Midaswms – Is Midaswms.com a Legit Trading Platform?

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Midaswms offers a golden opportunity for all account types in the form of zero commission fees. The major focus of the Midaswms is the privacy of users’ information and the security of users’ funds.

Midaswms Review

Midaswms ReviewIn this broker review article, you will familiarize yourself with one of the leading platforms in the financial world. Midaswms is one of the best trading platform for you having all unique which are given below.


– Introduction to Midaswms
– Four Different Account Types
– Option for Demo Account
– Top-Notch Trading Platforms
– Trading Instruments
– Midaswms Academy and Economic Calendar
– Safety of Funds
– Deposits and Withdrawals
– Privacy of Users
– Focus on Transparency
– Zero Commission Fees
– Is it a Safe Trading Place?
– Professional Customer Support
– Conclusion

Introduction to Midaswms

Midaswms is the trading platform with 878,594 registered accounts, having all trading instruments for customers. The broker is operated and controlled by Digital C Media, which is a regulated company headquartered in Becahmont. The company has merged all the trading and services on one platform offering an opportunity gateway for traders and investors across the world. The one-to-one meetings between financial advisors and account holders give a handsome amount of profit to investors.

The company has also managed to train users with advanced strategies and tactics by rolling out a comprehensive dedicated section for resources. Keep in touch with the resource section of the platform, you will the latest news and information about what is happening around the world related to finance. The most charming thing you will see on the Midaswms is the availability of the various account types: Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Midas Partners. The CFDs on all traded instruments are accessible on the platform.

Four Different Account Types

More than one account type is waiting for you to join and every account comes up with different trading features. These account types are also called investment plans, including Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Midas Partners. No trader can leave the site without benefitting from the broker due to accessibility of account levels from low investment to high investment. In other words, the company fulfills all the needs and requirements of the investors based on their investment amount. People who want to invest less money can go for gold while big investors can join Platinum or Midas Partners. To deal with different types of users, the broker has categorized different accounts for them. These accounts are devised according to the amount of investment


To open the Gold account, you have to deposit a minimum of $10,000. However, you can add more than this limit as the maximum limit is not fixed. In comparison, the Gold investment plan demands low investment from the customers. It is recommended for those people who do not want to invest huge money and want to earn return on the given deposit amount exploiting the trading solutions of Midaswms.

Diamond Account

Next to the Gold account, there is a Diamond account that has more facilities. The minimum limit for deposit has been increased to $25,000 for this type of account.  There is no fee on the trading of instruments. The leverage is up to 1:200 which is comparatively extraordinary. The introductory coaching will be given to the account holders by the experienced account managers. Additionally, the facility of automatic implementation is also present for your trading account.

Platinum Account

This account is on the third number in a row which means that it has more trading options as compared to the previous two. The minimum deposit limit fixed for the Platinum account is $50,000. Like gold and diamond accounts, the platform charges no fees on using services. Besides introductory coaching, the broker has also hired senior account managers for you, having sharp knowledge of the trading world. The owners of the Platinum account will be eligible to participate in the Newstrading Sessions.

Premium Account: Midas Partners

As the name of the account shows, it is premium one on the website specially made for premium customers. To unlock this account, you are required to feed your wallet with a minimum of $100,000. If you are choosing this investment plan, the tight spreads are waiting for you anxiously. The professional traders and investors can handle this premium account having an extensive list of trading strategies.

Option for Demo Account

Midaswms comes up with an excellent option of demo account. As you know, the demo account is only for honing the skills of traders and to train the beginners about how to apply risk management tactics to avoid loss of money. Moreover, the users can make themselves familiar with the site after executing traders through the demo account of the brokerage firm. As the stakes in the demo account are not real, you can test your art of trading before start investing in real tradable objects. The option is great because it helps in building your knowledge about the trading world. You can shift from a demo account to a live account whenever you want.

