Price Analysis of Colawork (COLA) and DeFiner (FIN)

In the past 24-hours, it has become clear that Colawork (COLA) has observed a 95.77% growth rate. The rally has helped in pushing the price of Colawork over $0.2572 per COLA. It was a day back when the price of Colawork was exhibiting a unit price of $0.1334 per COLA.

Price Predictions for Colawork

It is the hard work and strong buying potential of the bulls that have pushed the value of Colawork to this point. As of now, the bulls are displaying high determination, which is to go a long way in achieving higher value for Colawork.

If the bullish sentiments remain high and intact, then Colawork’s price may rise to $0.3803 per COLA. Going forward, the bulls may intensify their buying ability and show more aggression towards the bears to kick them out of the competition.

With such high sentiments and determination, the price of Colawork may grow up to $0.4714 per COLA. If the investors keep adding more buying power and the RSI ends up getting moved higher into the positive territory, Colawork’s price may rise to $0.5279 per COLA.

As for the bears, their efforts may come into play as the bulls come close to the first strong resistance line ($0.2057). If the bulls find themselves outnumbered by the bears, then they may end up withdrawing from their investments. This would result in pushing the price of Colawork to lower levels.

It is being expected that in the upcoming days, the bears may grow highly determined in showing a lot of selling power. As the investors witness the bearish prowess, they may start siding with the bears. This would result in causing more drop in the price of Colawork.

As the bears continue with their selling activity, the price of Colawork may fall to $0.1851 per COLA. The bears may attempt to move the RSI for Colawork into the negative territory. This would result in pulling the price of Colawork to $0.1666 per COLA.

DeFiner’s 86.31% Rally in the Past 24-hours

DeFiner (FIN) is also observing a high trend as the bulls have accomplished an 86.31% rally in the past 24-hours. Following the overwhelming rally, the value of DeFiner has been pushed to $0.1337 per FIN.

Price Predictions for DeFiner

In near future, the investors may increase their buying power to upsurge the rally. Their main goal would be to move the RSI for DeFiner into the bullish zone and make it move upstream. In addition to the RSI, the bulls also seem keen to improve the moving averages and make DeFiner highly investable.

This way, more investors will join the bulls and the price of DeFiner may grow up to $0.1914 per FIN. If the bulls do not hinder and keep pushing with a lot of force, then the price of DeFiner may grow up to $.2327 per FIN.

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