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At Cryptocoin Stock Exchange we pride ourselves in reviewing the most popular crypto trading platforms, like Super1Investments. In our Super1Investments review we have concluded that Super1Investments is a recommended platform for trading, it is not a scam. You can sign up with Super1Investments in the link below or continue reading the full review for more info.

Super1Investments Review

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Super1Investments is an online brokerage, aiming to unleash your trading potential by using a variety of tools and features, proven to work for both beginners or experienced traders. When opening a live trading account, customers gain access to the global financial markets and can get involved in over 1,000 different assets, including a generous list of cryptocurrencies.

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As we’ll see in our Super1Investments Review, this is a company providing a variety of educational resources and also, professional customer support. On top of that, numerous other benefits could act as an incentive to open a new trading account.

Super1Investments Crypto Coverage

There are tens of cryptocurrencies part of the Super1Investments Asset Index. This equals the ability to take advantage of price movements across a broad range of altcoins, including Stellar, Dash, Tezos, Ethereum Classic, XRP, or Bitcoin Cash. Traders can also trade on the value of Bitcoin against USD, AUD, and even JPY, a feature not seen with other brokerages.

Up to 1:5 leverage, a 24/7 trading schedule, no hidden fees/commissions, and some of the most attractive spreads in the market are just some of the reasons why many crypto traders have already joined the ranks of Super1Investments.

Trading crypto with trusted platforms?

Cryptocurrency trading comes in hand with several challenges, mainly created by the increased volatility. Prices move up and down impulsively on an intra-day basis and thus the importance of trading software increases exponentially.

When trading crypto via Super1Investments, traders will be pleased to see the company invested a lot of resources into a proprietary web-based solution. Both customizable and intuitive, the platform has a dedicated charting package, as well as other tools such as one-click trading, price alerts, or economic calendar.

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MT4 is also part of the offer. This is a popular platform, which comes in hand with numerous trading tools, including support for Expert Advisors. There are mobile MT4 versions available for Android and iOS, allowing traders to manage their accounts on the go.

Education and Support

Super1Investments offers extensive education for all levels, including video courses, insightful eBooks, live webinars, and other resources that will be unlocked based on the account type chosen. A properly educated trader has the ability, not just to understand basic market dynamics, but also how to apply different techniques based on the existing conditions on any asset class.

Super1Investments educational resources

The selection of resources available at is structured in such a way that even those who choose a Basic account ,will have enough to learn the basics and pro knowledge.


After a strong pullback across the entire market, a cloud of uncertainty continues to weigh on cryptocurrencies. Investing traditionally will mean people gaining exposure only on the upside, leaving them vulnerable to setbacks like the one witnessed during May 2021.

Super1Investments offers a more viable solution in the form of crypto derivatives, creating an environment in which traders can sell-short on top of buying.  All of these can be done using optimized trading software and a generous suite of trading tools that can be used even for cryptocurrency trading.

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