STR Capital Review: The International Online Trading Platform

STR Capital Review

STR Capital ReviewDespite several obstacles, the crypto sector is rapidly evolving and is undoubtedly one of the most progressive structures in the global financial market. As such, it has recorded an influx of projects, brokerages, or trading platforms seeking to enhance its mainstream accessibility.

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However, this means that the choice of the right platforms from a plethora of options available for trade can be tasking for an aspiring trader. Nonetheless, there are limited platforms with the capability of accommodating the extensive requirements of digital trading, and STR Capital stands out.

STR Capital is a brokerage that was launched in 2008 to provide unparalleled access to trading and investment in various financial products. With a portfolio of a wide variety of trading instruments, this broker has built a reputation as one of the world’s leading trading providers.

In this review, we highlight the functions of STR Capital and its basis of operations:

A Summative View of STR Capital

Broker STR Capital
Minimum Initial Deposit $250, €250, £250
Demo Account Yes
Leverage 1:30
Trading Instrument Coverage Forex Basket (Major and Minor Currencies), Exotic Currencies, CFDs on Commodities, Indices, Shares, Cryptocurrencies
Trading Platforms Webtrading platform
Account Types Standard, Bold, VIP
Tools  Trading Analysis, Economic Calendar, Live     Forex Chart

The STR Capital Mission

STR Capital was developed as a response to the expansion of financial products in the markets across the globe. With the base of operations focused on providing adequate resources for trade and unrestricted access to crypto derivatives and other products of trade.

As a leading foreign exchange broker, STR Capital is a company committed to providing the financial community with matchless trading experience while ensuring their advancement in the world’s liquid market.

Consequently, the trading platform has more than 70 trading instruments to its portfolio. This broker looks to strengthen the burgeoning bond between existing traditional market structures and the crypto market.

As such, it has several crypto products derivatives listed on its platform and provides support for mitigating trade-associated risks through educational materials and market researches.

This online trading firm represents a financial broker with support for ethical and nationalities diversities. As such, it enables trading from several parts of the world with a mobile and web trading app designed to facilitate trading from any device.

At STR Capital, investors and traders are treated to high-quality, secure, and transparent services through the platform’s lean towards innovative technologies.

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Robust Financial Products Diversity at STR Capital

As a platform focused on promoting value and success in the global economy for clients from different nations and regions of the world, STR Capital features a wide array of financial instruments.

The platform offers access to the world’s most diversified markets with products ranging from CFDs to currency trading in Forex metals, Indices, Stock and bonds. STR Capital provides client with ample opportunity to increase their earnings through several options listed on its platform.

Though recognised as the world’s largest FX broker in 2017, STR Capital has a robust platform for the trade and exchange of several crypto offerings. As a testament to its achievements, this brokerage firm provides support for several top players on the crypto table.

These include Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and stable coins such as Tether. Though these currencies are paired with the USD, they have the advantage of being accessible to clients with accounts on the platform.

In line with its support for diverse trading instruments, STR Capital enlists several currency pairs with the EUR/USD one of the most popular trading pairs on the platform. Other common trading instruments include Forex baskets, Indices, Stock options and Commodities.

Security and Safety on STR Capital

The security and safety framework in place is perhaps the most paramount factor to be considered when choosing an online or digital trading system. At STR Capital, the mitigation of cyber trading risks is a top priority.

The platform enlists unique encryption and mathematical algorithm to provide adequate security to clients’ accounts and online keys. To ensure further safety, the platform restricts the use of offline browsing plug-ins, forms of data mining and gathering as well as offline browsing software.

Global and Mobile Trade Technology

Financial inclusion is one of the primary targets of STR Capital. As such, it provides a system that extends access to its services to clients across several nations through mobile technology applications.

The official trademark technology used by the platform is the Activ8. Beyond enhancing trade limits on financial markets, this technology has a wide range of functionality aimed at supporting profits maximization despite the existing market conditions.

This technology extends the reach of the trading platform to iOS and Android OS-powered devices. This program features:

  • Trading dashboard
  • Symbolic market charts and analysis
  • Real-time and historical updates on assets ranges,
  • Technical indicators,
  • Chat windows
  • Automated Strategies

As a platform designed to impart flexibility to trade and glean from intuitive applications, this system enables traders to enhance their trading experience with its masters feature. This unique feature allows copy trading on the platform. The feature further exposes traders of all experience levels to advanced but calculated trade movements by market experts.

