Mike Novogratz Asks Followers to Suggest Blockchain Payments’ Winner Out Of BTC, Diem, USDC & Tether

Mike Novogratz Asks Followers to Suggest Blockchain Payments’ Winner Out Of BTC, Diem, USDC & Tether

Mike Novogratz asks his followers on Twitter to tell him which blockchain coin out of four will cross the finish line first in a payment marathon. He listed out Bitcoin Cash, Diem of Facebook, Circle’s stablecoinUSDC, and Tether to be the four contestants participating in the marathon.

 It was on 31st December, when multi-billion dollar businessman and patron crypto investor, Mike Novogratz, sought advice from his followers at Twitter.

In his tweet, which obtained thousands of likes and responses, Novogrataz asked if there was a payment marathon then who would be the winner. He stated though there were many blockchain coins that he had considered but he brought down his list to four.

He pointed out four blockchain coins including Bitcoin Cash, Diem of Facebook, Circle’s USDC, and Tether to be the four contestants. He asked followers to give their opinions as to who, out of the four, would cross the finish line first.

Shortly after posting the tweet, the tweet received thousands of likes as well as replies from renowned crypto proponents as well. Thereafter, multifarious theories, which were all interesting, appeared on the surface and discussed and debated.

One of Novogratz followers responded to the tweet that Diem would cross the ribbon first as it had been backed by Facebook. However, it will be under strict scrutiny and supervision by the US regulator, the follower stated.

However, the majority opinion was seen to be in favor of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). In response to Novogratz’s tweet, they highlighted the benefits of Bitcoin Cash and pointed out that it was best out of four.

One prominent response was from Bitcoin Cash’s huge fan Wizewizzz. He suggested that five different teams of BCH had been entrusted with the task to bring about innovation within the scaling front. He added further that in terms of electronic cash based on peer-to-peer then none of the projects could compete with BCH. Bitcoin Cash would always have an upper hand and advantage against present and future altcoins, he argued.

Another interesting theory was presented by Jonathan Silverblood, who had been known for developing globally acknowledged General Protocols. Silverblood said that stability of value in an asset class is inherited. He argued thereafter that according to his understanding, certainly Tether as well as USDC had been in an advantageous position. He said that in the other two blockchain coins, the stability within their values is lacking by default. Silverblood then placed Bitcoin Cash at number 3 and Diem at number 4.

Some of the followers responded by saying that Bitcoin Cash could easily be considered as a great store of value. One of the followers namely George Donnelly said that out of four, only Bitcoin Cash is decentralized and that is the real deal.

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