Price Analysis of XMON (XMON) and Conflux (CFX)

Time to go through the performance analysis of XMON and Conflux whose growth rates in the past 24-hours have stolen the spotlight from major cryptocurrencies. XMON investors have rallied in a very strong manner bringing it up to a high price and daring the bears to compete with them.

As for Conflux, the bulls are also coming in strong in its favor to give a tough challenge to the bulls and defeat them in the due course.


The price analysis report or XMON has brought very promising statistics for the investor community wanting to witness its bullish run. The report suggests that the buyers have finally managed to overcome the selling prowess of the bears with their selling power.

The buyers have continued buying XMON at a high level in the past 24-hours, which has elevated its price by $17.41%. Due to the strong rally, the price of XMON now stands at a high of $44,312.67 per XMON.

Prior to the buyers coming in with their full buying power, the value of XMON was at a low of $34,421.48 per XMON. Even now, the rally rate for XMON is visibly moving in the upward direction. This is a strong signal for the entire investment community to go for purchases of XMON.

This would eventually start increasing the price of XMON to higher milestones. The first high mark the buyers may try to hit would be $47,369.24 per XMON.

If the resistance is not much from the bears, then the bulls may continue buying XMON. This would result in pushing the price of XMON to a high of $51,719 per XMON.

As the RSI and the moving averages for XMON move into the bullish zone, the price of XMON may surge to $55,348.32 per XMON.

Conflux (CFX)

Conflux is also exhibiting a bullish trend as its value has grown 21.58% in the past 24-hours. Due to the rally, the value of Conflux has been pushed up to a high price of $0.2183 per CFX.

Before hitting the high price following the rally, the price of Conflux hovered at a lower level, exhibiting a unit price of $0.18 per CFX.

At present, the preference of the majority of the investors is with the positive trend, and they may go for higher gains for Conflux. This would result in pushing the price of Conflux to a high of $0.2467 per CFX.

As the rally grows more momentous, even the neutral and negative investors may start shifting to the bullish side. This would also assist the bulls in pushing the price of Conflux to a high of $0.2783 per CFX.

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