OrbitGTM Review 2022 – Why I Think This Online Trading Firm Is A Great Choice For Traders

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Whether you are a new trader or an experienced one, OrbitGTM is a great choice for you. This firm accommodates the needs of different traders by providing useful features and services. So, you should definitely consider this trading firm as a potential finalist in your list of top choice brokers. I can guarantee that you will experience the most seamless and profitable trading with this online brokerage firm.

OrbitGTM Review

OrbitGTM logoAs a new trader, there are many things that you need to prepare for because online trading is not as easy as it seems. You may think that as an investor, all that you need to do is invest some capital in an asset and leave the rest to luck. If you study the basics of investing and trading, you will see that it takes much more than luck to become a successful trader. So, if you are a new trader with no prior experience in finance, then you should, first, spend time learning about the fundamentals of the industry.

Furthermore, you also need to browse the internet to find the right brokerage firm for you. One thing that I want you to be mindful of is that you cannot trust a broker just because it was recommended by a friend or colleague. I say this because all traders are different and therefore, not all companies are suitable for everyone. So, your first task as a new trader is to find a broker that offers you the features and services that suit your preferences as a trader.  I understand that this can be a daunting task as I was also once in your spot. So, I want to help in making your broker selection easier by recommending one that I think will be a great choice. The trading firm that I want to recommend is OrbitGTM which I consider to be an extremely competent trading firm and I will tell you why in this article.

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So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at some features of OrbitGTM that make it the perfect choice for new traders.

OrbitGTM trading platform

Top Features Of OrbitGTM For New Traders

·         Ease Registration Process

The first interaction that you have with the broker that you choose is during the registration process. You need to consider the ease of sign up when you decide to open an account with a particular brokerage firm. Since this task is your first impression of the broker, so if you are faced with a complicated and long process then you will have second thoughts about finalizing your decision. Many trading firms do not pay attention to this feature and create demanding registration forms. While it is easy to fill forms online, it is still irritating when you have to fill a long one. It is a great idea to make the sing up requirements as minimal as possible to make the trading firm a welcoming environment for new traders.   

Opening an account is a big commitment that requires you to pay a small deposit amount as well. An account with a trading firm is like a bank account that is why you are required to deposit a minimum amount of money to activate your account. These deposits depend on the type of account that you choose to open, however, most traders start with the basic account type. This is also where many firms lose new customers because they set the minimum deposit limit very high. You will come across many firms that claim to be customer-oriented and user-friendly but ask for large amounts of initial deposits. Say that the initial amount that you need to input to create an account is 1000$. You may think that it is a good deal but if you are a new trader, you will be skeptical about this amount for just registering.

This online brokerage firm is superior in this regard as it does not ask for a large amount which encourages new traders to sign up with it. With OrbitGTM, I was pleased to find that the initial amount that you need to deposit for the basic account is just 500 €. The deposit that is required by a company shows its commitment to make it a user-friendly platform. You can access the services and features of the basic account of OrbitGTM with an amount of just 500€.

·         Advanced Trading Platform

Advanced Trading PlatformYou can identify whether a trading firm is worth signing up with depending on the brokerage firm it offers. I actually want you to pay special attention to the type of trading platform the broker of your choice offers because it greatly affects your investments. Whenever you need to interact with the trading firm, you do it through the trading platform. So, it is essential that the one that is provided is advanced and provides sufficient tools for the trade. Trading can become an exceedingly difficult task and may slow down the return rate if you do not use an efficient trading platform. If the platform of the brokerage firm is not good, then there are very low chances of the broker providing you a good trading experience.

Some firms choose the already existing software for their platforms while some create their own software to make a more customized platform. OrbitGTM has used the option of creating its own trading platform and offers you a propriety platform that is developed with cutting-edge technology. The broker offers you a great technologically powered platform that is packed with advanced tools to give you a premium trading experience. The self-developed platform of this broker allows it to mold the interface to best suit the features that it offers. It offers many advanced features such as trading tools, Algorithmic trading, etc.

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The platform is a web trader which means that you can access it from any device by accessing the website. You just need to log in to your account with your credentials. In my honest opinion, web traders are the best version of a trading platform that a trading firm can offer. It does not require you to update your device or download special software that may not be compatible with your device. The low-maintenance aspect of this platform is one of the major reasons why I prefer web traders over others. Furthermore, web traders give you the mobility aspect that downloadable platforms don’t. For instance, if you download the software on your PC, you will not be able to access your account from your office or other devices without downloading it.

