Price Analysis of ASYAGRO (ASY) and Devil Finance (DEVIL)

ASYAGRO (ASY) has recently topped the chart demonstrating a very promising rally in the past 24-hours. The data suggests that in the past 24-hours, ASYAGRO’s value has been pushed up to $0.002479 per ASY. ASYAGRO has reached this level after experiencing a 92.14% rally in the past 24-hours.

The trading volume for ASYAGRO has also elevated by 131588.12%, bringing the volume up to $239,662. The fully diluted valuation of ASYAGRO has also observed a 92.14% elevation, bringing the figure up to $18,562,687.

The relative strength index for ASYAGRO is currently moving near the midline, but it is still within the positive zone. ASYAGRO being within the positive territory means that the price of ASYAGRO may continue surging.

Currently, the ratio of the bulls in favor of ASYAGRO is much higher in comparison with the bears. This would keep surging the price of ASYAGRO and push it up to its first strong resistance mark of $0.003621 per ASY.

For now, the investors are bullish about the nature of ASYAGRO and this may continue pushing its price. In near future, ASYAGRO’s price may reach up to its second strong resistance mark of $0.004733. As the bullish sentiments of the investors strengthen, even more, ASYAGRO’s price may grow up to its third strong resistance mark of $0.005701.

The bearish sentiments of the ASYAGRO bears suggest that the bears may try and show high resistance close to ASYAGRO’s first strong resistance mark. If the bears succeed in pulling ASYAGRO below the first strong resistance mark, its price may dip to $0.002065 (first strong support mark).

This would lower the confidence of the investors in keeping up with the rally in favor of ASYAGRO. However, as the price of ASYAGRO comes close to the first strong support mark, the bears may increase their selling pressure.

The selling pressure would result in pulling the price of ASYAGRO down to the second strong support mark of $0.001836 per ASY. At this point, the investors with positive sentiments would also start losing their confidence and start supporting negative sentiments. This would eventually compel the investors to pull the price of ASYAGRO lower to $0.001606.

Devil Finance (DEVIL) is also moving within the positive zone as it has observed a 94.30% surge in the past 24-hours. Due to the surge, the unit price of Devil Finance has moved up to $0.06224 per DEVIL.

The 1029.70% surge in the trading volume for Devil Finance suggests that the investors are adding a lot of money to keep its rally running. The constant rise in the trading volume for Devil Finance would help in pushing Devil Finance up to its first strong resistance mark of $0.09158. Afterward, the investors would succeed in pushing Devil Finance up to the second strong resistance mark ($0.1203) and third strong resistance mark ($0.1455) respectively.

Author: Jerry Dedmon

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