Genesis11 Review – Is It a Step Towards a Trader’s Bright Future?

Genesis11 Review

Genesis11Due to the Covid-19 pandemic people are forced to live in their houses and no one knows how long it will take to things become normal again. However, for the time being, we have to accept the reality and devise ways and methods to live parallel with the pandemic until the vaccination is available to all. While economies are suffering, the trading activities are limited because governments all over the world have implemented social distancing policies to sustain the spread of virus. Businesses, shopping malls as well as trading centers are opened for limited hours but this has not changed the human psychology. Even in the prevailing circumstances, people are able to carry out their trading activities through online.

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Trading Requires Specific Mindset

Trading in forex, commodities, indices, stocks, shares, CFDs require a specific mindset. If you need medical services, you’d want to see a doctor and not a lawyer. The same principle applies to the field of trading where if you want to be a part of trading, then you would like to get in touch with a broker. A broker, who is equipped with the required knowledge and expertise, and has the specific mindset, can help you turn the odds in your favor because he has devoted his life in learning the art of trading with great precision which in turn can ensure earning of high returns on investment. But getting the right one to do the job for you is not an easy task.

Finding A Broker

It is said that trading is like a maze for an investor who locks the expertise in the field of trading, however, a broker is capable of turning the maze into a straight path. There are thousands of well-reputed and authentic brokers available online who are ready to serve you at any time. You may be wondering why the word “authentic” is being used. This is because while online trading has successfully provided the ease of doing trading for the investors and a way of earning livelihood for the brokers, however, it has also opened up gates for those who want to rob the people of their money by scamming innocent people.

So it is important for you to find a genuine broker for you and one such broker is Genesis11. Here are some of the reasons why Genesis11 should be your first choice.

What is Genesis11

Before jumping into conclusions, let us look at what Genesis11 is. It is an online broker which has been successfully providing brokerage services to its online customers in cryptocurrencies and CFD and has acclaimed recognition as being one of the best brokerage firms amongst its customers and online community. It was established with the sole purpose of helping those who have been strayed from their path of building a bright future for them. They have the state of the art facilities available for use by the investors as well as their team consist of highly trained and experienced personnel who have been working tirelessly for years on behalf of investors in an effort to turn their dreams into reality.

Genesis11 trading platform

What Genesis11 Is Capable Of

Genesis11 sole aim and object is to provide state of the art services based on technological advancement in an effort to publicize itself as one of the trusted and reliable broker amongst its customers, competitors as well as online community. The fact that Genesis11 specifically deals in cryptocurrencies and CFDs, puts them in an advantageous position amongst the competitors who are usually offering multiple types of trading. In this way the competitors cannot concentrate entirely on any one or two types of trading which can cause ultimately force them to compromise on the quality of service.

So far Genesis11 has been able to accomplish what none other has achieved in cryptocurrency trading. It has helped its customers to earn huge profits which has simultaneously benefited the well-being of Genesis11 in maintaining long-standing relationships with the customers.

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Why Genesis11

For any brokerage firm such as Genesis11, the key to success lies in ensuring that the goals of the customers are the foremost priority. If the customer is not making money, similarly, the brokerage firm will not be able to earn something and that is why the customer and the brokerage firm are the two wheels of same chariot, and eventually the existence of both depends upon each other’s well-being. It has the capability of providing state of the art facilities to its customers as per the international. Here are some of the features which make Genesis11 the first choice when it comes to trading in CFDs and cryptocurrencies.

4 Standout Features

Let us look at a few of standout features which can be helpful for a customer to realize the difference between Genesis11 and its competitors: –

  1. It offers high class services which is backed by a robust and efficient customer support which is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm GMT.
  2. Has a team of experienced personnel who are equipped with the knowledge required in the field and can be able to perform to the best interest of the customers who belong to various parts of the world.
  3. Provides powerful tools which are made available which are carefully designed in a way that can be used by a pro trader as well as a novice trader at the same time.
  4. They offer the customers to trade in various underlying assets which are part of CFDs and cryptocurrencies.

Independence Of Selecting The Account

Before start of trading with Genesis11, you need to sign up and for which there are various multi-purpose accounts available which are designed to cater the needs of any person. This is a pre-requisite condition for working with Genesis11 and rightly so because it helps develop a strong bound between the customer and the brokerage firm which makes both of them duty bound to perform their duties to the utter satisfaction of each other. For the time being there are five different types of accounts available with Genesis11 which individually consist of various benefits, leverages, discounts, offers that are distinct from one another. Let us look at these accounts.