Payments Structure on STR Capital

STR Capital uses universal payment systems to ensure the convenience and ease of its clients. It features a collection of straightforward accepted payment options with swift execution and appraisals.

The platform supports four payment options, which include: Bank wire transfer, Debit Cards, and Credit Cards. While the platform overrules slow transaction rates typical in trade systems with high traffic and order with fast execution policies, payment activities are also dependent on the financial institution or issuer in charge of the medium of transaction.

Accounts Types at STR Capital

Trading on this platform requires account registration, and while the platform has a demo account in place, it also features different accounts to accommodate the needs of its clients.

These accounts are highlighted by various features and benefits tailored to advance customer satisfaction on the trading platform. They include:

  • Standard Account

This is the basic form of account developed by the platform. Here, the minimum deposit limit is $250 (or £250), and leverage or margin requirements are up to 1:30 dependent on the trading instrument chosen.

Users are entitled to spread from 1.3 with an 80% margin call. For this account, Major, minor, and exotic currencies can be traded alongside cryptocurrencies, other commodities, shares, stock, and Indices.

This account features access to professional support, personal account manager, and timely information on market movement and assets covered.

  • Bold Account

The Bold Account is designed as an advanced standard account with an increment in the minimum deposit limit to $3000 (£3000). Like the standard account, the leverage is limited to the trading instrument chosen with a maximum limit of 1:30.

This account features instant execution of orders with spread starting from 1.5 and margin calls of 80%. The assets covered here are the same as the standard account. Investors and traders on this account get access to professional support, a personal account manager, and a senior account analyst.

This account also provides real-time information on the existing market conditions and assets covered.

  • VIP Account

While this account bears slight similarities to the Bold Account, it stands out with several features. This account has a minimum deposit requirement of $12,000 (or £12,000) with entitlements to trading commissions and spreads from 0.1.

The leverage or margin requirement for this account is set at a maximum value of 1:30, albeit based on the instrument of trade chosen.

Investors on this account are entitled to consultations with a personal account manager, professional support, senior account analyst, and senior account chief analyst.

On this account, users have the added advantage of being open to timely trading information and weekly trading sessions. Order execution here is instant, and trading signals are accessible to users.

Accounts at a Glance

Account Type Standard Account Bold Account VIP Account
Minimum Initial Deposit ($, £, €) 250 3000 12,000
Leverage 1:30 1:30 1:30
Margin Call 80% 80% 80%
Spread 1.3 1.5 0.1
Daily Signals Yes
Commission Yes

Customer Satisfaction and Convenience

STR Capital has a foundational mission of introducing unparalleled experiences on its trading platform to customers. Per their goal of extending the reach of their customers to the high points in the financial markets, this brokerage firm has a wide range of features on its platform for ease and convenience.

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Quick navigation through the broker’s main page speaks volumes about the depth of settings and information put in place to ensure clients’ satisfaction.

From a straightforward and user-friendly interface to projected guides through the world of trading, STR Capital has a robust customer support framework in place. It offers round-the-clock services on trade and a live chat feature for quick queries.

It also enlists an FAQ section with relatively relevant information and a direct contact panel for contact with the platform’s 12000+ independent agents.

On Market Research and Educational Programs

Successfully navigating through the world of digital trading requires an in-depth knowledge of the landscape and thorough research of the existing market structure. With aims to lead the way through the future of financial technology, STR Capital places the bulk of its services on making information accessible to its clients.

The platform features several pieces of research deemed fit for improving the experience of its clients. These educational materials include comprehensive details on trading and related guides.

Also enabled on their system are market insights, information on the global economies, charts, and relevant indicators to aid foray into newer market landscapes and profit from existing markets.

STR Capital Trading Guides and Insights

In relation with the broker’s commitment to aid transition into and foray through the world of trading, STR Capital includes several guides and insights on its platform. These guides serve as markers for a robust trading environment. They include:

  • Economic Calendar

At STR Capital, the economic calendar provides information needed to keep track of global economic events that could impact the trading landscape. This calendar features past data sets for analysis and comparison with present existing events in the market.

The economic calendar gives traders the ability to assess the market volatility for viable decision-making and profitable results. On this platform, this trading tool is structured to be user-friendly and accommodate users of diverse nationalities and experience levels.

