Should I invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Investing in crypto is majorly linked to moving value from one asset to another, with the aim to generate a return on investment over a given time period. If your objective is to earn more and more money, then you should preferably choose the project which will go highest.

If the demand exceeds the supply, then you can expect your investment to go highly profitable. When thinking of choosing between Bitcoin or Ethereum, you should first focus on the aspects of supply and demand.

While BTC has a max supply of 21 million, ETH has an unknown supply. Today you have 17.3 million BTC and 102 million ETH. So, the supply and demand aspects of both the crypto coins are quite clear.

Selecting between BTC and ETH

Though both of them are digital currencies, but they have different platforms.

Bitcoin: BTC has a simple user case. You can send Bitcoin in a secure and reliable manner. The safe part comes from a sturdy blockchain of mining hardware and nodes. The reliability comes from the network which has been running with 99% accuracy, right from its inception.

Ethereum: Ethereum on the other hand is a smart contracts platform. Though it has mining hardware, nodes and reliability, but certainly it stands nowhere near to Bitcoin network.

So, in short, it is difficult to pick which cryptocurrency is a better investment. Both the assets are highly volatile when it comes to their price in the last few years. However, both are highly important and valuable coins and will continue to dominate their respective platforms and make it large in the long term.

So, whether you are a serious trader or crypto investor, you will not go wrong, if you invest in either of the coin. Both of them will offer high returns to you. The question here is how much should you invest in buying Bitcoin or Ethereum? It is very important to have a budget to buy the coins and make a proper investment. And the simple answer to this question is it all depends on your personal risk tolerance.

Which of the two coins is riskier to invest in?

Well, according to experts, Bitcoin is securer option because of its simplicity. Somewhat different to ETH, you cannot build thing on top of it. And what may appear to be a limitation in the start will prove to be an ideal trait of Bitcoin in the long run because it is so simple and has limited scope and is just meant to solve your payment issues.

Also, Bitcoin has a lower attack surface in comparison to ETH. In simple words, it is less susceptible to hacks, bugs, cyber-attacks and black swan events which can swipe your complete investment overnight. And while BTC has been in the market for more than 10 years, ETH on the other hand is very young and immature.

However, both the coins are equally beneficial and it is completely your call.

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