Global Markets Association Review – What We Found Out About

Global Markets Association Review

Global Markets Association is an online brokerage company that maintains and believes in a strong moral sense of social and financial responsibility. They think it is a vital factor in their company’s mission.

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Global Markets Association ensures its consumers that they will be consistent in applying the same philanthropic practices and values in their employees too. It is the company that nurtures an organization’s structure and culture that believes in supporting local and global initiatives with a primary aim of creating a positive and productive impact on the world.

As one of the top online brokers in the world, Global Markets Association believes in being more than a business entity to its customers and business partners. They believe in becoming a productive and robust entity in the market that is socially responsible for ensuring their positivity and values are reflected throughout their business decisions and actions.

Cypher Mind HQ

A group of professional traders founded Global Markets Association. The reason behind this was, they got tired of corporate greed, where companies follow attitude to make money whatever way you can.

These professionals wanted to establish a company that has moral ethics and practices and a company that others can associate with and feel proud to be involved with. Global Markets Association offers its clients access to over 5,000 markets globally.

Their clients can choose from various platforms such as Indices, Forex, Commodities, Shares, and cryptocurrencies. In short, being a Global Markets Association client, you will get access to a wide range of markets around the world.

Global Markets Association helps all the traders in the broker industry grow by equipping them with modern tools to not only make profits on their investments but also improve their trading and investment skills in their niche.

This company is committed to providing all its clients a service that has no match in the market and leads by example in the online broker business. Global Markets Association believes in services that are based on transparent prices, fair trade, and comprehensive and dynamic customer support.

Is Global Markets Association Scam or Legit?

Is Global Markets Association a scam? No. Global Markets Association International is a legit online brokerage firm and trading platform. The platform services traders from all around the globe.

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Global Markets Association

Cypher Mind HQ

A Full Review of Global Markets Association

Let us have a full review of this company by looking into what accounts they offer, their platforms, and what they do as a company overall.

Types of Global Markets Association Accounts

Demo Account

Once you decide to select Global Markets Association as the online broker service you want to use, the first choice you will have to make it choose which type of trading you would like to begin with. To get you started on the right foot, there is a free demo platform and account that Global Markets Association offers to the newbies. All new traders should start with a demo account irrespective of your level of knowledge, expertise, and education. Global Markets Association’s demo platform will allow you to get the real feel of online trading with Global Markets Association.

If you are an online trader who is especially planning to dive into the Forex market for the very first time, a demo trading account is perfect for you. Not only will you get the feel of the broker market, but you will also be able to familiarize yourself with how it feels to trade in the real world trading market and environment.

To keep it short and straightforward, Global Markets Association’s demo trading accounts will enable its clients to paper trade via mimicking live conditions of forex prices. This demo account will also help traders to do some trading practice beforehand and get to learn about the potential risks of online trading. It is only made possible due to the risk-free trading environment by the demo account.

As we have already mentioned in our review earlier that this demo trading account by Global Markets Association is meant for beginning traders who are new to the trading in the Forex market.

Therefore, if you want to learn about online trading in a risk-free environment and how it feels to trade in the real world and how things work in the live forex business environment, a demo account is your best bet. It helps all traders to test their business and trading strategies and determine whether these strategies will work in the trading market or not.

Therefore, we can see that the primary purpose for creating this demo account for forex trading is to help new traders understand how the Global Markets Association platform works.

If you are a new trader signing up on Global Markets Association and, more importantly, if you are a trader who is brand new to the world of forex trading, you must sign up for Global Markets Association’s demo account. It will help you go through each and every feature, test and try every single button that is available on the platform. All of this will help you to adapt and transition into the world of live forex trading efficiently and quickly.

Apart from this, you will also get a chance to familiarize yourself with different types of orders and how you can execute them. With Global Markets Association’s demo trading account, you will be able to choose quickly to complete your orders without worrying about losing your capital investment amount.

Real Account

One a new trader on the Global Markets Association platform gets familiarized with the demo trading account, the next step in the process is known as Global Markets Association’s forex live trading account. This trading account, as the name suggests, is the real deal and all about trading and investing in the real world forex environment and market.

Have you heard of the term “trading psychology?” – Well, it is one of the most critical factors that draw a distinctive line between your failure and success in the world of forex trading field.

Indeed it actually is, which is the reason why it is also one of the most crucial differences between live and demo trading accounts. Unless you are a bot, you will feel the difference and get affected by the transition to live account when you make the switch.

Why? – the answer is simple, with a demo account, you do have put your hard-earned money at stake, so it is easier for you to think with clarity and remain unemotional, rational, and fearless. Why would you feel anything daunting because you are just not losing anything while trading on a demo account?