Other elements of this tool are:

    • Impacted currency which is weighed on the decision of the European Central Bank on monetary policy
    • Table of financial events
    • Schedules which is a reflection of future and current events
  • Trade Analysis

STR Capital also includes one of the critical drivers of success in liquid markets as well as volatile environments. The platform highlights a widget that allows the analysis and overcast of movements in the market for better trading experience.

This tool uses access to previous and current market data to provide a detailed analysis of the positions and relevant trading strategies. It employs charts of price and trade patterns for technical analysis.

Users of this platform are exposed to bar charts for data and services related to the financial world, candlestick chart for a structure of the price, trend lines, chart patterns, support levels, and resistance level.

The tool also includes a fundamental analysis of the market based on supply and demand, political events, interest rates, expectations in the market, consumer and producer price index, unemployment rates and other economic and organizational markers.

  • Live Forex Charts

Charts represent an active part of every trader’s tools, and STR Capital recognizes this. The platform also includes Forex charts with customizable features. This tool enables traders to study landmarks and existing charts for creating personalized charts for trading.

Forex charts on embody different types of indicators, charts, comparison of assets, and customizable intervals. This tool also uses data from Economic events, International indices, cryptocurrencies, Forex, CFDs, and Equities from global exchanges and markets.

Registration on STR Capital

Being a digital platform, registration on STR Capital is done online in the most straightforward steps possible. However, the platform is compliant with KYC and AML rules. As such, it necessitates the validation of the client’s identity through its registration process.

Clients are required to be 18 years of age, and the following are required:

  • Name of Client
  • Address of Client
  • Tax ID Number
  • Valid passports, National IDs or any valid form of identification

Mitigating Currency Trade Risks on STR Capital

Having to deal with the inconsistencies in the financial markets can be tasking. Trading currencies comes with a broad measure of risks due to volatility and resulting price fluctuations.

STR Capital helps traders to mitigate likely risks on trading currencies with risk management tools such as stop loss order and limit order. The platform harnesses the liquidity in the Forex market to execute stop loss and limit order, respectively.

The Stop Loss order automates the liquidity of a position at a preset price in case of unfavorable market movements against that position. The limit order is simply used to restrict the maximum amount paid and the minimum price to be received.

Leverage Trading and Margin Calls  

Margins place clients in the position of requesting additional funds concerning an open position. Leverage trading, on the other hand, opens investors and traders to maximizing earnings through access to financial products at a value substantially less than the full market value.

Margins call on STR Capital are 80% regardless of the account type opened by the client, and leverage trading runs up to 1:30. As such, for every $1 to be spent in trading, a client has the buying power of up to $30 depending on the asset.

STR Capital also has the added advantage of featuring tight spreads. However, these spreads vary with the account type owned by the client.

Deposit and Withdrawal Policies

Irrespective of the product category, trading on the platform requires that customers place a deposit into their account. With respect to this, the platform has made several methods of payments available.

However, clients are required to perform all transactions related to deposits from a single source in the clients’ country of residence and with the client’s identity. According to its AML policies, the platform will verify the origin of the funds used for trade.

Withdrawals also follow the same pattern and are to be made from a single source (which could be a bank account or card service). Withdrawals on the platform are subjected to transaction fees and vary with the origin used for the process.

Payment Method Wire Transfer Debit/Credit Cards ePayment
Minimum Deposit 250.00 USD/EUR/GBP 250.00 USD/EUR/GBP 250.00


Minimum Withdrawal 250.00


100.00 USD/EUR/GBP 100.00 USD/EUR/GBP
Deposit Fees None None None
Withdrawal fees 50.00 USD/EUR/GBP 35.00 USD/EUR/GBP (+ $10 / €5/ £7 processing fee) 25.00 USD/EUR/GBP

It is important to note that the transaction fees on withdrawals are charged based on the method of payment used, and the transaction processing time is based on the financial institutions.

What You Need to Know About STR Capital

STR Capital offers a relatively good fit for traders of diverse levels of experience without losing out on the profits of market liquidity. With due reference to the existing market conditions and movements, this platform provides traders with adequate strategies and resources to minimize risks and take relevant actions when needed.

This platform provides both retail and institutional investors seeking access to a broader range of financial products and services with a technologically advanced system fully equipped with relevant tools.

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