1.      Silver Account

A silver account can be availed of with the minimum deposit of US$ 10,000/- which includes 24/7 customer support, training programs and access to education,  365 trading dashboards, up to date news, limited number of trading signals and many more to name a few. Silver account is beneficial for those investors who are beginners in the field of online trading and do not possess any knowledge about how it works.

2.      Gold Account

Then there is Gold Account which can be availed of with the minimum initial deposit of US$25,000/-. Apart from having all the benefits as are contained in Silver Account, in Gold Account includes a few more benefits such as providing of personal account manager, who is dedicated to be at your disposal in helping you out in terms of finding the best trading opportunity available for you so that you can earn profit. This account type is most suitable for an average trader.

3.      Platinum Account

The third account type is Platinum Account which can be signed up with the minimum deposit of US$ 50,000/-. As in the case with Silver and Gold Accounts, Platinum Account has the same features but additional benefits such as availability of personal VIP account manager, unlimited VIP signals, trading algorithm, no withdrawal fee as well as credit line for premium trading events are some of the distinct and unique features which can be utilized by a pro level trader who is more conversant with the trading functions.

4.      Signature Account

At fourth slot is the Signature Account which is jam-packed with loads and loads of benefits that are helpful for the pro level trader who wants to explore the opportunities that no one has ever explored so as to command his future at his will. Signature Account includes some of the great features such as personal sessions with market analyst, private banking, membership of Traders Group Club, insured contracts, priority in hedging strategies and many more and all at one place. This account can be signed up with the minimum deposit of US$ 250,000/- which a pro level can easily estimate that the amount is nothing in order for them to keep enjoying these unlimited special benefits.

5.      VIP Account

In the end there is a very unique account type with the name “VIP Account”. As the word suggest, it has distinct features which cannot be compared with any other account type and a person is only eligible for signing up through invitation only. One can only wonder what extra is in there. The VIP Account can however be opened with a minimum deposit of US$ 500,000/-.

Genesis11 trading

Trading with Genesis11

Once the account is successfully signed up according to your desire, it is time now to enjoy the lifetime experience of trading with Genesis11 in cryptocurrencies, CFDs and stock trading etc.

·        Cryptocurrency

The trading trend in cryptocurrency is never decreasing. In fact over the years it has gained huge popularity amongst traders and investors because of the fact that it has high potential in terms of ensuring high rate of returns on investment. A single bitcoin which was initially sold for less than US$ 10/- in the year 2009, is now worth more than US$ 9,000/-. This tremendous increase over a period of 10 years only is remarkable and this is why trading in Bitcoin has acclaimed top rank amongst those assets which can return high rate on investment.

Keeping in view the peoples’ desires of trading in cryptocurrency, Genesis11 has been successfully providing its experienced services to fulfill the dreams of customers. Over the years many of Genesis11’s customers have been able to make riches overnight and still continue to strive for even more better future.

·        CFDs

Contract for Differences (CFDs) is another very popular type of trading these days. In this type of trading, the traders speculate on the increasing and decreasing factors comprising in the value of an asset available for trading. For example, in CFD trading, a trader enters into a contract for paying the differential between the opening price and closing price of a certain asset. The important aspect of this type of trading is that the trader does not own the asset in which he has invested. However, because the CFD trading is done on the margin and the leveraging effect of the asset therefore the quantum of risks are higher.

Again Genesis11 has been able to provide more robust opportunities of trading in CFDs to its customers with minimized risks so that the customers can enjoy the privilege of doing trading in CFDs. 

·        Stock Trading

In this type of trade, a trader is able to sale and purchase shares and stocks relating to a company, business or organization. This is also very popular trading product amongst the novice level and pro level traders and has high potential of providing good returns on investment. There are various brokerage firms available online who make promises which are either false or never fulfilled because in reality chances of earing huge profits are thin and can only be increased if you have the people behind your decisions who are highly trained and skillful in the relevant field. There is no doubt about the fact that around that upto 90 to 95% of people who initiated trades in stock trading market have lost their hard earned money. However, Genesis11, one can be rest assured that Genesis11 is there to ensure that the traders are able to make profits as well as minimize the elements of risks.

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Genesis11 has been successful to provide perfect opportunities at the right moment which when availed by the customers have turned out to be profit making ventures.

