Xpozy Bitcoin Gambling Affiliate Network Extensive Review, A Step by Step Guide for Publishers and Advertisers

Xpozy Bitcoin Gambling Affiliate Network

Xpozy Bitcoin Gambling Affiliate Network

In the realm of affiliate marketing, it is better for publishers and advertisers to have an intermediary in the form of an affiliate network rather than contacting with each other to ensure scam-free marketing. An affiliate network makes everything easy and simple for both of the parties i.e. publishers and advertisers. One of the most suitable affiliate networks available in the market is Xpozy that comes upon the demanding needs of clients by providing them all of the facilities and services they need.

Xpozy: Introduction & Background

Xpozy is an affiliate network that was developed and established by a group of international Affiliate Managers, Media buyers, PPC experts, and SEO wizards from the Casino, Bingo and Sports sectors. This group felt the severe need to change the nature of affiliate marketing for the better and hence, they introduced Xpozy in the market.

The affiliate network Xpozy plays the role of intermediary between publishers and advertisers. Xpozy allows publishers to generate income from the affiliate programs by participating in the programs which are suitable for their websites. On the other hand, it permits those websites that offer affiliate programs to promote their program and reach a huge audience.

Xpozy Bitcoin Gambling Affiliate Network offers currently three sectors Casino, Bingo, and Sports network for affiliates and media publishers. Those who are interested in promoting their products related to these three sectors of Casino, Bingo, and Sports network can happily join forces with the network. The aim of this affiliate network is to achieve the best results keeping in view the factors such as positive ROI, high LTV, on-time payments, and real-time statistics.

Xpozy has made several partners, the clients with whom it has worked till now since its establishment. Some of them are PrivateVPN, Bitdefender, ExpressVPN, Vegas Casino, Empire City Casino, Mount Airy Casino, and Bahamar Casino, etc. These clients have earned an effective experience by working with Xpozy.

What Services does Xpozy offer?

Any affiliate network company that works as an intermediary between publishers/affiliates and advertisers must provide them with effective and high-level services so that they can have a good experience while working with them instead of sharing complaints about that very affiliate network. Unlike some other affiliate networks that have a bad experience while working with their clients, Xpozy focuses on the ease of its clients and therefore, provides them with as many facilities as it can.  

Xpozy enables advertisers to provide publishers with a share of revenue that advertisers earn from visitors to the publishers’ site. It offers various services to publishers/affiliates and advertisers.

For Publishers/affiliates: Xpozy has several services and benefits to offer publishers. Xpozy offers the service of real-time statistics to affiliates. Publishers also get payments on time while working with the company. Xpozy also offers them any kind of marketing tool that they need such as banners, xml feed, landing pages, and several others. Besides this, one of the most astonishing services is that Xpozy simplifies the process of registration for one or more affiliate programs. So if publishers decide to work with this affiliate network, they would be able to enjoy these services provided by the company.

For Advertisers: Xpozy also has a lot to offer to advertisers as well. First of all, advertisers can get access to a variety of suitable and trustable publishers by joining forces with Xpozy which is the most important thing for them. Other than this, the services and benefits that they can get within Xpozy network include the cutting edge proprietary tracking technology, reporting tools, fast integration, ROI and LTV oriented traffic, anti-fraud mentality, payment processing, and protection of clients.

By working with Xpozy, you can maximize your revenue and promote a selection of high converting products with reliable weekly payouts. Its cutting edge proprietary tracking technology provides its clients with advanced analytics, detailed sales reporting, and accurate and reliable commission tracking.

How to become a Publisher within the Xpozy Bitcoin Gambling Affiliate Network

If you choose the Xpozy Bitcoin Gambling Affiliate Network for your website then you can easily become a publisher within this network. You will need to register yourself by completing and submitting an application. Fill the affiliate registration application form by providing some of your personal details and information such as your name, email address, your company name, and phone number. However, the company may ask you for additional information for evaluating your application. The affiliate registration application is given below.

Xpozy Bitcoin Gambling Affiliate Network

Once you submit your application, the company will evaluate it. The company has the right to review your application and can request you to provide relevant documentation for any reason such as verifying your identity, personal history, registration details, your financial transactions, and financial standing while evaluating your application.

It is also important to note here that the company may also reject your application to join its network for any reason at any time. If the company finds the content of the publisher’s website objectionable, then it can terminate the application. The publisher’s websites must not include the content which contains unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, harassing, or racially information if the publisher wants to get registered within the network. If the company finds the content of your website suitable and appropriate then it will accept you onto the network as a publisher. The company will then require you to provide the company with your marketing services at all times in respect of the offers.

Is Xpozy a secure affiliate network?

Any affiliate network operating in the field of affiliate marketing will have serious concerns related to the security in order to grab the attention of clients. Because clients would prefer to work with that network which will guarantee their security.

Hence, Xpozy takes the responsibility of providing standard security to its clients. To provide protection and safety to its clients against frauds or scams is the priority of the company. In short, Xpozy is a secure affiliate network that would not let its clients down in this case.

How Xpozy is different from other Bitcoin Gambling Affiliate networks?

It is very difficult to make a standard in the market which is full of affiliate networks. However, Xpozy has managed to make a unique place in this field. These are the things that make it different from other affiliate networks:

  • The focus of Xpozy always remains on its clients and therefore, provides them a hassle-free sign-up process. It means that you do not have to wait for too long to sign up rather it will only take a few minutes and after that, you will start promoting and earning affiliate commissions.
  • Publishers can earn high commissions while Xpozy offers the best platform to advertisers for selling their products.
  • The Xpozy network is enriched with aggressive marketing tools that provide much help in promoting products and achieving success in the field of affiliate marketing.

Bottom line

To wrap it up, Xpozy is the ideal affiliate network that you are looking for. Xpozy has everything that a client would need from an affiliate network such as high commission, enriched aggressive marketing tools, high-standard security, simple and quick sign-up process, and several other facilities.

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