Huge Surge Recorded In Bitcoin Investors Who Were Once Bitcoin Flip Players

Huge Surge Recorded In Bitcoin Investors Who Were Once Bitcoin Flip Players

A news report suggested that during this year’s pandemic the number of players for the Bitcoin Flip game had increased manifold. The report also suggested that majority of Bitcoin Flip players had now become real life investors in Bitcoin. Many have been told to become partners with other players pooling shares in the investment.

Flip Bitcoin is a game which is played online and could be downloaded on a mobile, laptop/personal computers, tabs etc. But Flip Bitcoin is much more than that of a game. It is a simulator but different from other simulators. Normally a simulator is used to provide realistic experience to a player regarding operations and control of certain objects. These simulators could be for learning how to drive a car/bike or fly an aircraft as well as operating machinery.

However, the Bitcoin Flip simulator is designed to give its user a fictional experience of Bitcoin trading system. The purpose of the simulator is to apprise the user how Bitcoin can be bought and sold. Similarly, one can also learn Bitcoin trading techniques as well as gain access to live trading rooms.

The news report suggested that during the peak time of pandemic, the number of Bitcoin’s simulator downloads were increased. Later on a survey was conducted by CoinDesk for gathering information about the increase in the simulator’s downloads.

The survey revealed that in countries such as US, UK, Canada, Europe and Hong Kong, the number of downloaders had doubled. The survey also revealed that a large chunk of these players had successfully become real-time investors of Bitcoin. It was also informed that some of these players had partnered with other players for investments due to lack of funds.

A few players of the game told CoinDesk that the simulator had helped them learn a great deal about Bitcoin. They also told that they wanted to invest in Bitcoin but were afraid that they might end up losing their money. But the stimulator equipped them with the knowledge that was required of them to become a Bitcoin investor, they told. They told that they conducted fictional Bitcoin trading transactions without losing anything.

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