Price Analysis of Luffy (LUFFY) and MOVE Network (MOVD)

Luffy (LUFFY) – 1508.27% Surge

The price of Luffy was reportedly at a low of $0.000000000001226 per LUFFY. Prior to the rally, the selling sentiments of the investors were really high. Finally, the bulls pushed hard with their strong buying power and successfully formed a 1508.27% rally in the past 24-hours.

After achieving the strong rally, the bulls have successfully pushed the price of Luffy up to a high of $0.0000000002059 per LUFFY.

Even now, the investors have been forming huge rallies in favor of Luffy. So far, their efforts have extended to such a level that the transaction volume for Luffy has been pushed up by 117.67%.

The fully diluted valuation for Luffy has been pushed up by 1554.83% and it is currently exhibiting a valuation of $9,728,576.

The relative strength index for Luffy is currently at 67.52 and the ultimate oscillator for Luffy is at 52.6. The summary scale for Luffy is currently indicating strong bullish sentiments. The performance graph for Luffy is showing a candlestick trend, which means that every dip formed by the bears will be met by the bulls with strong buying sentiments.

The buying sentiments of the investors have been growing stronger and if the trend continues, the trading price of Luffy may grow up to $0.0000000008564 per LUFFY.

If the rally remains persistent with strong buying sentiments of the investors, the price of Luffy may grow up to $0.000000005341 per LUFFY.

MOVE Network (MOVD) – 900.05% Surge

MOVE Network also exhibited a downtrend before the bulls formed strong rallies in favor of the digital asset. The trading price of MOVE Network was reportedly at a low of $0.003856 and the bears showed no flexibility towards the bulls.

Every rally that the bulls formed ends up in a dip as the bears countered with a strong selling spree and sentiments. However, in the past 24-hours, the bulls have put a stop to the constant pressurizing of the bears by forming a strong rally.

The bulls reportedly formed a 900.05% rally that resulted in pushing the price of MOVE Network at a very high scale. At the time of writing, the trading price of the MOVD/USDT pair is worth $0.1064 per MOVD.

The trading volume and the fully diluted valuation for MOVE Network have also escalated at a very high rate. The data shows that the trading volume for MOVE Network surged by 256732.51% and the valuation for MOVE Network surged by 2628.54%.

With such a strong rally and very high transaction volume, MOVE Network bulls have demonstrated their true power. If the bulls keep practicing the same sentiments, then the price of MOVE Network may grow up to a high of $0.5314 per MOVD.

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