Famous Celebrity Show Host Allen Degeneres Inquires About Crypto from Mark Cuban

Ellen Degeneres is known for hosting one of the best TV talk shows where world celebrities from fields of TV, cinema, sports, and others appear. She has also to her credit various profiles as she has appeared as a comedian, producer, writer, actor, and TV host.

Allen had an unblemished career until the famous celebrity caught in a controversy that almost ruined her career. However, with the support from various known celebrities and her own struggle to revive her lost popularity, she is once again back on the set.

In her recent program, she got the chance to host American basketball legend, Mark Cuban. The basketball star was invited to the show on 27 April 2021. Both, the host and the celebrity, had a great fun time together with the audience. Cuban also owns a basketball team called “Dallas Mavericks” which is a registered member of the National Basketball Association (NBA) of the US.

During their discussion, Allen inquired about cryptocurrency from Mark Cuban since the basketball player is deeply into it. Cuban has recently signed a deal with his team’s players wherein players have been paid a portion of their salaries and benefits into Bitcoin. Cuban is of the view that Bitcoin as well as all cryptocurrencies are the new norm and therefore it should be wholeheartedly adopted. He is regarded as a crypto ambassador amongst the crypto community.

After crypto, she then asks the guest about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which she said had lately appealed to her greatly. She particularly asked Cuban whether NFTs are worth something that every celebrity should look into. In response, Cuban told her that of course, it is one of the most loved crypto products these days comprising over collectibles. He said that NFT is a tool that intertwines a strong bond between the celebrity and fans. He suggested that it is also a good source of earning real good cash if you have a massive fan following.

Yet, Allen had a prior understanding of NFTs but she inquired about them for the sake of her viewers. In fact, she had successfully introduced her own NFTs under the flagship of World Central Kitchen. The NFTs sale did allow Allen to raise a huge sum of money in Dollars for the project. She is now set to launch yet other NFTs under the title “Woman with Stick Cat”.

Cuban and Allen talked about cryptocurrencies and how they work and Cuban did his best to apprise her about cryptocurrencies. After the show, Allen was found talking to her fans on Twitter. At there, she discussed with her fans her recent interaction with Cuban and cryptocurrencies. She said that Cuban had taught her in great depth what cryptocurrencies are. But whether she has fully understood the concept, is not confirmed to her, said Allen. She added further that it is even hard for her how to pronounce the name “cryptocurrency”.

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