Price Analysis for NFTb (NFTB) and UFO Gaming (UFO)

In the past 7-days, NFTb (NFTB) has made its name being the top-performing nonfungible token. The data from CoinMarketCap shows that the price of NFTb has observed a price surge worth 30.50%. Following the surge, NFTb’s price has managed to grow up to $0.3102 per NFTb.

The data shows that in the past 30-days, its price had experienced a plunge that was 29.49%. However, the recent growth demonstrated by NFTb is promising for the bulls. The performance graph for NFTb seems to be moving in the bullish zone. This may help bring in more value to the nonfungible token, as the bears are not making a move at the moment.

According to TradingView, the 7-day trading volume for NFTb is $17,442,696 while the trading volume in the past 24-hours has been $3,088,818. This means that the trading volume for NFTb in the past 24-hours has surged compared to the rest of the days in the past week.

As of now, the trend for NFTb is in the upward direction, which means that NFTb’s price may grow up to $0.4500 in the upcoming days. If the price of NFTb continues growing, the bulls may be able to push it through the $0.5000 figure. On the other hand, the bears may attempt to drag their price below the $0.3000 mark. If they manage to do it, their next target would be to bring NFTb below the $0.2500 per NFTB price.

Then there is UFO Gaming (UFO) that has proven to be one of the finest nonfungible tokens in the past 90-days. The performance for UFO shows that has grown 662.94% in the past 90-days, while it has grown by 350.66% in the past 60-days.

Similarly, UFO Gaming has demonstrated 27.95% growth in the past 30-days, and 30.33% growth in the past 7-days. Even in the past 24-hours, UFO’s price has been up by 1.53%.

At the time of writing, UFO’s unit price is up to $0.00002584, meaning that it is going in the upward direction. Throughout the month of November, UFO has demonstrated a high trend but felt a brief demise at the beginning of December.

However, UFO has started recovering since then and it is now recovering to its November value. It is expected that the bulls may attempt to bring its price over the $0.00003000 figure with increased buying.

If the bulls manage to do it, then their next target would be $0.00003800. The bears may show high resistance at the $0.00003800 point but if the bulls succeed, they may be able to push their price over the $0.00004000 price.

Despite the growth, the bears may be able to make a difference by increasing their selling power. In that case, the bears may be able to pull its price below the $0.00002350 figure.

Author: Jerry Dedmon

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