Dead Body Found of Mircea Popescu – The Father of Bitcoin Toxicity

From the Costa Rican coast, a dead body has been retrieved of one very famous figure from the world of crypto namely Mircea Popescu. Firstly it was claimed that a man from Poland was drowned but upon retrieval of the body, it was alleged that the dead body is of the mysteriously enigmatic Bitcoiner, Popescu. The famous Bitcoiner has left more mysteries to be solved even before and after his death.

There were two of the most polarizing persons belonging to the continuously growing network of Bitcoin. Both these persons were known by the names Satoshi Nakamoto and Mircea Popescu, and there was hardly any information regarding them both. While Satoshi Nakamoto is regarded as the founder of Bitcoin, yet his identity remains mysterious so far. However, there were a few things known about Mircea Popescu such as he was a national of Romania.

This very enigmatic figure from the Bitcoin network has recently been found dead. His body was found from one of the casts located in Costa Rica. The cause of his death has reportedly been told as dead by drowning. However, it is unclear for the time being whether he was drowned accidentally or that someone made it look at an accident. There is also a possibility that he was murdered and then his body was thrown into the sea. But one thing is certain that he is dead and his dead body was found from the sea on 23rd June 2021.

Before retrieval of his body, there were rumors in Costa Rica that someone from Poland had drowned in the sea. However, it was later confirmed that the person who drowned was actually Popescu himself.

He was the person who did not allow anyone to alter the size of blocks comprising the Bitcoin network. He was amongst the originators of the crypto concept and worked alongside Satoshi Nakamoto. After three years of Bitcoin’s inception, Popescu founded a crypto exchange firm by the name “Mpex”. Unfortunately, the firm got into a dispute with the Securities & Exchange Commission of the US. Thereafter, a thorough inquiry was initiated by the US’s Security Commission against Mpex and its founder, Popescu. SEC then alleged that the authority was trolled by Popescu but he successfully managed to avoid the dispute at a later stage.

Still, to date, there is no enough information about Popescu with regard to his professional and personal life. Yet he is known for some great work he had done for the crypto community in its early phase. However, the controversies never left him alone wherever he went. He took a solid stand against those who advocated for the increase in the size of Bitcoin blocks. This earned him the title of “Father of Bitcoin Toxicity”.

Now he is dead and still left a mystery to be solved as to how he was laid to rest.

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