Top-Notch Trading Platforms

The foremost thing you should do is to check whether you will be able to use the given trading platform or not. Some companies have built very advanced trading platforms for users so that they will not confront any issue or error during the execution process of trades. As Midaswms is one of the leading trading platforms in the market, it offers top-notch trading platforms for its customers. The brief guide about the Web Trader, Mobile Trader, and MT4 is given below.

Web Trader  

The web-version facilitates users of the brokerage firm in many ways having the capacity to merge all needed functionalities in one place. In just a couple of clicks, you can close, open, and edit individual and aggregate positions faster than ever. One can also split charts across multiple timeframes simultaneously to evaluate the scenario in a perfect way. The customization is also present, and you can apply functions depending on your preferences.

Mobile Trader

The internet world today is incomplete without mobile devices. The mobile phone makes life easy as one can utilize his or her spare time in a perfect way via mobile phone. The same goes for trading as one can execute trades anywhere whether he is on a holiday or resting on his bed. For your comfort, Midaswms rolls out its mobile application which you can download on your Android or iOS device in a matter of minutes. All the trading options of Web Traders are also available on Mobile Trader.


You all are very well aware of the world-famous trading platform called as MT4. It has served millions of people across the world so far. It is deployed by most of the leading brokers of the world, and you will also benefit from MT4 on the website of Midaswms. Thanks to its wide-range of marvelous trading functions, the trading platform makes its name on the top. Install the MetaTrader-4 in your device and enjoy a lot of trading opportunities.

Trading Instruments

On Midaswms, a wide list of trading instruments is waiting for you. These trading instruments include forex, commodities, precious metals, indices, crude oil, and stock. On all these tradable objects, high leverages and tight spreads are obtainable. You should know about the fact that Midaswms offers zero commission rates on the trading of instruments.


Indices signal about the market condition of a particular sector or industry and convey how the economy of a country is going on. The indices are unlimited but the top ones are listed on the Midaswms. These indices include the S&P 500, NASDAQ, Nikkei 225, FTSE 100, ASX200, and HIS. Through the broker, you are connected to the equity indices of the world markets. The indices are the perfect instruments to invest when a particular sector is booming.


The commodities are mostly the raw materials that you can trade to earn a lot of profit. These mostly consist of oil, gold, or other agriculture products. The crucial point about the commodity is that its value in the market is dependent on the principle of supply and demand. The CFDs on all commodities are accessible, though, CFDs contracts can result in a loss.


Without stocks, your portfolio is incomplete and you will need the stocks of major companies if you want to earn in a long-term investment. The stocks of reliable companies and firms are present in the catalog of the broker. The volatility in the price value of stocks is relatively low as compared to the other traded objects.


Forex trading has now become a popular hobby for investors. The daily trading volume of forex markets reaches in trillions, and such a large volume tells us about how forex is important in online trading. The forex market is also known for its high liquidity nature as money in trillions flow across the forex pairs. You need a trusted place to make possible the trading of an extensive list of forex pairs. Midaswms is a perfect brokerage platform for traders and investors who are interested in forex. Most of the currency pairs are against the US dollar.

Precious Metals

The trading of precious metals is continued from years, but now, it has taken its new shape, online trading. The financial experts and advisors advise people to invest in precious metals, such as gold, to create a strong hedge against declining economy or inflation. Whenever there is uncertainty in the financial markets, the price of gold normally goes up because metals hold intrinsic value. On the platform, you will see prominent precious metals for trading such as gold, silver, or platinum.

Midaswms Academy and Economic Calendar

As a trader, you are not just getting trading services from Midaswms, but you can also get financial knowledge about how to earn profit via Midaswms Academy and Economic Calendar. In Academy, you will learn about the basic concepts and terms used in the trading world. The fundamental concepts and strategies are very important in understanding the assets markets.

The function of Economic Calendar is also very crucial as it keeps updates customers of the broker about the leading news and about the upcoming events. For example, if you are aware of the fact that the company is going to make a very potential deal it means there is a strong probability that its share price is going to rise. In this way, you can seek a potential guide from the Economic Calendar of the Midaswms.

