Price Analysis of METALANDZ ($METAZ), 3x Short XRP Token (XRPBEAR), and LTCBEAR (LTCBEAR)

The trading prices of METALANDZ, 3x Short XRP Token, and LTCBEAR are currently moving in the strong bullish zones. These cryptocurrencies are demonstrating high gains in the past 24-hours. Therefore, METALANDZ, 3x Short XRP Token, and LTCBEAR have earned high reputations in the crypto-trading market.

It is time to look at their performances in the recent days, their current situation, and their future price predictions. This would give us a better idea about how METALANDZ, 3x Short XRP Token, and LTCBEAR may turn out in near future.


METALANDZ is currently experiencing a bullish trend where the investors are heavily invested in digital assets. They are showing a great interest in purchasing METALANDZ in large batches. This is the reason why the strong buying sentiments of the investors have pushed METALANDZ’s trading price by 206.97%.

Due to the strong rally, METALANDZ’s price has traveled from a low of $0.0000002812 per $METAZ on May 10 to its current high of $0.0000008031 per $METAZ.

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At the moment, the trend is very strong and bullish. The bulls will be able to use it to their benefit and build up stronger rallies. This would allow the investors to push the trading price of METALANDZ to a high of $0.000001208 per $METAZ.

3x Short XRP Token

The trading price of 3x Shot XRP Token is currently at a high of $0.0000002583 per XRPBEAR. The bulls have been injecting a huge buying power into the trend to keep it bullish. This way, the bulls have succeeded in pushing the trend much higher into the bullish zone.

The report shows that in the past 24-hours, the bulls mustered up a 114.02% rally. Due to the strong rally, the trading price of 3x Shot XRP Token was pushed to its current price from a low of $0.000000007054 per XRPBEAR.

Going forward, as the buying spree of the investors keeps gaining momentum, then the trading price of 3x Shot XRP Token may surge to $0.0000004215 per XRPBEAR.


The investors are currently defending the strong trading price of LTCBEAR at $0.001221 per LTCBEAR. The bears have made several attempts since the bulls formed an 83.04% rally to bring the trading price of LTCBEAR down.

However, the bulls haven’t let them do things the way they did them in the past. Before the bulls shocked the bears with their strong buying power, the trading price of LTCBEAR was worth a low of $0.0003358 per LTCBEAR.

However, the bulls may continue with their strong buying sentiments. If they work out in favor of the bulls, the trading price of LTCBEAR may surge to $0.001739 per LTCBEAR.

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