Price Analysis of Marvelous NFTs (MNFT) and MegaMoon (MGMOON)

Marvelous NFTs Price Moves on the High Road

The value of Marvelous NFTs (MNFT) has been constantly surging due to the strong buying input of the investors. They have been acquiring Marvelous NFTs on a much higher scale than before, which has formed a strong rally.

On March 11, Marvelous NFTs observed a unit price of $0.05017 per MNFT. However, the bulls have joined hands in order to launch a strong march against the bears. The bulls have reportedly formed a 251.95% rally in the past 24-hours.

Due to the rally, the trading price of the MNFT/USDT pair has moved from a low of $0.05017 all the way up to a high of $0.1875 per MNFT.

For now, the trading volume for Marvelous NFTs has been elevated by 18.02% in the past 24-hours. Compared to the value rally, the trading volume hasn’t grown much, but it is expected to rise in the upcoming days.

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As the trading volume rises, the value of Marvelous NFTs may continue growing stronger and firmer. If the bulls keep adding more money and the investors also keep supporting them, the price of Marvelous NFTs may surge to $0.3056 per MNFT.

Once the bulls manage to push the value of Marvelous NFTs higher, they may aim for higher resistance marks for Marvelous NFTs. The first high resistance mark they may aim to hit with a strong buying force would be $0.4018 per MNFT.

If the bears keep losing to the bulls, then the price of Marvelous NFTs may get pushed up to $0.4651 per MNFT.

If the situation turns bearish, then the bears may continue selling Marvelous NFTs, which would push its value lower. In the upcoming days, the bears may continue growing stronger against the bulls, and this may result in pushing Marvelous NFTs’ value to $0.1687 per MNFT.

Going forward, the bears may intensify Marvelous NFTs selling, which would launch Marvelous NFTs into the support channel. The first support milestone they may hit with their strong selling activity would be $0.1518 and the second support milestone would be $0.1366 per MNFT.

MegaMoon Price has Grown 192.08% in the Past 24-hours

The price of MegaMoon was at a low of $0.0001579 per MGMOON on March 11 before the bulls started going for high gains. The gains executed by the bulls resulted in forming a 192.08% rally in the past 24-hours. This has brought the price of MegaMoon up to its current value ($0.0003447 per MGMOON).

As the bulls keep rallying to acquire more MegaMoon, its value may continue rising. If the bulls buy enough MegaMoon, it may get launched on the high resistance track. As a result, the value of MegaMoon may get pushed up to $0.0006757 per MGMOON.

The bulls may continue with their acquisition activity, which would result in pushing MegaMoon to the higher resistance marks. The second resistance mark the bulls may hit would be $0.001000 and the third resistance mark they hit would be $0.001240 per MGMOON.

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