On the other hand, it is an entirely different ballgame when you will sign up on Global Markets Association’s live trading account. Everything changes and gets real very fast, and many consumers will tell you the same story.

 Another difference you will feel on Global Markets Association’s real account is the trade execution. Therefore it is highly recommended for you to choose Global Markets Association as your online broker. The service of this platform is highly reputable and comes with quality, plus they are a regulated broker.

Islamic Account

The Islamic account by Global Markets Association offers trading conditions that replicate all the features of the other trading accounts’ type. However, this account does not incur rollover charges or swaps for holding overnight positions.

This firm is very sensitive and considerate towards the importance of people’s faiths and beliefs. Global Markets Association recognizes the sentiments and their importance for the people who follow the Islamic Faith. Therefore the broker helps them indulge in forex trading while abiding by their beliefs and laws strictly.

Even though the broker named the accounts in association with the religion of Islam, the phrase itself is quite far from the faith. It is the type of account that is available for the Muslim traders. As Islam or better to say, the law of Sharia forbids Muslim traders to work with the trading accounts where the swap is applicable in any shape or form.

Therefore, if you are a Muslim trader wishing to trade via an online broker who understands your personal and religious needs, Global Markets Association is the best place for you. All the transactions in Islamic accounts offered by Global Markets Association close at 22.00 GMT and then reopen at 22.01 GMT, which enables us to keep an open position for the next 24 hours in trading.

If you are a trader who is using an Islamic account, you can still work with all trading tools and instruments such as hedge positions, use leverage, withdraw and deposit finds in any way that is convenient for you.

Account Verification Process by Global Markets Association

Every client or trader on the Global Markets Association platform must pass through a mandatory check or account verification process. It is due to their legal and regulatory requirements. Once Global Markets Association thoroughly verifies your account, you will be able to freely enjoy all the benefits and perks of the Global Markets Association International platform and products with their full features offerings.

In order for them to verify your account, you will be required to provide Global Markets Association will documentations such as proof of identity, proof of residence, and take your time to complete a quick questionnaire that determines your “Economic Profile and Appropriateness Test). It is easy to upload your documents by clicking on the link on their website.

Document Required for Verification

Proof of Identity (POI)

To prove your identity, Global Markets Association will accept all forms of government-issued identifications such as national ID card, passport, driving license, and any other documents of government-issued ID cards according to your country laws.

Your documents and IDs must be valid and should contain your full name, date of birth, issue date, specific photograph, and if there is an expiry date mentioned on your ID, it should be visible too. However, passports are the preferred proof of identification by Global Markets Association. If your ID or document has two sides, then you must scan both the front and backside and upload them.

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Proof of Residence (POR)

Proof of your address or residence document must state your name or the name of the person opening an account with Global Markets Association. The document must be recently issued within the last three months and must state your name, your current residential address, the name of the issuing authority, and the issue date.

Global Markets Association will accept any utility bills that are issued in your name by any financial institution, a government agency, a utility company, or a judicial authority. If you get your bills and other invoice or documents online, then you can also send Global Markets Association a PDF file or a screenshot of your statement or document as proof of your residence.

Here are some of the documents that Global Markets Association accepts as valid proof of residence.

  • Utility bills such as electricity, water, gas, telephone, and internet bills
  • Credit card statements
  • Bank statements
  • Tax letters
  • Reference letter by a bank
  • Current year’s council tax bill.

Deposit Funds Securely

Deposit Funds Securely

Global Markets Association has collaborated with some of the most secure and leading payment providers. Their aim is to enable their clients to deposit the payments using the safest and convenient means for online deposits.

Clients’ funds and money safety is the most vital and primary concern for Global Markets Association. They have developed a very sophisticated and personalized clients’ portal, which allows their great clients’ level of comfort and flexibility to process their deposits securely and also withdraw their funds via a single source.

To deposit your trading funds into your trading account with Global Markets Association is a very simple and straightforward process which is as follows:

  • Login in to your Global Markets Association Client Portal
  • Select which account you wish to deposit your funds to
  • Click and select the deposit option
  • Select the preferred method for your deposit.
  • In the end, you will simply follow the instructions and complete all fields that may appear on your screen.

You must remember here that your deposits can only be processed and completed if they are made from a trading account holder. This means the deposit method used and the trading account must have the same names as the account holder.

However, Global Markets Association believes in innovation, and they want to make the deposit methods as convenient as possible for their clients. Therefore, they always welcome suggestions for new techniques that may facilitate regional payment methods.

Withdrawals Services at Global Markets Association

The broker provides one of the most accessible and most comfortable means when it comes to the withdrawal of funds for its clients. They aim to deliver their trader the convenience and the best service; therefore, they will process all your withdrawal requests within 24 hours of receiving them.