Since OrbitGTM focuses on accommodating the requirements of different types of traders, it also provides you downloadable alternatives for the trading platform. So, if you are someone who prefers apps, then the broker also offers you apps that can be downloaded from the play store and Apple store for Android and iOS devices. Overall, the trading platform that this broker offers has a great performance, is accommodating, and easy to use despite being developed with the most advanced software.

·         Impressive Educational Material

Educational MaterialIf you are someone with little to no financial background, then you will try to learn about the basics of trading on the internet. I do not recommend this method of learning since you will come across various levels of information that could be more than what you need to know or less than necessary. You will end up with a skewed version of the basics if you refer to the internet if you do not have any prior information. If you sign up with OrbitGTM, then you would not have to worry about getting acquainted with the basics of the financial market with the resources from the internet.

OrbitGTM offers comprehensive learning material for all traders. What is more, it also shares some of its learning resources with the visitors to the website. So, if you visit the website of the broker, then you will be able to access some resources such as video lectures, recommended books, trader’s glossary, and various others. When you complete your registration process, you can access different levels of educational resources. With the basic account, you do not get additional materials, but as you upgrade the account tiers, the level of access increases. These increased materials include trading sessions, private education sessions, account managers, etc.

You should explore these different resources and take advantage of the information that they offer. As a trader, there are many specific terms and charts that you need to understand. Investments need to be made after accessing a lot of different factors such as charts, calendars, rates, etc. Without proper understanding of these terms, you will not be able to make smart trade decisions no matter how good the trading platform is. Similarly, you will not be able to use the trade tools to make the best possible decisions regarding investments if you do not know how to use them.

I think that the learning resources that this broker provides are a good collection of information that contains all the necessary information you need. If you are a new trader, you should definitely use the learning materials that the broker offers to learn how to trade effectively.

·         Supports Savings Accounts

AccountsIf you are looking for a way to increase your savings without adding money from your income to it, then you should consider opening a savings account. You may be familiar with this account from banks where the account stores your money but you do not have access to it via cards or cheque. The twist with saving accounts on brokerage firms is that your funds go up depending on the interest that you get. This can be beneficial for you in that your savings will increase without you adding any additional amount to the account.

OrbitGTM provides you with the option of a savings account to increase your monthly income. This is a great facility for people who want to have a backup plan for earning money if their investments are not going well. This firm offers the option of opening a savings account when you upgrade your account type to the Diamond account type. So, this feature is mainly for traders who can afford to pay the fee for that account and for professional traders. Nevertheless, the fact that this trading firm offers this account is an impressive feat in itself.

·         List of Tradeable Assets is Impressive

AssetsTrading requires traders to invest in the asset of their choice and earn from the returns that they bring. You cannot trade with just one or two assets in your entire career as an investor. Whether you are a new trader or a professional one, you need to be able to access various financial markets in order to build or maintain your trade portfolio. Many trading firms focus on just a few assets and only support those which limits the trader’s options of investments. So, when I was trading with OrbitGTM, you can imagine my surprise when I found that it not only supports the mainstream assets that every broker supports but some rare assets as well. This impressive list of assets works as a good motivation for new traders to register an account with this broker as it allows them to try different assets for trading. Professional and novice traders, alike, can benefit from the impressive list of assets that OrbitGTM offers.

The common assets that this broker offers include cryptocurrencies, forex, and stocks while some of the rarer options are commodities, metals, etc. The cryptocurrency options that OrbitGTM offers are huge. It supports larger and well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as minor ones. So, you will not be out of choices when you try trading with this asset. The best part about these varieties is that the firm does a thorough background check to ensure that they are legit and well-established currencies. OrbitGTM supports over 1,500 authorized cryptocurrencies.

You will be amazed to find that this broker supports around 180 currency pairs. These also include the most popular forex pairs of EUR/USD, USD/GBP, USD/ CAD, etc. You can also invest in precious metals such as gold with this trading platform. Furthermore, the broker also supports the trade of bonds, shares, and oil. As you can see, this brokerage firm supports a large variety of assets that you can trade with. This will allow you to experience trading in different markets if you are a new trader, as well as help you build a versatile and impressive trade portfolio.

