Gemini Crypto Exchange Hires a Former Morgan Stanley Executive

Gemini Crypto Exchange Hires a Former Morgan Stanley Executive

Gemini, which is one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States has recently made a business expansion announcement. As per the announcement, Gemini is currently in the process of expanding its business outside of America. They added that the first region that Gemini is planning to expand into is the Asia Pacific region.

Gemini also added that for the expansion of their company, they have hired a new high-profile individual. They confirmed that the new high-profile who joined their company is Andy Meehan. Andy Meehan is a former executive employee of Morgan Stanley.

The bank ‘Morgan Stanley’ is known for being one of the top investment banks in the United States. It has been confirmed that Andy Meehan has been offered a role in the ‘Compliance’ sector. He will be responsible to monitor Gemini’s compliance in the APAC region as the Chief Compliance Officer.

On the 7th of October, 2020, Gemini exchange announced that they added Andy Meehan to their team in the APAC region. As a Chief Compliance Officer, his job role would be to collaborate with regulators from the APAC region to come up with innovative plans in the compliance sector.

As per Andy Meehan, he will be using his skills and experience to ensure that he is able to get in touch with as many regulators as possible in the APAC region. Then the next item in his to-do-list would be coming up with innovative ideas to promote smart regulations.

Meehan stated that the sole reason behind the expansion of Gemini’s business and collaboration with APAC regulators is to make the cryptocurrency industry more adaptable for the local as well as government sectors.

Furthermore, Meehan has been assigned with the responsibility of reshaping the strategy, operations, and products for the APAC region. The reason behind the reshaping of these sectors is to suit the requirements and standards of the population in the APAC region.

Gemini exchange has confirmed that its new CCO will be based in Singapore. The CCO will report directly to Jeremy Ng, who is the new managing director at APAC.

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