Price Analysis of Cryptogodz (GODZ) and Global Game Coin (GGC)

Cryptogodz (GODZ)

On March 4, Cryptogodz experienced a unit price of $0.02553 per GODZ. However, the bulls were eager to see Cryptogodz flying with high colors, which motivated them to go from commanding rallies. Although the bulls were forming rallies, they were not strong enough to beat the bears.

Finally, the bulls formed a 68.41% rally, which completely pushed the bears out of the competition at the particular mark. For now, Cryptogodz is observing a value of $0.04241 per GODZ.

Positive Sentiments Surrounding GODZ

Even after forming a strong rally, the bulls are confident that they may succeed in pushing Cryptogodz to a higher figure. This is the reason why they haven’t stopped investing money in Cryptogodz, and have triggered a 33.14% surge in the trading volume.

If the buyers keep collecting, Cryptogodz’s demand may continue surging, which would push Cryptogodz’s value to $0.05691 per GODZ.

The summary scale for Cryptogodz suggests that more than half of the investors are interested in buying Cryptogodz. This would further push the price of Cryptogodz over the second strong resistance line ($0.06665).

As of now, the trend line for Cryptogodz is moving in the ascending channel, and the buyers are aiming to push RSI into the same territory. If things work out for the bulls, then they will be able to move the RSI into the preferred territory.

Once the RSI favors the positive territory, then the bears will have no other choice but to give way to the bulls. Subsequently, the bears may push the price of Cryptogodz over the third resistance line of $0.07236 per GODZ.

Global Game Coin (GGC)

Global Game Coin has also rallied to support the digital asset and push its value all the way up to its current price. On March 3, Global Game Coin witnessed a lower value, which was reported $1.66. While the bulls tried hard to push Global Game Coin to a higher price, the bears showed no weakness, as they kept selling on each rally.

As a result, the price of Global Game Coin kept traveling in the low trend, and it had become clear that Global Game Coin needed a strong push. This is when the bulls gathered to form a 65.30% rally, eventually pushing the price of Global Game Coin up to $2.84 per GGC.

Positive Sentiments Surrounding Global Game Coin

It is evident from the increase in the trading volume that the price of Global Game Coin may grow up to higher values. The data suggests that the price of Global Game Coin may grow up to $3.76 per GGC.

If the buyers keep going for higher gains for Global Game Coin, then the price of Global Game Coin may move up to $4.69 per GGC.

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