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Solid Marketz Review

Solid Marketz logoCryptocurrencies have grown significantly over the past few years. Since the first cryptocurrency in 2009, the crypto market has become a place of innovation and ingenuity. Currently, during the pandemic, the crypto market has become a safe haven for investors. Even though the global economy has seen a dip these past few months, cryptocurrencies have been skyrocketing.

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Even I can’t help myself from being at awe with the way cryptocurrency has grown. And having someone with you through the ups and downs of the market can allow you to flourish. Especially when you are new to the crypto market, all the different trading options and techniques can feel overwhelming.

How Brokers Guide You through the Market

I find that entering the crypto market now is significantly easier than a few years ago. Thanks to the years of popularity, updates, changes, and innovation, new traders are not at an active disadvantage when they start out.

In fact, they can go toe to toe with most veteran traders in the market today; with just a little bit of help. That is where a brokerage firm like Solid Marketz comes in.

Brokers act as middle men between you and a seller, which in this case is a cryptocurrency. Their expertise and years of experience help you make more profitable investments.

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What is Solid Marketz?

Solid Marketz is a brokerage firm that offers their clients a very personalized experience. It consists of a team of seasonal financial professionals, with years of experience in the field. Their multitude of services and account types offer customers to make the most of their investments.

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Help You Trade Safely 

While the crypto market is definitely a place of incredible innovation, it is also a breeding ground for scams. Ask any trader and they will tell you about all the scams they have encountered over the years. Even I have had trouble telling apart a real offer from a scam.

Sometimes you can find obvious scams and sometimes you can find sophisticated ones. And only the trained eyes of a broker are able to tell these scams apart. I especially work with brokers thanks to their ability to tell me about the best offers I should invest in.

Other than the scams, there is no shortage of mistakes that newcomers make when they first start trading. Overtrading, doing poor research, and not using two factor authentication, are just a few of the mistakes that newcomers will make. When going through a broker, you can forgo all of these mistakes and skip most of the learning phase.

Furthermore, brokers can also verify if the particular investment that you are making is worth it. Sometimes the company is not a scam, but that does not make it a safe investment. The currency that you are looking to buy has very little growth potential, or is not very reliable. Through their experience, they will be able to tell if a cryptocurrency is worth investing in or not.


Registration is a big deal to almost every new trader that I have talked to. They told me that longer registrations can be very discouraging, as it can sometimes days before a broker responds. Moreover, since the crypto market is very dynamic, who knows how many opportunities traders are missing by sitting on their hands waiting for a response?

Luckily, Solid Marketz does not suffer from prolonged registration wait times. After giving them the information that they need, they will confirm your registration within a few hours. In fact, more often than not, they will respond to you within a day.

While creating your account you will have to choose what account type is best for you. Each account type differs considerably due to the various features that each of them come with. Although this can be a daunting decision, especially for new comers, it is not something that a little research can’t fix. You can also call their customer care line to ask for advice.

Solid Marketz Accounts

Account Types

There are three main account types for customers to choose from. These three offer various advantages to consumers, allowing them to make the most reasonable decisions. These include:


The Beginner account, as the name implies, is the account type aimed specifically towards new traders. It is also the primary account type that most traders would initially choose when starting with the service.

When starting with this account, you will have to start with a minimum deposit of $250. Furthermore, with this account you can also have access to live webinars. These webinars feature some of the experts at Solid Marketz, showing you how to trade using their platform.


The second account available to choose from is the advanced account type. The advanced account carries over many features from the beginner account, but comes with more tools. It is an account that caters to traders who have some experience in the field. Therefore, they can take advantage of some of the extra features that it comes with. 

You will need a deposit of $5000 in order to qualify for this account. Through the advanced account, traders can contact their account managers to help optimize their trade. They can also contact a financial expert in real time for further information.


Finally there is the expert account. This account type is for veteran traders that have ample experience in the field and have been trading for quite some time. They understand how the market works, and take measured risks when investing.

This account requires a deposit of $20,000, which gives traders access to features in both previous accounts and much more. You will receive a personal professional financial advisor, to help you make better trading decisions.

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Dare To Leap

One of the most important things that you must remember about trading in cryptocurrencies is that you will have to take calculated risks. In order to get the most out of your investment, you will have to dare to leap. Or else, you will not make much of a profit.

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