However, your withdrawal request will only be accepted and processed if you provide all the appropriate documents required by Global Markets Association. It is to ensure that they verify each client’s trading account before making any payments.

Additionally, you can only withdraw your funds using the same method that you used to deposit the funds into your trading account, which means the accounts you want to withdraw will be deposited to the originating account only.

Having said that – withdrawing your funds from your trading account with Global Markets Association is a relatively simple and straightforward process and as follows.

  • Login to your Global Markets Association client portal
  • Select your trading account from which you want to make a withdrawal from
  • Click and select the withdrawal option
  • Follow the instructions as they appear on your screen and complete all the fields that are outlined to you.

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Terminal Used By Global Markets Association

Global Markets Association uses one of the most influential and popular trading platform or terminal in the world known as Meta Trader 4.

Meta Trader 4 Web Trader Platform

Meta Trader 4 Web Trader Platform

Global Markets Association offers the Meta Trader web trader platform, also known as the MT4 platform. It is the online trading industry’s leading platform that works in complete optimization with Global Markets Association’s advanced technology in order to create a user-friendly interface for traders of all levels.

The MT4 forex platform is developed solely for traders who want to trade in the online financial market, such as indices, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc.

It has all the necessary resources and tools that a trader can use to analyze the market trends, price dynamics, edit and make transactions, and use automatic trading protocols to work as a financial instrument for flawless trading.

Global Markets Association’s MT4 trading platform offers the following trading features with secure, swift, and dependable settings.

  • User-friendly trading interface
  • Regular updates, news, and feeds
  • Free analytical tools
  • Multiple analysis and charting options.
  • Supports Multi-language features.
  • Daily statements of your account
  • Real-time account summary, including floating profit, account equity and loss, etc.

Meta Trader 4 Terminal

Meta Trader 4 or MT4 has simplicity as its main strength. It provides online traders with a wide range of built-in analytical tools, along with an ever-growing online trading community. This enables all traders to add oscillators, indicators, and countless automatic trading strategies. The classic version of MT4 provides full trading functionalities via your web-browser. It also offers a user-friendly interface to both novice and experienced traders.

You can use Meta Trader 4’s powerful tool for pattern recognition. It will help you spot emerging trends and potential investment opportunities to trade with. You can define your entry and exit points, profit taking levels, and set stop-loss levels. Etc.

Global Markets Association offers a one-click dealing system, which means you can enter and exit traders efficiently and quickly. You can also optimize and test your online trading strategies via MT4 strategy tester. It allows you to backtest you’re trading strategy on all market intervals, assets and help you find the best solution for trading.

You can utilize MT4’s exclusive features, such as customizable indicators, by using various solutions available for automated trading. The MQL4 community provides these solutions. Once Global Markets Association has activated your account, you will also get a confirmation email with your login details for MT4. The email will also include a link for you to download and install the MT4 software on your desktop computer.

Global Markets Association supports Meta Trader 4 App

Global Markets Association offers its clients a multi-awarded smartphone app that features a user-friendly interface for trading. It also allows traders to manage and place their trades on-the-go while having access to the same features and tools that are available on the desktop version of the MT4 platform. In short, you will have a world of online trading in your hands at all times.

Global Markets Association’s MT4 mobile application enables you as a trader to open positions on each and every CFD assets that are available on the desktop version. You can access your account dashboard, monitor activities in the forex market, and withdraw or deposit your funds while you are on-the-move.

The app also provides you with an impressive range of CFD pairs of world-leading cryptocurrency for a flawless and seamless trading experience 24/7.

More and more traders are opting to trade during weekends, so Global Markets Association is offering services all year round no matter what day it is. There are more than 20 cryptocurrency CFD pairs offered by Global Markets Association. It enables all crypto investors and traders to trader in the crypto-market of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and many others.

You can also get an MT4 version for Mac OS as well, so simply download the app or web-browser version via the email you are going to receive to download the MT4 platform.

The benefit of Using Global Markets Association

One of the most significant benefits of choosing Global Markets Association as your online trading broker is their IB program. It is a partnership program offered by Global Markets Association to all its traders and clients. It allows you to easily and quickly earn competitive remuneration. Therefore you must partner with Global Markets Association as it is one of the most trusted brands in the online forex trading industry. It will not only provide you with the state-of-the-art online trading platform but also gives you full access to one-of-a-kind resource for learning how to become a successful online trader.

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Customer Support by Global Markets Association

You will also get 24/7 customer support by Global Markets Association with the team that is both technically smart as well have expertise in the online trading industry. They will help you with your needs for better performance and earn the highest commissions in the online market place. Global Markets Association is the perfect place for all online traders to turn their contacts and skills into profits.

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