Genesis11 trading education

Learning with Genesis11

Another very important feature of Genesis11 is that it is fully aware of its corporate responsibilities as well as social responsibilities which are due towards community building and welfare of the society. Genesis11 is not just a brokerage firm at all – it is something much more than that. It has dedicated its skills, expertise and vast knowledge for the education of people which can be availed by anyone from anywhere in the world. At Genesis11 website, the visitor can browse a dedicated page with the heading “Education” from where the visitor can learn the art of trading in forex, fundamental and technical analysis, trading plans and trading volatility free from any charge. Some of the interesting things to learn from “Education” are elaborated here.

·        Forex Basics

For general reading of the people and visitors of the Genesis11 website, it has ensured that people can learn the basics for forex trading which also include clearing the concept of “cryptocurrency” which still is quite confusing and too much complex for an ordinary man to learn. Similarly Genesis11 has also elaborated various trading terminologies used in the industry such as what is PIP or Lot or Leverage otherwise they remain as myth for the people who do not possess the relevant knowledge and experience.

·        Fundamental Analysis

A broker who is not equipped to do the “Fundamental Analysis” cannot ensure a successful career for himself. Fundamental Analysis, which is used to arrive at a fair value of an asset by carefully evaluating each and every aspect of the asset which includes economic and market conditions, value and demand and supply, financial statistics and data, is considered to be the jewellery of a successful broker. Since the Fundamental Analysis is an essential part of a trader therefore Genesis11 stresses upon the need to develop this skill amongst traders and potential customers by helping them learn how it is done.

·        Technical Analysis

Similarly, assessing the value of an asset through the use and analysis of data and statistics is known as Technical Analysis which is part of Fundamental Analysis. It can help the trader in recording the movement of an asset in an effort to determine the future activity of that asset. Genesis11 is ensuring that the customers and potential traders are able to understand the concept of Technical Analysis and how it is done, is trying to educate them as a result of which people can narrow down the chances of failures while making sure that the possibilities of winning a trade are increased.

·        Risk Management

Like any other business, trading is also full of risks. It is therefore imperative for the people who wish to be part of trading to understand and evaluate the risks involved in the industry. Even in this aspect, Genesis11 is not lagging behind and is helping people to know the risk so that they can minimize them and enjoy a risk free future ahead.

·        Trading Plan

Genesis11 also stresses upon the need to have a concrete trading plan for the traders because according to them it is only through well-prepared trading plan which can make any trading successful so as the trader. Genesis11 is promoting people to note down everything by educating them that this will help them in staying focused in the fulfillment of their objectives.

Quick Withdrawal Of Money

Time is of the essence and in terms of trading, it plays a vital role. Timely decisions based on logic and thorough research can make you rich and quick decisions without backing of any rationale can make you penniless. Whether you need to withdraw your money to invest in a trading opportunity which you have kept with your brokerage firm, it is important that you can access your funds at any time and anywhere otherwise the opportunity is easily lost. At Genesis11, you can be rest assured that Genesis11 is only a custodian of your money which has been entrusted to it on the basis of and whenever you require to invest this money or withdraw it for yourself, you have the liberty to make it happen. The team of Genesis11 remains at your disposal.

Good To Know From Legal Perspective

You have an advantage if you know your broker from the legal perspective because as we discussed earlier there are various phony websites and ponzi schemes which though offer you high rate of return on investment. Genesis11 is however more concerned about providing too much information so that the customers themselves determine whether they want to work with Genesis11 or not. At the Genesis11 website, there is a dedicated page which specifically deals with this and comprises of Terms & Conditions of doing business with Genesis11, Privacy Policy, Risk Disclosure, AML Policy as well as Withdrawal of Funds Policy. Since all the information is available beforehand for careful reading of the customers, the element of doubt is eliminated automatically if anyone does not agree with these policies, he can refrain from entering into business relationship with Genesis11.

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Always Be Resilient In Decision Making

Online trading is not an easy path. It is full of hurdles and in order to clear the path you need to be very resilient in decision making and well-equipped to determine whether the broker you have chosen is legitimate or not. Unfortunately, the world of online trading is full of people who are waiting for the right moment to grab the opportunity of stealing your money and leave you clueless. It is of utmost importance therefore to always do your job with precision and leave no stone unturned otherwise you’ll be scammed easily. Always ask questions to clear the doubts because it is your money which is at stake. So keep you mind open and let us not dwell on rumors. It is time to take one step ahead in the fulfillment of your dreams and who else could help you on this journey better than Genesis11?

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