Price Analysis of Pyroblock (PYR) and MetaPay (METAPAY)

Pyroblock (PYR) and MetaPay (METAPAY) are currently among the top-performing cryptocurrencies as suggested in today’s stock market report. The couple has proven to be extremely beneficial for the investors as they have been investing in them for high gains.

Let us go through the price analysis for Pyroblock and MetaPay, and see what the market expects of them in near future.

Pyroblock Price Surges by 2760.82%

At the time of writing, the trading value of the PYR/USDT pair is worth $0.001251 per PYR. Before the bulls formed the rally, the value of Pyroblock was at a low of $0.00002311 per PYR.

The bulls kept forming small rallies but every time they did, they were ended by the strong selling of the bears. Finally, the bulls launched a strong rally against the bears in the past 24-hours. This resulted in pushing the price of Pyroblock to its current mark.

It is being predicted that if the bulls keep buying Pyroblock on a high scale, they may succeed in uplifting its value. The first target for the bulls would be to push Pyroblock’s price all the way up to $0.009885 per PYR.

If the momentum of the investors continues to rise in favor of Pyroblock, it may grow up to a high resistance value ($0.04400).

If the bulls continue acquiring Pyroblock on a much higher scale, then the trend line for Pyroblock may ascend more into the bullish zone. This would result in pushing the price of Pyroblock all the way up to $0.1199 per PYRO.

MetaPay Price Surges by 297.81%

At the time of writing, the value of MetaPay is at a high of $0.000003519 per METAPAY. Before the bulls mustered up a strong rally, MetaPay was at a low of $0.0000009347 per METAPAY.

For an entire week, it was a strong competition between the bulls and the bears. The bulls tried hard to push the price of MetaPay over the $0.000001000 per METAPAY mark. But the bears did not let it happen as they kept shooting down any rally that had the potential of crossing the $0.000001000 mark.

However, the bulls were finally able to push the price of MetaPay past the overhead resistance. They have succeeded in bringing the price of MetaPay to a high mark.

As the bulls continue acquiring more MetaPay, the demand for MetaPay may continue rising. This would increase its value all the way up to $0.000008759 per METAPAY.

With the investments constantly coming in favor of MetaPay, its price may surge to $0.00001528 per METAPAY. The constant buying rally of the bulls may finally push the RSI over the middle line. This would result in forming a stronger positive trend for MetaPay, pushing its price up to $0.00002097 per METAPAY.

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