Price Analysis of BakeryToken (BAKE) and XMON (XMON)

BakeryToken Experiences 45.54% Increment

BakeryToken (BAKE) experienced a 45.54% surge in the past 24-hours, with a strong buying spree of the bulls. The bulls had the full backing of the investors who made the rally a success and they are still running it.

So far, the strong sentiments of the investors have pushed the worth of BakeryToken to a high of $1.45 per BAKE. The trading volume for BakeryToken has been growing and so far, the volume has grown up by 388.72%, and it has reached the figure of $1,264,154,973.

The investors have been acquiring BakeryToken on a high scale, which is gradually moving the RSI and the moving averages to high marks.

With the help of high sentiments, the bulls will be able to push the price of BakeryToken to a high of $1.91 per BAKE.

The more the RSI moves higher into the positive zone, the high the price of BakeryToken may grow. In the upcoming days, the price of BakeryToken may even cross the $2.00 per BAKE mark.

Going forward, the sentiments of the investors may grow higher and they may start investing in BakeryToken on a higher level. This would result in pushing the price of BakeryToken to a high of $2.41 per BAKE.

XMON Experiences 42.41% Increment

XMON investors have been displaying a high interest in investing in favor of the bullish run. A clear example of the bullish run is the 42.41% rally they have formed in the past 24-hours. As a result, the price of XMON has been pushed to a higher mark.

At the time of writing, the unit price of XMON is worth $49,739.11. If the rally continues gaining momentum, the price of XMON may move to the high resistance zone. The first high mark the bulls may try to hit with their strong buying power would be $52,347.63 per XMON.

If the trend moves higher into the bullish zone, the price of XMON may get pushed up higher to $54,222.34 per XMON. With the RSI for XMON moving into the positive zone, then the price of XMON may surge to $57,357.31 per XMON.

On the contrary, the bears may exert enough pressure over the bulls with their selling spree that they may fail in sustaining their pressure at $49,739.11. This would result in pulling the price of XMON down to $47,331.36 per XMON.

Over time, the bears may continue intensifying their selling activity, which may start moving the investors to their side. The investors may get forced to change sides because they wouldn’t want to incur any charges. If the trend changes, then the price of XMON may end up dipping to $45,249.67 per XMON.

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