Electricity Thief Mining Farm Busted in Ukraine

Ukraine’s is currently going through an electricity shortage crisis which has been mostly brought upon the Ukrainians by crypto miners, according to the electricity regulator and regional authorities of Ukraine. In the effort of fulfilling the shortfall, while Ukraine has proposed to purchase electricity from Russia, yet the country has also tightened its enforcement against illegal miners. Recently, the authorities have successfully busted a major crypto mining facility which was in fact stealing electricity from the main power grid.

Acute shortage of electricity, even in winters, has led the enforcement authorities in Ukraine to come into motion. At presently, a wide scale enforcement operation has been going on in the country which aims at identifying illegal crypto miners. The operation against the illegal miners have been led by country’s top agency namely “Security Service of Ukraine (SBU)”. SBU has suggested time and again that there are several active miners who have been stealing electricity from the main grid. Because of them, extra load has been put on the main grid. Resultantly, there is a shortage of electricity which has converted into a crisis, alleged SBU.

In order to uncover these illegal miners who are stealing power, SBU has taken the task to identify them. There have been several operations in the past few days and at least one such illegal farm was uncovered red-handedly.

Now there has been a further announcement from SBU’s official website. In the announcement the authority has revealed identifying of another major crypto mining facility which was stealing electricity from the main grid. SBU noted that the illegal facility was carrying out its mining operations in the area called Cherkasy. The farm was specifically minting Bitcoins and the power coming into the mining rigs was being stolen from the main grid.

SBU is estimating that the illegal facility has caused a loss of more than US$ 330,000 to the national exchequer. SBU also stated that huge amount of electricity was being stolen by the facility on daily basis. It estimates that the electricity consumption by the farm was huge.  Assuming that the electricity was utilized by residential houses, then it could have powered at least 12 homes for a number of years.

It was also noticed by SBU that the miners had established illegal mining facility at the warehouse which was obtained on lease. However, the landlord was also not aware that he had leased the properties to miners.

While the search operation was still going on, SBU’s officials also collected further evidence. SBU said that the people operating the facility have been arrested. Each of the arrested individuals will be interrogated first one by one. Thereafter, on the basis of interrogation, charges will be framed and the culprits will be tried in accordance with law, said SBU.

Yet there is hardly any betterment in the electricity crisis.

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