily lives and the financial sector  isn’t left out. Cryptocurrency or digital currencies as we know them, are the in-thing in the business world. This new market has proven to be more lucrative than the older ways of trading, and one of the companies at the forefront of this march in the digitalization of currencies is no other company but Folgory Exchange. It is a company founded  in Europe by a mother company HashFort OU based in Estonia. There are so many companies involved in cryptocurrencies, but today, we will discuss why Folgory Exchange is the best option. 



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82% Claimed win-rate
$250 Min Deposit
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Company Background

Background information is an essential piece of information to look at when considering where or who holds your money and to reassure you, you are at the right place, but to go into details, I urge you to read along. Folgory is a company registered and licensed under the company registry 14648319 to provide crypto services in Estonia. This company is also backed up by the European Union and a European License Number FVR000672 / FVR000579, which gives this company the legal right to operate in all of Europe and the entire world. 

Folgory Exchange launched in May 2019, and in less than one year of service has climbed the ladders of greatest and has carved a niche for its self in the top 20 companies with the highest amount of volume traded in 24-hour according to CoinMarketCap, with an over an average record of $1 billion in value. The data above indicates that Folgory has the trust of so many traders from around the world and is still gunning for the number 1 spot. 

Necessary Information

Exchange Name Folgory
Support 24/7
Withdrawal Fee Free
Futures Trading Present
  Taker Fees 0.20%

Assets available

Just like every other top exchange in the world of cryptocurrency, there is a long list of trading pairs to choose from; the most popular coins in the market are available to be traded against other cryptocurrencies. At the same time, most cryptos do not offer a crypto-fiat trading pair. Still, there is a list of cryptocurrencies that are listed on Folgory that are not available in other exchanges. Folgory also offers EUR fiat pairs;  this exchange is most likely to favor traders in Europe a lot more. As for the number of assets and pairs that are currently listed on the exchange, there is over 50 crypto, and fiat pairs currently listed, among this cryptos is the Folgory owned cryptocurrency Folgory Coin (FLG).  

Launchpad IEO

Like so many other cryptocurrency exchange, they kicked off with an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), which is very similar to (IPOs & ICOs) which is a way to call the attention of traders and crypto enthusiasts to join at the beginning and most times, joining at the early stages comes with a large chunk of reward. This IEO is the company’s way of introducing its token (cryptocurrency). As of November 2019, Folgory joined the likes of Binance to launch its native token Folgory Coin (FLG), which will be used within the exchange to pay for trading fees and receive rewards. At the end of the IEO, which has been scheduled to end by January of 2020, holders of the token will earn a large amount of reward, starting with a 1.5% for holding FLG for one month and up to 3% for holding FLG for 12 months.  

Launchpad by Folgory offers more than just the FLG token; it also gives room to other exchanges to launch their IEOs. Currently, a few ongoing IEOs are running on the feature by Folgory, but there are plans for more in the future. This also serves as a welcome call to traders and other crypto enthusiasts as it provides more opportunities for investment without looking outside the Folgory system.   

Folgory also welcomes newbies and individuals who know very little about cryptocurrencies but want to earn with an investment feature that allows individuals to invest their cryptocurrencies and receive 5% returns on a monthly basis through a variety of investment plans, which individuals can select from based on their appetite for risk. 

The Folgory launchpad also aims at connecting different blockchain projects with the broader crypto communities and allow projects to raise funds while interacting with a more significant part of the Folgory community.

How to Use Folgory.Com

To sign up and commerce your use of the excellent services provided by Folgory, follow the steps below; 

  1. Go to the website at Click on the ‘Login / Signup’ link at the top right corner of their website.
  2. Fill the form according to what is required of you.
  3. Click submit to send the form in and await an activation email that will follow suit.
  4. Click the ‘Confirm Email’ link in the activation email. 
  5. After activating your account, a 6-digit OTP (One Time password) will be sent, which will be entered after you have logged into your Folgory account. 

Trading Fees

The trading fees encountered on cryptocurrency exchanges are split into two types, the Makers and the Taker’s Fees; we are going to look into the makers and takers fee charged in Folgory exchange.  

–         Takers 

This fee is charged when an open order is filled immediately; it is entered ‘example can be seen in a market or stop order’ whenever this happens a takers fee will be charged. The idea of this comprehensive system used by crypto exchanges applies that you are ‘taking’ at the price of your choice.

–         Makers

The fee for the makers is charged when an order is filled in but not closed immediately ‘example is a limit order,’ and this set of people are expected to pay lesser fees than the ‘takers.’ The naming of this particular fee can be traced back to the fact that placing orders on the books also help to ‘make the market,’ which in turn makes you a ‘market maker.’

Note: The Makers Fee is generally lesser than the Takers Fee, but Folgory Exchange prides itself on being one of the companies with the least charges on both the makers and the Taker’s Fee. 


Leveraging on Folgory isn’t any different from other cryptocurrency exchange, they are well arranged on the platform website so that every assert is visible to choose from. An individual criterion is provided for each asset. Margin calls are made possible by contract for difference, and this is mostly used when the markets are not moving in your favor. In general, trading of forex or foreign exchange on a margin comes with a lot of risks, new and upcoming investors are strongly advised against using this method of trading because of its risks. Before entering any trade, it is strongly advised that you evaluate your risk, experience carefully before opening or entering any trade. An example of leverage can be seen in a 50:1 forex leverage, which represents the possibility of a trader to place trades with 50 times more than their actual capital. You are advised to take extensive classes before meddling in this.  