·         Supports CFD Trading

CFD TradingIf you are a new trader, then you may not be aware of the great option of CFD trading. CFD trading is one of the best trading options that a trading firm can give you. What makes CFD trading so impressive, you ask? Well, let me tell you. CFD stands for Contract for Differences and it allows you to invest in assets without using your capital. So, basically, you participate in trade without actually purchasing or selling an asset. With CFD trading, instead of investing money into an asset, you sign a contract for the asset of your choice with the broker. After the contract ends, you can collect your returns or pay the losses depending on the outcome.

You can find the risks of CFD trading on the website of this brokerage firm. I really like the transparency that it offers. While CFD trading is risky in this regard, it is also a great way of reaching your financial goals at a faster rate. You should use the trade tools that the broker offers in order to make sure that you invest in promising assets when using CFDs. OrbitGTM allows you to use CFD trading with all of the trade instruments that it supports. This includes using CFDs on Forex as well as for cryptocurrencies. You

·         Security

OrbitGTM securityIn cyberspace, crimes occur very easily and right under your nose. Scams and identity theft cases are a norm when cybercriminals hide under the guise of brokers. Serious brokers that are in the field to provide the best market space to traders implement top-notch security measures to keep them safe. Traders trust the brokerage firm with confidential information and personal data when they decide to open an account with it. In addition, the traders also have to trust the broker with their money, whether it is the deposited amount or the profit that they earn. It is the firm’s duty to do their best to keep these things safe.

You may come across news regarding cybercriminals and hackers getting into the system of the trading firm and accessing the personal data of the traders and their funds. This can be prevented from happening if the company uses the right security systems. OrbitGTM impressed me with the amount of security they offer to the clients. The brokerage firm uses the most advanced security systems to protect all the data that you provide it. To ensure that no unauthorized personnel can access your data, it uses the latest SSL encryption software. Any data that you provide to the firm, such as identity card numbers, house address, etc., is instantly encrypted upon entering. So, even if a hacker is able to breach through the firewalls that it has set up for protection, your data will be useless to them.

OrbitGTM uses segregated accounts for storing your funds. This is the best way that the broker can keep your money safe. Let me tell you how segregated accounts work to give you a better understanding of how it works. Basically, the broker keeps your money in an account separate from its own funds so no one can access your money, not even the broker itself. This keeps your funds safe from anyone who wants to gain illegal access to your account.

·         Regulations

RegulationsI cannot emphasize enough the importance of regulations in the financial market. You should under no circumstance signup with a brokerage firm that is not regulated. What exactly are regulations might be the question that’s going around in your mind right now. Let me elaborate on what regulations are and why they are so important. Regulations are third-party monitors that observe the activities of the broker. You need to be able to trust that the trading firm that you are registering with is trustworthy. Regulations make sure that the broker can be trusted and is not involved in any illegal activities. So, when you see a broker telling you that it is regulated this means that a third-party is monitoring everything that the broker does. In case any illegal activity or suspicious actions are noticed, the regulatory agencies alert authorities and freeze all accounts of the broker.

Regulations are implemented to protect the users’ information, account, as well as their money. So, to make sure that no one other than you is accessing your account, you are required to provide various proofs of identity. These proofs include your full name, house address, electricity bill information, copies of your government-issued identity cards, amongst others. You will be required to provide this information when you are verifying your account, executing trades, as well as when withdrawing funds. The regulations also require the trading firm to be compliant with various policies. OrbitGTM being a fully regulated broker, is also compliant with various policies. These include the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies. These policies keep your account and funds safe and require you to submit different identity proofs.

If you decide to trade using this online brokerage firm, then you can trust that you will be able to trade with a peaceful mind. The top-notch security and strict regulations that this broker uses to make sure that traders have a safe and comfortable environment to trade-in.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a brokerage firm that offers you an innovative trading platform, numerous tradeable assets, and an overall great environment for trading, then you should definitely check out OrbitGTM. In addition, the broker also offers you a great customer support system that is available to help you with your problems.

Whether you are a new trader or an experienced one, OrbitGTM is a great choice for you. This firm accommodates the needs of different traders by providing useful features and services. So, you should definitely consider this trading firm as a potential finalist in your list of top choice brokers. I can guarantee that you will experience the most seamless and profitable trading with this online brokerage firm.  

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