Price Analysis of Krause (KRAUSE) and Fantasy Girl (FMEV2)

Krause Observes the Highest (4310.45%) Growth in 24-Hours

It was a week back when the value of Krause (KRAUSE) was at a low of $0.5342 per KRAUSE. The bulls were heavily challenged while attempting to push the price of Krause to a higher level. It was until the past 24-hours that the bulls finally managed to increase their buying power and formed a strong rally.

It is because of the 4310.45% rally in the past 24-hours that the value of Krause has reached up to $22.34 per KRAUSE. The trading volume for Krause has also surged by 2285.66%, bringing the value up to $168,363. Apart from the trading volume, the fully diluted valuation for Krause has also been pushed up by 1846.05% and it now stands at $100,110,910.

Bullish Sentiments are on the High for Krause

When it comes to the investors having sentiments about Krause, they are preferring to remain on the positive side of it. At present, the majority of the investors are eager to follow the bulls in order to multiply their gains.

Even the technical analysis data confirms that the overall sentiments of the investors are with the bulls. More than 76% of the investors prefer buying and holding onto their Krause. There is a very low percentage of investors who would rather sell Krause than accumulate it at the moment.

Given the current prowess of the bulls for Krause and the RSI/moving averages supporting the trend, Krause may soon jump to $52.43 per KRAUSE.

If the investors keep on adding more energy to the trend with their accumulations, then the price of Krause may continue growing higher. In the upcoming days, the elevation in the buying ability of the investors may trigger a high rally, pushing Krause to $87.75 per KRAUSE.

As Krause reaches $87.75, it may face huge challenges from the bears and the bulls will need to push the buying power to the next level. Only then, the bulls will be able to push Krause to $117.30 per KRAUSE.

Fantasy Girl Investors Form a 231.86% Rally

Although the rally being observed by Fantasy Girl (FMEV2) is not as strong as Krause’s rally, it is still quite significant. About a week back, Fantasy Girl was also exhibiting a unit price that was really low for the protocol. Fantasy Girl reportedly observed a unit price of $0.00001922 per FMEV2, but the bulls rallied in favor of Fantasy Girl in the past 24-hours.

Due to their strong investment, the Fantasy Girl bulls successfully pushed the value of Fantasy Girl by 231.86%, bringing it up to $0.00005349 per FMEV2.

Fantasy Girl is also exhibiting strong sentiments from the investors’ end, and if they remain the same, then Fantasy Girl may grow up to $0.0001155. If the trend stays in favor of the bulls, then Fantasy Girl may eventually hit $0.0002882 per FMEV2.

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