Features of Folgory 

–         Portfolio Management

Folgory provides you with a platform that makes it easy to store and control your tokens and cryptocurrencies on your device. This company put all your digital assets in one easy to use application. The Folgory application erases the need to hire a professional portfolio manager as all these will be handled by the app installed on your mobile device.   

–         Buying & Selling of Cryptocurrency 

With the help of Folgory, you will be able to purchase and sell your cryptocurrencies straight from the convenience of your home or workplace through your mobile phone or computer from a fiat wallet using EUR / USD / GBP or any currency familiar to you through a bank transfer or credit card payment, all in real-time. 

–         Exchange For Trading 

In order to help simplify the rigors involved with trading of currency pairs, Folgory provides its users with thousands of orders and liquidity for trading. It also takes a more significant step in simplifying trading for its users by total eradicating all costs associated with trading, making it free for all users of Folgory. 

–         Professional Dashboard 

This company does not only aim at simplifying the processes involved in trading but also professionalism and competence whenever Folgory is mentioned. The comprehensive dashboard of the Folgory website comprises of all the real-time information of all significant cryptos, trends, prices, and news. The Live View also displays the total amount of FIAT available in your wallet and all necessary information needed.   

–         Create Your Token 

With the rise in need for digital currencies and electronic money, Folgory has made it possible for intellectually aware internet users to create their own cryptocurrencies without knowing or typing a single line of code or even hiring a developer. The Folgory Blockchain can be used to create your token and automatically have it listed on the Folgory Trading Exchange, all of this can be done with the click of a few buttons. 

–         Your Wallet application to Life 

The Folgory wallet provides you with a haven for your digital and fiat currencies, either from your web browsers or the use of the mobile app. Your funds are safe and secured with the help of insurance policies, which serve as the backbone for Folgory thrive in excellence. Commissions and charges which are implemented on other companies have been made free here on Folgory.

–         Send & Receive Funds Safely 

Folgory has provided its users with a safe system through the use of Double Authentication that helps members send or receive cryptocurrencies safely without running the risk of losing your money. Folgory also allows its users to share the QR code of their address to enable them to receive payments via Email without the use of copy and paste.   

Why You Should Use Folgory

There are a lot of trading companies, exchanges, and other crypto-related institutions that are sprouting out of everywhere looking to make a name for themselves in the niche but Folgory has taken it upon itself to stay ahead of the game and provide its users with the best services possible; below is a list of some of the services that help Folgory stand out from the crowd.  

Below are some services that you won’t find elsewhere;

Send Request payments

Folgory has made it possible for personnel and clients to maintain a good relationship through a convenient means of requesting and sending payments. This fantastic feature of this company was designed in a way that invoices can be sent when there is a need without worrying about the amounts they are requesting.

This request that has been sent provides the customer with enough information regarding how much is required to be paid and how payment should be sent. When payment is made through this invoice, it comes directly to your digital wallet. This service keeps Folgory at the front row of the race, amongst other exchanges. 

In-Store Payment

This feature serves the store and business owners best, and it is a must-have for all business owners. The in-store payment enables merchants to make payments in hotels, stores, and restaurants by scanning your wallet QR code. All you need is a bright display of your wallet QR code and all payments received through this medium is available in your wallet without seconds, eradicating the need to carry cash around. 

Payments can also be made through the use of a POS terminal, screen, or through their mobile phone wallets, all of this takes place in a couple of seconds, and you no longer have to worry about getting robbed.  

Wallet Euro Converter

With just a click of a button, you can convert any digital assert into a cryptocurrency and vice versa using either the Folgory website or its mobile application.

When payments are received on Folgory exchange, users can either decide to top up their Folgory cards, convert to euro or top up on their digital wallets all with the click of a few buttons  

Making payments on online services has also been simplified thanks to the fantastic team at Folgory, your screen dashboard has been fortified with features to make handling of finance a lot easier. 

Supported Jurisdiction

Just like other crypto exchange, their target market is mapped out, and for Folgory as much as it is the go-to Exchange for users in Europe, it also allows members from other parts of the world to register and trade on its platform, so regardless of where you are, Folgory is the company for you. 

Customer Service

Without the application of a time out, every day is a working day at Folgory. This company provides its esteemed customers with world-class support for its traders that may have reported an issue, have questions that they need answers for, or even a random complaint. Regardless of where a customer might be contacting support from, they are always there to answer. Approved modes of communication include emails, fax, or the use of a live chat, which is available on the website.

Folgory is not only interested in helping you earn money but also is interested in helping educate their customers about crypto and other necessary topics through the use of tools that are well arranged to help them harness their skills. Tutorials, sessions are readily available to offer extensive training. There is a lot of information that traders stand to learn. The Folgory trading platform boast of advanced software and applications.

Folgory customer care system is always ready to help or assist customers by answering questions, handling their complaints, or guiding them where it is needed. There are phone numbers that are always connected and available to receive calls. The customer service of Folgory exchange is known for his excellence and round the clock availability.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that Folgory Exchange is a top class exchange when you are discussing cryptocurrency, trading, and all digital currency related topics. This company prides its self in providing the best system and atmosphere for traders to execute their business. 

Adding to the fantastic features that Folgory has to offer, this exchange works on all types of electrical devices web, android, etc. For users who are not in English speaking countries, Folgory provides a translator on its website that helps everyone read its content in their preferred languages. 

Folgory has since its start-up in May 2019, worked relentlessly to continue providing its users with world-class innovations, springing to life products, and better options to enhance Trading on its platform.

We are happy to recommend Folgory and have added it to the list of top cryptocurrency exchange to look out for in the future. 



Free to use

82% Claimed win-rate
$250 Min Deposit
Accepts Debit and Credit Card
  Trade NowRead Review
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