Price Analysis of Cardiocoin (CRDC), IDEAS (IDS), and Mercenary (MGOLD)

The trading prices for Cariocoin, IDEAS, and Mercenary have experienced significant surges recently. Based on their recent performances, CRDC, IDS, and MGOLD have earned their reputations being the top performers in the cryptocurrency market in a 24h period.

We will now look at the past performance of CRDC, IDS, and MGOLD, and see where these digital assets may be in the upcoming days.

Cardiocoin – Price Surged by 331.58%

The trading price of Cardiocoin was at a low of $0.02156 per CRDC before the rally had taken place. The majority of the investors had preferred staying neutral while the bears were in stronger spirits. They kept pulling the price of Cardiocoin lower and continued taking out any rallies that the bulls formed throughout the struggle.

It was finally in the past 24-hours when the bulls finally managed to launch their all-out attack on the bears. This resulted in the bulls being able to form a 331.58% rally in the past 24hours.

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Following the rally, the trading price of the CRDC/USDT pair has moved up to $0.08782 per CRDC. According to the speculations, the price of Cardiocoin may continue to grow higher in the upcoming days if the rally stays put.

If the rally sticks around, then the price of Cardiocoin may grow up to a high of $0.1636 per CRDC. As the momentum keeps building, then the price of Cardiocoin may elevate to $0.2267 per CRDC.

IDEAS – Price Surged by 337.86%

The trading price of IDEAS was at a low of $0.002174 per IDS when the bulls successfully formed a rally and started pushing it towards the bullish zone. The investors continued investing heavily in the bullish run of IDEAS, which eventually ended up forming a 377.86% rally.

Due to the strong rally, the trading price for IDEAS has grown up to a high of $0.009518 per IDS. The rally has also carried the growth rate for IDEAS up by 606.39% in the past 24-hours. At the time of writing, the 24h trading volume recorded for IDEAS is worth $1,157,715.

If the rally rate continues to grow higher in the upcoming days, then the price of IDEAS may also continue to grow higher. It is being suggested that the investors may try and push the price of IDEAS up to $0.01263 per IDS.

Mercenary – Price Surged by 270.71%

The trading price for Mercenary has also experienced a 270.71% elevation in the 24-hour period. After the surge, the trading price for Mercenary has been pushed up to a high of $0.00001772 per MGOLD.

If the momentum keeps building and the investors keep pouring in more investments, then the Mercenary’s price may surge to $0.00003456 per MGOLD. With more investments coming in favor of the Mercenary, it is expected that the price of the Mercenary may surge to $0.00004564 per MGOLD.

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