Safety of Funds

The primary concern of every trader is to ensure whether the funds are secure or not. After getting 100% surety, they readily add funds to invest in instruments. Midaswms is an advanced encrypted broker covering your funds from any kind of fraudulent activity. That’s why the brokerage firm is famous for its high-quality protection of customers’ funds. 

According to the platform, it has made segregated clients’ accounts for its customers’ funds. The additional criteria, to store these funds in segregated bank accounts, add further layers of security. The professional team behind the company evaluates, assesses, and checks any kind of risk attached to securing users’ funds. Moreover, 256-bit SSL encryption across the entire website is activated, thus blocking every path to steal or mismanage the money deposited on the platform. If you have any kind of query, you can contact via their given three options, including address, phone number, and email address.

Deposits and Withdrawals

First of all, you need to sign up on the website by giving the basic required information. Once you enter the website, the four investment plans are waiting for you. After choosing any of the four accounts available, you are required to deposit at least the minimum amount to unlock that particular account type. Following the legal rules and regulations, you will have to submit the documents to comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies.

The company clearly states that only those are eligible to withdraw funds who have submitted the documents, such as proof of identity and proof of residency. One can validate its account for withdrawals by submitting documents in the secure Member Area. All withdrawal requests will be processed within 3-5 business working days.

Privacy of Users

The privacy of users is the first and foremost thing. The company follows all rules of privacy that are common in the online world and especially those dealing with finance and money. In the internet world, the ethics to secure personal information are given high priority. The scammers first steal personal information from any source before they steal stakes, including funds. Midaswms keeps its first priority to seal customers’ data and information from any third party. Even the staff is unable to see the personal information as the site is encrypted exploiting the latest technology. Don’t worry about your investment amount because Midaswms will take care of it in a better way.

Focus on Transparency

Transparency means telling as it is, and this principle is also followed by the Midaswms. The exchange informs you about the pros and cons of everything before you invest in any object such as CFDs trading.

There should be a transparent relationship between the company and customers. Such kind of relationship is important for the company’s growth and users’ satisfaction. Transparency is one of the main goals of the Midaswms, which means that everything on the site is clearly mentioned and transparent. Some scammers don’t mention funds’ policies in the given information but they empty users’ wallets by showing hidden policies. Nothing is hidden on the platform, and you can see all policies and rules in the given sections.

Zero Commission Fees

There are many leading trading platforms, but all of them have set commission fees. As we can see the written details under the account titles, there are zero commission fees. As there are no fees at all, everyone can enjoy the unlimited trading opportunities on Midaswms without any pressure of high fees or commissions. Traders can execute unlimited winning trades under a friendly fee structure. However, the fees on deposits and withdrawals are not mentioned on the page.

Is it a Safe Trading Place?

Out of many brokerage firms, there is a reason why I am recommending you to gain the membership of the Midaswms. And the main reason behind this is its secure and trusted nature. Your funds are safe and sound under the protection of the latest security measures deployed by the experienced developers of the company. 

The broker is a regulated trading platform having recognition certificates from renowned regulatory bodies. As it complies with legal models, the users do not need to worry about their funds’ security. To fail any type of cyber-attack, the developers developed the platform using the latest technology such as Artificial Technology (AI).

Professional Customer Support

The users want a quick response from the companies when they encounter any type of issue or error. And the ratings of the best trading platforms are also based on the factor of customer support. Thanks to its highly professional support team, the customer care section remains active 24/5. Whenever you contact the staff, you will get a positive response from the staff team.

The company offers you three reliable options to submit your queries. First, the address of the company is given for contact: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre Beachmont, P.O Box 1510, Kingstown Saint Vincent And The Grenadines. Second, you can email your problems via the email ID of the Midaswms: support@midaswms.com. Third, you can call the support team via phone number: +44 203 769 8314.


The aim of this comprehensive review about Midaswms is to ensure that it is a remarkable and wonderful trading platform for CFDs, stocks, indices, commodities, Forex, and precious metals. The company offers a golden opportunity for all account types in the form of zero commission fees. The major focus of the Midaswms is the privacy of users’ information and the security of users’ funds.

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